Jul 9

Bigfoot: King of Cryptids Documentary

J. Horton Films writes “Deep in the heart of the wilderness a legend walks. Towering over other tales of the unknown, a giant among myths, this is the story of Bigfoot, the king of cryptids.

From the remote, fog-laced forests of the Pacific Northwest to the secluded woodlands of the Appalachian range, sightings of this elusive creature span across diverse landscapes, each tale adding depth to a narrative that has gripped the world’s imagination for decades.”


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2 Responses to “Bigfoot: King of Cryptids Documentary”

  1. Ron S

    This subject matter speaks to us in ways that can be maddening for those who must believe their own existence dwells within merely scientific and tangible things, even when it is undeniable that the universe undoubtedly contains so much more.

    Yes indeed, there will be nay sayers, non believers, hoaxers and also those that must have their Sasquatch be an undiscovered hominid, and maybe it’s a coping mechanism of the psyche that would change their ideology into something they aren’t ready for yet… But it isn’t for any of us to fault them either.

    Our current and common understanding of reality throughout time with only the childlike blocks or toys that make up repeatable scientific theory aren’t enough. The scientific world can sometimes pave the road to hell with its inventions. It’s the positive intention we must stand by with these scientific things. It’s about how we live our life by with consideration to humanity as well as unseen external forces that we must try to keep in consideration and remain in good graces with.

    To only grasp the scientific world leaves people in a box from growing into believing a simplistic reality, to living in an increasingly pixelated view of reality, to buried in a box in the end and nothing more. Reality has never been flat sided, 2D or built upon boxes, only the misconception of it has.

    I believe the soul is eternal, our thoughts and actions are eternal, the universe watches and sometimes gives us hints or knowledge to this with mysteries. 🙏🏼🌞

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