Oct 31

It approached the vehicle

A listener writes “I wanted to share a strange experience I had with my wife on Friday 10/07/22 while out bowhunting here in Southern Michigan.

Well, here goes. We arrived at our farm at about 6am, an hour before daylight. We drove to our barn and parked. I opened the back of the suv and let my wife close her eyes and enjoy the heated seats for a few minutes while I went in the barn. With the back open the exterior lights were off as well as the vehicle, but the interior floor lighting still lights up the interior like a fishbowl.

Unbeknownst to me while I was in the barn she noticed movement outside the vehicle, thinking it was me she turned toward it and said it was not me but something around 6 ft tall and covered in hair approaching carefully from the rear. As she struggled to make sense of this, it looked down at her then actually bent down to take a better look through the window, at which point she could see a long arm and even more detail. She feels she saw the face but thinks her mind is blocking it out.

I then exit the barn and return to the back of the vehicle. Where this thing melts back into the pines. At this point two rocks come from the pines striking the passenger side door. I now notice there is some noise in the pines and I walk toward it. Something then starts approaching me and stops about 30 feet away, and starts raking the pines almost like raccoons climbing a rough barked tree.

I shine my headlamp at it but cannot see anything due to the wet foliage between us. At that point, I walk a couple of more steps toward it and it starts this low pitch huff/growl at me from only 20 feet away. My wife gets out and walks over to me to ask what the noise is about and at that point we can clearly hear this thing pushing through the brush and away from us. At that point I get my head in the game and let out a monotone whistle for like a two second count.

On my third whistle it actually whistles back. We then whistle back and forth to each other approximately 20 to 30 times over the next 15 minutes. The whistles gradually fade off until there is a plain as day wood knock about 200 yards away. Then all is quiet until an hour after daylight when the ” whistler” came back through the area seemingly trying to pick back up on our conversation. I never did see what it was but it was something.

I would love to actually speak with you and get your thoughts on this experience. Truth be told, I actually have been photographing some weird trackways every spring, and we have been hearing I guess would best be described as ” Ohio Howls” in the fall. This part of SE MI is where a previous guest of yours, Jim Sherman, has done work and recorded some crazy sounds.

Thank you for all your efforts to bring together myth and science with legitimate facts.”

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      • Gabriel H

        I’m from Washtenaw County (and there’s a hotspot in western Washtenaw/eastern Jackson County), but I live and research mostly in Wayne County now, as well as Oakland and Macomb. I’ve never heard of Jim Sherman researching or recording in Washtenaw tho, so it must be that area of SE Wayne County near the Huron River leasing to Lake Eerie

  1. Linda B

    Would love to see this witness come on the show. The thing bends down to look into the car to get a better look? There would be a permanent impression on the vehicle seats if that would have been me, like melting into the material. Geez. How brave are these people! I don’t think I’m this much of a chicken around anything else, but not inviting trouble either. Thank you, Wes. 🙂 good one!!

  2. Charles R

    Amazing – whistling back and forth for 15 minutes. Highly unusual. I would think this individual has probably been observing these bow hunters for some period of time. At maybe six foot tall it is probably a young male one that may have taken an interest in his wife. I know Janice Carter stated she witnessed such behavior with a young male named Blacky and she was very leery of him. On the other hand it could have been just a young curious child one and liked having these humans around and apparently interacting with humans.

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