Apr 28

The Boggy Creek Monster

The Boggy Creek Monster has long captivated the people of Fouke, Arkansas, a little town about 150 miles outside of Little Rock. It is said that Fouke is the first place that this cryptid was spotted. According to legend, the Boggy Creek Monster stands between seven and eight feet tall on two feet and weighs close to 300 pounds. Its chest, legs, and arms are covered with thick, long hair.

The first reported sightings go all the way back to 1834, when people began to report a large, hairy “wild man” was roaming around Arkansas. In the 1900s, sightings around Fouke became more frequent. Residents spotting the monster more than 40 times in 1997 alone. It has been suggested that the animal is nocturnal, but a hunter reported a sighting in broad daylight in the Sulfur River Wildlife Area near Fouke in 2000.


4 Responses to “The Boggy Creek Monster”

  1. Linda B

    Used to drive in the dark from Texarkana to the Oklahoma border and now I know why it felt so creepy down there. Most of us interested in this topic know how Lyle feels; the mystery haunts us. Thanks as always, big time, Wes.

  2. Bob G

    Parked my rig behind an empty gas station outside Little Rock and went to bed.Awoke to the truck being rocked back and forth really hard,I was actually sliding on my bed.
    As soon as I opened the sleeper curtain it stopped,I had this feeling I was being ambushed so I hit the seat with a naked ass released the brakes and drove like that all the way to west Memphis to a truck stop.went to bed again.
    After getting coffee in the morning I did my pretrip,,,on the top of the passenger door and the side of the sleeper were the biggest hand prints I have ever seen,,I don’t park in the woods anymore…

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