Apr 28

The Amicizia Project

Interesting information. Take from it what you will. An interview with Timothy Good. UAMN TV writes “Since the 1950s most technological advances coincide well with Moore’s law.

That is, computing power doubles every two years. Yet we must question why space travel and energy sources are limited to decades-old technology. Timothy Good reveals details of the Amacizia Project from the 1950s, where mankind became the benefactor of off-world advanced technology; technology which has since been hidden deep within black projects in this interview with Regina Meredith.”

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  1. Chris K

    They are not limited, just withheld from the public. Germany had anti-gravitational propulsion systems in the mid to late 1930’s. See the actual footage of the Haunebu II in flight on Jeff Reese’s website. Rense.com

  2. Dave O

    I think it is as simple a charging an object up to – let’s say a few hundred thousand volts and give it a spin to stabilize.
    Needs proper isolation and so on other wise something or someone around is toast. (Don’t play with high voltage!)
    Everything is magnetic in the electrostatic field, right?
    So theoretically you should be able to bounce of the earth like a charged styrofoam ball.
    Eventually you might tap into time and space, gravity, cloaking and so on with such experiments.
    It is called our future. Let’s go!!!

  3. Dave O

    The 3th Reich under Hitler stole patents from Victor Schauberger, Tesla and others. This Gaja Project.. well it is half-truth.
    Werner von Braun said: “first they gonna tell you the enemy is the communists then the terrorists and then the aliens from outa space.
    And and all of it is a lie!”

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