Nov 1

The Confessionals: Montauk Project

Tony writes “In Episode 490: Montauk Project, we are joined by Christopher Garentano, the creator of the hit documentary Montauk Chronicles!

He is a writer, producer, filmmaker, and the creator and host of Travel/Discovery Channel’s Strange World, as well as the co-creator, host, and executive producer of History Channel’s The Dark Files.

He joins The Confessionals Podcast to talk with us about the Montauk Project and the rumors surrounding the legendary location of Camp Hero. In his film Montauk Chronicles, he was able to reveal that there was something deep under the ground, even though it contradicts the official narrative. Could Camp Hero have been the place where the mysterious MK Ultra experiences were conducted? Does the Netflix show Stranger Things depict something that really happened? We discuss these ideas and much more with Christopher!”

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