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Possible sighting at a farm outside Victoria (Vancouver Island)


YEAR: 2006-2007


MONTH: November

PROVINCE: British Columbia




I am writing this to inform you (and to kind of hopefully eliminate some other posibilities) of some rather embarassing occurances on and around our property. When I say embarassing, it is because I actually do read quite a bit about sasquatch as I totally believe that he could live in the vast pacific northwest forests, but apparantly haven’t read enough to know when one is possibly skulking around my place.

The incidents started about two years ago. We had a bonfire and had some friends over. As I was walking with two other friends, we all saw a dark black figure with spiky hair run across the horse field. We have also been awakened by, or just heard (what I call) “the peanut gallery” I call them this because as I am fairly educated in the outdoors and various calls, I can only identify these sounds as some larger animal mocking these calls. So far we’ve heard an owl, a dog, a cat’s meow, a monkey, and a weird howl. I call them the peanut galllery because they seem to be doing this almost comedicaly. Also, I have noticed that my cats and dogs don’t like going into the woods behind the house during the fall and winter months. (even thoug we can’t get them inside all summer!) also, when I’m out in the woods in the winter, I just can’t shake the feeling like I’m being watched. (this has only been experienced with odours once. today in fact.) it’s like my productivity levels drop because I am constantly looking over my shoulders for something I can’t see but know is there.)

I should explain why I feel that this is legitimate. We live on a tract of land that is surrounded by woods. The plus side to living here is that we have a line of power lines that runs through our property and through most of the island. This is key for wildlife as there is no hunting or anything allowed on this land because it is owned by the CRD as access routes to maintain the lines. Talk about the path of least resistance.

I feel that if we do indeed have these beasts around our place in the winter, they are using this map of power lines as a route (also, these lines happen to smothered with blackberries at their bases).

Also, I live at a farm that takes in sick/injured or unwanted animals. We take care of up to about 30 domestic animals at our place and are always seeing new faces showing up. We have a lot of food around here and probably would never notice missing feed.

ALSO NOTICED: just weird howls, grunts, no roars (thank god)

OTHER WITNESSES: various witnesses, but mostly just the people who live at our residence.

OTHER STORIES: A few within a twelve km radius but seemingly different than my experiences.

ENVIRONMENT: very densely wooded areas with farms all around.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Blaine McMillan :

The witness and his family live in a semi rural setting on the outskirts of Victoria. They operate an animal recovery farm for domestic livestock. For some time they have been experiencing vocalizations and some very odd behaviour in their animals.

During the winter months D.S. places feed out for the animals which also attracts some of local wildlife including blacktail deer to his property. It is during this time frame that he has experienced the feeling that he is being watched or followed when he has gone walking through the woods adjacent to his property. His pets, who normally accompany him on these walks in the summer will not venture into the woods during the winter months.

D.S. described the figure that he saw as being just close to 6 feet in height and about 265 lbs. It was all black in colour and it moved quickly across a field at the edge of the light given off by a bonfire. The witness told me that it was inside his fence line and when it reached end of the fence it easily cleared the 5 foot fence. The observation was from a distance of about 60 feet and lasted close to 7 seconds.

At the farm, the additional feed for the livestock also sustains a population of deer near his property during the winter months.


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  1. William L

    I know Blaine McMillan: he and I were email pals from around 2004-2006 when I was kicked off the BFRO forum for disagreeing with Mat “The Megalomaniac” $$maker. Blaine is a Mountie with the RCMP and a great guy. He became a believer when he and his son saw a Squatch and child drinking from a pond near the highway Blaine and his son were driving on just before dusk. It wasn’t long after that when he joined the BFRO upon meeting some of the local members when a TV production company filmed a reenactment of their sighting and a similar incident not far from where he lived. The best story I got from him was what happened one night when he was visiting a friend over a weekend. It seems the Alpha male was challenged for leadership of the group and a battle royale ensued. Blaine said they all sat out on the guy’s porch and were in awe of the screaming, thuds and crashes as the two Sasquatches fought. The next day they found an area nearly the size of a football field torn all to hell from the fight. It was quite a story!

  2. Christopher c

    I have come to believe that powerlines are a right of way ambush alley for Sasquatch as I was followed down a logging road by a large tew footed animal in 1992 and it stopped short of revealing itself when we came to a spot where powerlines ran across the raod creating a wide open buffer in the dense forest that would cause the creature to reveal itself had it continued to follow me,but not only that I must have read at least a dozen and a half reports with a powerline right of way involved.

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