Jul 10

Strange Lights In The Trees

A listener writes “Here is a video I took of red orbs seen while we camped about a mile from the Ohio River at Concordia, KY. This is property owned by a friend that has a house built before the Civil War. The house is still in pretty good shape but we camped in the yard.

We had been camping there once before, and our friends that we were camping with who own the property were talking about seeing Bigfoot there. After dark around 10 pm or so, our friend let out a loud Bigfoot call and within 2 to 3 minutes, he received an answer. We were camped near the house on a hill and there’s a creek that runs through the property. The answering howl sounded like it came from the Creek, maybe a football field or two away. We all got really scared and wondered if we should stay there, but some of us stayed up to keep watch all night, and never heard anything else the rest of the time.

The second time we went with them was a few months later in the spring time. We didn’t hear any Bigfoot howls that night, although our friend did his Bigfoot call again. What we did see is the attached video of these red orbs that appeared above the trees near where we were camping. Thank God I had my phone in my hand!

We never knew what the orbs were and could only guess that it was something of a paranormal nature that maybe answered the howls instead.”

Link to the video

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