Apr 2

The Confessionals: Dreamscape Warfare

The Confessionals writes “In episode 639: Dreamscape Warfare, Vicki Joy Anderson explores sleep paralysis and astral projection, clarifying misconceptions and emphasizing the astral realm’s significance.

She addresses misinformation and controversy, sharing personal experiences that highlight astral projection’s visual aspect and its connections to spiritual encounters and ailments. Vicki discusses dreams’ role as spiritual windows, the importance of confronting fears, and spiritual warfare’s reality in sleep. She underscores the effectiveness of prayer and deliverance, sharing a significant personal revelation.

Vicki stresses the critical nature of spiritual authority, the risks of entanglements with spiritual entities, and the transformative power of scripture and male roles in spiritual battles. She introduces the threshold covenant concept, advocating for surrender to achieve spiritual victory and protection. Her insights offer a comprehensive understanding of spiritual warfare and the necessity of divine safeguarding.”


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