Apr 4

Strange Objects Over Scottsdale Arizona

A listener writes “Taken in Scottsdale Arizona, my girlfriend is the one filming while I ran down the street to get a closer look. The UFO appearing to be 4 or 5 blocks away, not very from our house.

We’re looking south and if I were to guess the UFO is appearing right over Scottsdale Airport, which is a private airport for extremely wealthy people. That’s a whole other topic though. Anyways let me know what you think of this video.”


Link to the video


One Response to “Strange Objects Over Scottsdale Arizona”

  1. Steve G

    Being over the airport, its probably related to airport. If it was windy, flares on little parachutes could stay aloft. Or twin engine plane with one engine on fire, but there were two lights and it seems too tight of a circle for a plane. Some small planes have parachute attached to plane. Maybe a twin engine plane twirling below a parachute, both engines on fire until one burns out. I dunno.

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