Feb 10

The bigfoot world

“In the next 90 days were going to be adding a lot to www.sasquatchchronicles.com and to the bigfoot world in general, we haven’t begun to attack this subject, we’re just getting started”- Sasquatch Chronicles Team

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  1. Sean C

    Looking forward to it guys and gal! You already have an incredible website, and you just keep making it better! I really appreciate all of the hard work that you clearly have put into this endeavor. Thanks again, Shannon, for your almost immediate attention to my Facebook friend request! Simple things like that, can sometimes have a huge effect on people, like smiling at another person, even when you don’t feel like it. You made my day, Shannon! I’m sure you get many requests, too many to remember, but I’m the guy holding the shark that I had just caught, off the coast of Galveston.
    I really appreciate you showing us where your nightmare took place, Wes! I know that took a lot of courage, and even though not necessary as far as credibility or anything, it was wonderful for you to share that with us.
    And Will, I really appreciate the way that you approach the subject of Sasquatch, and I look forward to reading your books in the near future. I like hearing about your experiences with some of the great, original bigfoot hunters, that took the subject seriously. I can’t stand the way that the bigfoot community has had so many foolish people, turn it into a circus subject.
    I haven’t forgotten Woody, and the other young lady who used to be involved with the show, and I hope that they are both doing well, and can hopefully come back when the time is right for them. You guys have all put together, the best website that I know of, concerning Bigfoot! This is the place, where I spend the majority of my surf time!
    Anywho, thanks for all of your hard work, and dedication! I hope that someday, maybe I can join you guys out in the field, maybe when you get a chance to check out what Mr. Garrett has been up to, and checking out the Big Thicket!

    Thanks again, from the bottom of this former Marine’s heart! Ooooorah!

  2. Jim D

    I really hope we get to see some of the stuff that you guys tell us only you get to see-some real evidence that will shake the world of cryptozoology. One request though, PLEASE, whatEVER happens please don’t let the comment section here become what Shaun Evidence has allowed Bigfoot Evidence to divert into.

  3. willowswhispers

    So looking forward to the upcoming additions. Sure hope Wes, Will and Shannon get together for a investigation at some of Will’s research areas. In the forum sometime ago someone suggested at place to donate $$$ for equipment. Know nothing as to how that works but might be a good idea. At some point in the year sharing what was purchased. To the future!!

  4. Tyler D

    That’s what I’m talkin about, big things are gonna happen. I feel like this show is going to play a huge role in sasquatch finally becoming a discovered species. N I’m just glad to be along for the ride. It’s a true honor

  5. Scott

    I have been with you guys since before you put a number next to the episode! Wes, I don’t know if you set out to have the best show and the best website in the Bigfoot world when you and woody started out, but you do. Then getting Will to get involved was a genius move on someones part. My girlfriend says that if I don’t stop spending all my time glued to this site, she is going to leave me……I’ll sure miss her! I’ll be on this site as long as you all do what you do…Thanks for making a safe environment for people like me to tell other people what happened to us, without any fear.

  6. Jonathan E

    Very good! I am thankful to every person involved! That goes to you all behind the microphone and those of you behind the scenes. Keep up the great work everyone, I am looking forward to a great year…..

  7. Kenneth M

    I really enjoy the call-in shows and encounters. If you guys keep up that aspect, I require nothing else. Keep up the quality – don’t worry about having enough other content, you guys are the best!

    No need to add all sorts of stuff we don’t need like a Build your own Sasquatch software application page where you build a type 1, 2 3 or 4 Sasquatch from various body parts. We appreciate the quality of what you offer, the honesty and integrity you project and the connection you have to the ongoing mysteries (Mr Black, The Insider) Your credibility has brought you far – keep up the good work, don’t worry about making the best website for now.

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