Jan 7

The Confessionals Podcast: Satanic Culture with Larry Johnson

Tony writes “For Episode 196: Satanic Culture with Larry Johnson, we are lucky enough to have former Running Back for the Kansas City Chiefs, Larry Johnson, joining us for a conversation about the satanic culture that seems to be permeating in our society. Since retiring from the NFL, Larry has started seeing the world in a different light, and became vocal on Twitter about what he was seeing. His takes on the satanic agenda in Hollywood, the music industry, and our general culture are just beginning of the depths he is exposing. Though his opinions are not popular among mainstream outlets, he refuses to sit down and shut up! Today Larry comes to The Confessionals to unleash his findings on a satanic culture.”


28 Responses to “The Confessionals Podcast: Satanic Culture with Larry Johnson”

    • Amy H

      I’m always tempted but I just can’t. I’m just not a fan even tho I’ve tried a few times. I always ?,tho! I feel ya Denise, my sister from another mother!

  1. Donna R

    I quit listening when you started that crap about Joe Biden, Tony. Come on. Conspiracy theories are what helped get this nutcase we have for a president elected. I guess there is a market for it though. Not with me.

  2. Janice K

    Amazed to find this topic here. The Great Awakening. This was such a shock to me when I finally saw the proof that convinced me, it took me three weeks to get over the shock.

  3. Matthew W

    “On the surface it doesn’t look like anything.” Hmmm. Half time shows are evil/satanic! Singers and athletes sacrifice family members! The folks that buy into this stuff are scarier than anything I could run into in the woods.

  4. Bal G

    Oh man this dude is a total scumbag! Arrested 5 times for domestic violence against women. Had a 9 year career in the NFL. Later on he blamed his behavior on the trauma he suffered as a football player. Don’t care what he has to say or what he thinks. Complete dirtbag. Should be doing time in the joint. Should have done a background check on this guy Tony. Oh well, can’t win am all…. I guess.

  5. Cathy S

    Bal G. St.Paul wrote many books in the Bible and he murdered Christians before he followed Christ. No matter what the sin God can make us white as snow through His sacrifice on the cross. The blood of Jesus cleanses all our sin if we follow Him. Tony I loved this show. It’s the truth and I pray people will seek God’s face and His wisdom to know this is all true. Do the research folks don’t just say it’s not true.

  6. Matthew W

    One can be a Christian, and still reject Tony’s extreme and bizarre rants on this show. Whether Cathy S is correct is not the issue, in my opinion. There are many who preach a lot of crap, like Tony and his guest, trying to justify it simply because they claim to be doing so in the name of Jesus. Trying to stir up such controversy may have more to do with a desperate effort to entice interest in their money making schemes rather than saving any souls or calling out any evil.

  7. Joseph C

    Your analogy is completely off base. What they are spewing is truth. If you really cared you would do your own homework. Instead, you sit back and criticize those who do. Until it is at your doorstep will you see. Hopefully, by then it’ is not to late.

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