Jul 9

The Confessionals: Mushroom Man Cabin

The Confessionals writes “In episode 668: Mushroom Man Cabin, Tony sits down with Joe Stauffer, a seasoned filmmaker with over 20 years of experience, to discuss their latest project, “The Sasquologist.” They share behind-the-scenes stories from their time filming in the Smoky Mountains, revealing the challenges and triumphs of shooting on location.

Joe’s candid recounting of technical mishaps, such as trying to capture footage with a malfunctioning GoPro, offers a glimpse into the real-life adventures and hurdles of a filmmaker on the go.

But the conversation takes a thrilling turn when Joe recounts his stay at the eerie Glen Isle Resort in Bailey, Colorado. From discovering hidden rooms and a chest full of century-old treasures to experiencing ghostly encounters, Joe’s tales are sure to send chills down your spine. Tony also shares his own spine-tingling experience with an invisible force in the woods of East Tennessee, drawing eerie parallels to the fictional Predator. This episode is a rollercoaster of emotions, blending humor, intrigue, and the supernatural.”

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  1. Ron S

    I sure hope Tony is ok… He got plunked in the noggin with a nerf dart and now he’s gone from touching grass to being all amped up to fly in George Jetsons static powered saucer to look at the portalmids on the moon. It truly was a weird Wednesday wake-up. Get well soon 🙏🏼

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