Oct 23

Sundays Show

Just got off of the phone with a tribal member from British Columbia.He was in the middle of no where on construction site and was working the night shift repairing the roads.He walked up to use the porta potty and thought one of his co-workers were walking up to scare him. He stepped out of the porta potty and hid in the bushes to get the jump on his co-worker when he jumped out to scare him he was face to face with a Sasquatch. This happened many year ago.


BAM! see you Sunday!

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  1. Six

    Looking forward to it.
    Lets see how many of the thousands of possible jokes Wes can avoid during the interview.
    Seriously this sounds like it’s a doozy.
    I can’t imagine.

  2. SmellyHusband

    ya i read a encounter from the Alberta bfro at the 12 ft tall Davis near Peace River , A women went to use the out house and was startled by one crouched waiting by the john . she turned around and began to walk back to her friend . he had the better description of it as he watched it begin to follow her on all 4 s . they got into their car to leave and it screamed and chased them out on 2 legs.

    Perhaps they know were only alone to relive ourselves and makes a opportunity for a easy grab if they watch one of our crap houses

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Jan 2

Sundays Show

On Sundays show we will be interviewing several guests including a police officer who has responded to several 911 calls related to Sasquatch. We will be also speaking to a listener who describes being chased on his ATV by a Sasquatch and having a boulder size rock thrown at his head. We also have a surprise story for everyone.

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  1. Ted R

    Before I read that I was thinking “better check my due date for membership”. Since having the members benefit passed my personal trial period easily, now I’m completely sold!
    Show/site keeps getting better and all these years it’s first media I have spent hard earned money on. Thank you

  2. Robert D

    Although I highly anticipate every single episode, Wes, y’all are going to have to up the ante after ‘The Insider’ episodes, lol. That one’s going to be hard to top!

  3. Victoria A

    Wes, I really appreciate how hard you are working to get this rolling. I just had no idea how quickly this would come about. I am so enthralled by all of the episodes and blogs that the site is one of the first things I go to. Everything is so fascinating and seems to be generating a lot of attention. I hope this site will become the go-to place and the other “silliness” as in not finding bigfoot will drift away.
    I love that you have created this platform for people to feel comfortable telling their experiences. Ready to hear what’s next.
    Keep rolling and growing!

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