Oct 23

Sundays Show

Just got off of the phone with a tribal member from British Columbia.He was in the middle of no where on construction site and was working the night shift repairing the roads.He walked up to use the porta potty and thought one of his co-workers were walking up to scare him. He stepped out of the porta potty and hid in the bushes to get the jump on his co-worker when he jumped out to scare him he was face to face with a Sasquatch. This happened many year ago.


BAM! see you Sunday!

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  1. Six

    Looking forward to it.
    Lets see how many of the thousands of possible jokes Wes can avoid during the interview.
    Seriously this sounds like it’s a doozy.
    I can’t imagine.

  2. SmellyHusband

    ya i read a encounter from the Alberta bfro at the 12 ft tall Davis near Peace River , A women went to use the out house and was startled by one crouched waiting by the john . she turned around and began to walk back to her friend . he had the better description of it as he watched it begin to follow her on all 4 s . they got into their car to leave and it screamed and chased them out on 2 legs.

    Perhaps they know were only alone to relive ourselves and makes a opportunity for a easy grab if they watch one of our crap houses

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Aug 29

Sundays Show

I will be speaking to Skip who is from Texas. He shares with us his encounter he had almost 28 years ago. He was at the river with his friend and they decided to pack up and head home. Skip was carrying items back to his car and as he walked up the hill away from the river he says “This big black thing that was covered in hair bursts out of the brush and I watch it run upright…like a man but WAY too fast to be a man. In one leap the creature jumps about 12 feet across the river. My friend walks up because she saw it too and say who…..what….was that?!” Skip is a pastor in Texas and this encounter has always stuck with him.

I will also be speaking to Jack McCarty who is the author of “Bigfoot Evidence – I Cannot Deny It.” Jack writes “Twenty-three years ago I saw my first Bigfoot footprint in the woods. Ever since then I have studied additional evidence and documented it with photographs and journals. This book is a compilation of my experiences in the forests where Bigfoot lives.”

Here is a link to his book


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    • JOHN E


  1. Russell K

    Bears eat the cambium layers of douglas fir trees each spring in oregon and washington. It is a learned behavior passed on from momma bear to her offspring, they will devour and destroy over 5 acres of 20 to 25 year old reprod per night during the spring between early spring and when it begins to green up in late may. Old timers like bill hulet and ralph flowers killed over 4500 bears on tree farms for the timber industry in washington state mostly in the aberdeen copalis areas where they lived and hunted using hounds and snares to eliminate the bears as it was their full time jobs in the 60 70s ralph began a feeding program in the late 80s to stop the needless killing of the bears in the spring time he used a mix of sugar beets and grain in hog troughs set up inside the tree farms to give the bears a easy food source to help reduce their dependency on the trees. It has been a huge sucsess. Despite the clamor from fellow hunters that he was making bears dependent on humans as a food source. Anyway, both men are ledgends in the pnw as bear hunters. Ralph flowers the education of a bear hunter, amazon.com and born under a stump the ledgend of big bill hulet.amazon.com both great books to read. I use a fawn bleat for black bear calling as it is a main food source for bears. It works on brownbears too.

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Jul 19

Sundays Show

I am moving Sundays show to tomorrow night. I just returned from HopsSquatch and videotaped people discussing their encounters. I will be posting that this week.

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  1. Theodore G

    I have been shaking, cold sweats, restless, can’t sleep…I think I am having withdrawals from no Sunday night show. Can’t wait for my Monday night fix of sasquatch chronicles.

  2. Theodore G

    That is so true Robert. I have stayed up way to late listening to shows and then searching the Web for new encoubters.

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Jul 11

Sundays Show

Most of the encounters I have posted to the blog today are from Florida. My guest this Sunday is Mark Zaskey, he had a very close encounter with a creature that crossed right in front of him and his friend while walking down the trail. The sighting changed Marks life and he jumped into this subject. Mark was able to take his son out to an area, who is very skeptical on this topic. Marks son had an encounter and they both reported it to local fish and wildlife and the response they got might surprise you. Join me on Sunday as Mark and I give our thoughts on the subject and share stories. Should be a great night!


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  1. Gabriel H

    I have to second Geoff’s sentiment above.

    And Wes the audio in your most recent podcast is superb. So a thanks to Chad on that one as well.

