Apr 6

Strange Lights In The Sky

A listener writes “Hello… I enjoy your sasquatch chronicles channel very much. The one I just listened to talked about orbs. I wanted to pass along a link to some orb videos of mine. They’re really short, so watch them all because a few earlier ones the orbs get closer.”

2 Responses to “Strange Lights In The Sky”

  1. Bryan H

    I still to this day, have not heard nor seen another experience as mine. If anyone has, please report it.
    Mine ended up being a light that turned on, like a light buld within a cloud, basically one cloud in the sky that lit up all by itself. And it didn’t happen once. It happen three times, with three different intervals, with three witnesses that all saw the same thing, following a airplane that flew into it, just before it landed in the Portland, Oregon Airport

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