Feb 28

Teen has sighting through bedroom window

Witness Observation

SD_BF-Window-WatcherThis is what happened as told to me by my sister-in-law who lives with my wife and family. On this night she had my baby daughter in the room with her on the bed and she was getting up to close the blinds to the window that she said, “she could see the stars up in the sky that she had noticed earlier that night”, as she got up off the bed, she turned to make sure her niece wasn’t going to fall from being close to the edge, when she turned back towards the window she noticed something looking in from the outside, it scared her so much that she grabbed her niece and ran out of the room to tell her mother who was in one of the other rooms of the house. Her mother then called my place of work to have me come back to house to take a look around, as I first arrived, I noticed that there was some kind of bad odor in the area.

I keep looking around along with my coworker, who gave me ride back to my house, and my mother-in-law, on the east side of the house where there is no lights, we all heard something stepping on twigs or branches laying on the ground for the snapping and breaking noise that it makes, as I attempted to walk towards the noise, whatever was there seemed to move farther back into the woods out of reach of my flashlight, after looking around we went to ask my sister-in-law if she could say who or what she had seen in the window, all she could say was that it was “big, black, hairy” and something about its eyes, she is really talkative all of the time but after that happened she looked liked she was in shock her face was pale and her eyes seemed to liked she was lost.

Right after this happened she told her mother who was in the hallway from her room, who then called for me to be enroute back to the house, for I had just started my shift at work and in about four to six minutes, my coworker and myself arrived at the house to find my mother-in-law on the front porch waiting for us, as we got out of the vehicle to take a look around towards the back of the house, all three of us heard some noise in the woods on the east side of the house just out of reach of our flashlights, the noise we heard sounded as if whatever was there was moving away farther into the woods, it was like someone stepping on branches and you could hear the popping or snapping noise it makes.

Additional Observations

She was cleaning her room, while watching her baby niece, who was on the bed, and as she was about to close the blinds to the window, she stated that she had turned to see where her niece was, then turned back towards the window, which she said she had been looking out of earlier in the night looking at the stars, when she noticed that someone or something was standing by the window looking inside at her, after asking her if she could describe who or what it may have looked liked all she could say was “big, black, hairy” and that the eyes really scared her.

Time and Conditions

midnight – It was just after midnight, the weather was cool, skies were clear. The area that I live would be considered a pine forest, considering that all around the area I live is or has been clear cut in all directions except for southside for it is part of The Big Thicket National Preserve.

10 Responses to “Teen has sighting through bedroom window”

  1. Asheim

    Are they looking in out of curiosity or seeing us as food? Maybe both. Yes, your worst nightmare. I always close the curtains at night now. It is good having dogs, they always alert me if there’s anything out there. We live next to the woods.

  2. William M

    Must be curiosity. They seem respectful in a strange sort of way. They could easily break the glass and come in. The really creepy ones to me are when a child claims it motioned with it’s finger like, “come here”. What was it planning? To get a better look or grab him/her?

  3. MaryAnn M

    The window stories are always the scariest stories. Something about someone or something looking at you by a window is terrifying. I live in the city but always close my curtains as soon as it starts to get dark.

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