    See y’all on Sunday

  2. Brian A

    I’ve heard Mark speak before. Can’t wait to hear him again and love his no BS attitude when it comes to dealing with people that want to deny everything and keep a lid on the subject.

  3. Jim D

    Mark Zaskey is a very impressive man. He has been sharing with me a lot of the evidence that he and his crew have been finding. The footprints alone are the most amazing that I have ever seen. As Mark said, No normal human could walk 15 feet barefoot through the terrain that they are trekking. The thing that I like the most about Mark though is he has brought the idea of there being Bush Indians right here in Palm Beach County where we are both from. Bigfoot started out as an inhabitant of some far off west coast mountain states and Mark’s work has me a 20-25 minute car ride away from where (when I get better) I can maybe even have my own encounter. I’m glad you took my advice and are having him on Wes.

  4. Tyler D

    There seems to be a few differences in the sasquatches that are from different. I mean physical descriptions. I’ve always wondered why. But I’m pretty sure that the climate, area and topography probably plays a significant role in those small physical differences. These animals can be just as diverse looking as we are. Maybe we’re not as special and unique as we thought

    • Andrew L

      Tyler D, I’ve assumed that the variation in physical appearance has more to do with the kind of animal they are. They seem to be almost a “hybrid species,” (I hate that word because it has such a negative sci-fi stigma) which would explain the significant variation. If you look all the other hybrid animals there can be a substantial amount of variation in physical characteristics, depending on the species of either parent. Just an guess.

  5. toomuch

    Mark is one of the few in this community that i really enjoy listening to over and over again. He makes a hard push for mainstream science to take this subject seriously. I’m hoping he talks more about govt coverups.

  6. diana m

    My theory: Academia, with help from the zombies at DOI, don’t want their precious proof upset with whatever findings get skewed by us Citizen Scientists….

      • diana m

        I know right, Jim!! I’ve been busted several times. Get so tired of some with their negative behavior. The best was the bone pile paper & a few have kewl squatch pics.

        • Jim D

          Yea some dick put me on ignore which broke my heart LOL I figure I’m about 2 seconds away from getting banned there -for no reason other than they are a site set up and run by trolls – who knows maybe that’s their revenge site.

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Jun 27

Sundays Show

My guest for Sunday is from Washington State who has been having a lot of strange things going on around his property, he never once thought Sasquatch until he stumbled across it by accident. He was within several feet of the creature and he describes it as a gray color and very large. The face has been imprinted in his brain. He talks about the strange things going on around his property and a discussion he had with one of his neighbors. It is interesting to note that the previous renter like to shoot at anything that moved in the woods. The landlord and the neighbor said that the previous renter like to take pop shots into the woods from his back deck until one day he just left in a panic. The landlord had to fix up the property because there was damage inside and out of the home. Inside of the home looked like someone very tall smashed his fist into the ceiling.

Look for that this Sunday.

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  1. Tyler D

    I know these kind of encounters are very traumatizing for the recipients but these kind of constant encounters around people’s properties honestly are some of my favorite kind of encounters and they make for an absolutely amazing show. But it almost seems to wrong to get some kind of enjoyment out of other people’s misery and misfortune. On the upside of these kind of encounters, it gives you some insight on the mindset, behaviors and curiosity of a sasquatch. Their day to day life can’t be very exciting, especially for the adolescent sasquatch, so they try to stir up some mischief for their own enjoyment. Our sense of humor is built around the media, family, friends and the place we live amongst much other things that shape our humor. Their sense of humor is much more cruel and is built around pushing down tents, our fear and confusion, blood curdling screams only a few feet from where you’re standing, and scaring us out of our witts amongst much other examples. Which is probably more common amongst their adolescent and young adults who are physically in the prime of their life, fearless and much more bold. Wes, I’m sure it will be an amazing show. These encounters give you quite a bit of insight into their mindset and is very enlightening and tells quite a bit of about their behavior and their intellect

  2. Steven B

    This doesn’t relate to this posting but does relate to a question I often see come up. Patricia S. and all that wish to know:

    The way you get a photo or icon to show beside your name:
    You need to go to gravatar.com and follow their instructions for sign-up with them and “WordPress”. Once you do that you can upload a photo to your account (the account is free) and then you can put in URLs (websites) to associate with your photo. After that it is all automatic. Hope this helps.

