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Bigfoot in Bailey

A listener writes “I thought I would give you some bullet points to a Bigfoot Weekend I was blessed to have experiences. This started on Friday July 21st and ended on July 23. Just so you know how the weekend started I responded to our camp site and picked as spot to pitch my tent.

After setting up my area m met some people from outside Houston who were there with their ten year old son, closest to my tent. The ten year old asked to go to a nearby creek and look for some rocks there. He left but returned after about 5 minutes. He had chosen a way that was at the bottom of where two hills met. Add into this that I knew it had rained the night before in this area as I followed the weather in order to pack right for the weekend. The kid stopped about 25 feet from my tent and behind his parent’s tent. He said, “I found a foot print.” We kind of blew it off and then Jesse Morgan came by to introduce himself. The boy told him what he had found and he went to check. Sure enough there was a larger and smaller print. I took some photos.

I attached the smaller one first and the second is the track that was plastered. That is the fourth photo. I found another track about 30 yards away from the other two and it was 15 1/2 inches. The plater cast measures 17 1/2 inches. Part of the foot did not get plastered as it was on a slight slope. That is what was found in my first 20 minutes after setting up my tent.

Here are the bullet points for the rest of the weekend, I believe in chronological order.

1) Night hike with small tree breaks and a head seen by Alan Megargle through therm.
2) After that heard some light chatter by a stream.
3) One person in my group saw a shadow running bent over near the ridge.

Second day:

1) We did a recon a mountain we had to bushwhack up into. No trail. Found these quartz rock circles set up in the ground. Not sure who did that.
2) We found many trees twisted and broken at about the six foot level.
3) We found a 15 inch track almost near the top with a small one next to it.
4) The mountain was completely quiet

Second night:

1) Went back to mountain and bushwhacked up at about 10 pm. except for our start by the road the woods were silent.
2) We ascended (Myself and 6 other guys) to the top. Where I separated from the group. They eventually settled down and were quiet. I then heard something moving around my perimeter. It started around my 9 o’clock and stopped around my 2 o’clock. It stopped and it was dead silent. I then moved my position and it did roughly the same thing again. It stopped.

3) It stayed silent for about 5 or so minutes and then we all heard the howl from down in the valley.
4) It stayed quiet for some time and we decided to head down, getting lost in the process. This was around midnight.
5) As we were walking 2 guys heard something pacing us.
6) One guy saw green eye shine.
7) We stopped to get our bearing and one guy pulled his thermal scope out and saw one. He handed them to me and I clearly saw a head.
8) We started back down and I heard something, in what was like a conversational tone, right in front of me in a thicket, say something like,”HeeeeeeYou”, which was just so close to me. It sounded like a twelve year old male.

My wife and I did head back to the same mountain in late September and she found a small trackway. Like a bone head I did not photograph those..

Well, that was it, but there are details to fill in.”

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  1. Charles R

    Sounds like a great weekend, and would have liked to see the pictures. You did not mention state, was this around Bailey, Colorado as the eastern range of Colorado is documenting a fair amount of reports lately.

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