Dec 1

The Best UFO Historical Photographs

We are IF writes “In a recent video, I looked at UFO reports from the past, the stories of strange airships being spotted across Europe and the U.S.

Those reports were from a time before photography or at least when it was in its infancy. With the advancement of camera, technology has come a huge number of images of unidentifiable objects in the sky.
The Telegraph just posted some of the best images captured over the past 140 years, if we inspect the pictures of these UFOs can we see if they coffer proof that we have indeed been visited for over a century by an aerial craft that defies explanation.

Let’s look at the images and give an opinion on what was captured.”

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  1. Charles R

    The cigar shaped ones like in number four are now referred to by Navy pilots as tic tacs and are about 40 to 45 feet in length. Definitely some interesting photos. Also in the 60s I remember people hoaxing a lot of UFO photos, most were simple ones like hats, or toys, or garbage can lids, others were more elaborate. These helped to shape a narrative that all were hoaxes which played into the powers that be that were covering up what they knew. Know I have seen this same thing play out in this century with people doing the simply to more elaborate hoaxes of the Sasquatch.

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