    Wes, if you wish I can make up an email to you with screen shots and steps should you wish to post it.

    Steve, Samsquanch of the RGV, TX

  3. erin f

    sounds like a frightening scary good show. i was traumatized with my encounter too, but it wasnt sasquatch, it was a group of wild ferrets. they broke into the cottage and terrorized us all night as they held us hostage and destroyed the place. dont let these ferret owners “fuzzy lovers” tell you ferrets are harmless.. theres a big diff between wild ferrets and domestic ferrets.. wild ferrets will rip you to shreds and destroy everything..they show absolutely no mercy…

    • Steven B

      Ferrets??? Who’d a thunk it! I knew that a wolverine is one nasty customer. They can even make a grizzly back off its kill. The time has come – we must gather an army of freaked-out ferrets and a troop of squirrels having a mass psychotic episode, led by one wolverine having a “bad-fur” day – these shall accompany an expedition into Sam Houston followed by The Land Between the Lakes – may the Lord have mercy on any Boogers and/or Dogmen encountered… 😉

      Dagnabbit, I had fallen prey to Disney’s version of the ferret. Knowing that these members of the weasel family have a good set of teeth – even 2 or three of them in a cabin, bent out of shape about something only they know why, it would indeed be a traumatizing encounter. Mother nature isn’t a nice ole lady who was a spokesperson for Del Monte – she’s a mean ole bag with a warped sense of the “ha-has”. 😉

  4. Linda H

    I’ll take a good story over TV any day. Now I just watch movies and news now on TV. Nothing compares to SC! Looking forward to tomorrow’s show.; thanks Wes.

  5. Michelle H

    Hey Wes,
    I like it better when you do not describe the show in such detail, it takes the fun out of listening. So I am trying not to read it. Some shows you had told the whole story, then when the show came, I knew everything that was going to be said. Just a thought.

  6. Tedd

    Fear not and go ahead and read, there is only interest and questions left after reading the description! Can’t wait to hear how he could have stumbled upon such a sight and what exactly was the strange activity going on. The amount of encounters and cross over of details leaves little room for all to be misidentification or dillusional episodes. I am hooked & intrigued to keep learning more, thanks Wes and all brave enough to share!

  7. Kim L

    At one time, my wife and I had 6 ferrets. Let me just assure you, at no time was there any doubt who ruled the house. We sure miss em, they could have swiped a squatch and stashed it in nothing flat. Thank you Wes, a great episode. We just returned from 4 days camping near Mt Shasta, McCloud Res. area, no BF activity, but my sister in law may have kept them at bay! Thanks again for the cool show.

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Jun 20

Sundays Show

Randy Savig, a researcher and a member of the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Center will be stopping by to share stories and some of the audio he has collected. I will be playing some of my favorite audio collected from the past. As you have looked into this topic and have come across different reported Sasquatch sounds, what are some of your favorites?

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  1. Gabriel H

    Agreed, the chatter is absolutely fascinating. That being said, it’s all fascinating. Great idea for the show Wes. In the early days the episodes of sounds and sound comparisons were the lion’s roar I’m tellin ya 🙂 Good times Good times

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Jan 2

Sundays Show

On Sundays show we will be interviewing several guests including a police officer who has responded to several 911 calls related to Sasquatch. We will be also speaking to a listener who describes being chased on his ATV by a Sasquatch and having a boulder size rock thrown at his head. We also have a surprise story for everyone.

36 Responses to “Sundays Show”

  1. Ted R

    Before I read that I was thinking “better check my due date for membership”. Since having the members benefit passed my personal trial period easily, now I’m completely sold!
    Show/site keeps getting better and all these years it’s first media I have spent hard earned money on. Thank you

  2. Robert D

    Although I highly anticipate every single episode, Wes, y’all are going to have to up the ante after ‘The Insider’ episodes, lol. That one’s going to be hard to top!

  3. Victoria A

    Wes, I really appreciate how hard you are working to get this rolling. I just had no idea how quickly this would come about. I am so enthralled by all of the episodes and blogs that the site is one of the first things I go to. Everything is so fascinating and seems to be generating a lot of attention. I hope this site will become the go-to place and the other “silliness” as in not finding bigfoot will drift away.
    I love that you have created this platform for people to feel comfortable telling their experiences. Ready to hear what’s next.
    Keep rolling and growing!

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