Apr 6

Strange Familiars: The Cowman

Strange Familiars writes “Hazel and Michelle share stories of growing up in a neighborhood full of high strangeness. A blacker-than-black witch, a weird voice coming from the answering machine, spirit-board scariness, the shape-shifting Cowman, and more.”

3 Responses to “Strange Familiars: The Cowman”

  1. Kevin W

    I just want to make it clear Nothing to do with this blog.
    I don’t care what a witnesses religion, law enforcement career, if they are a so called outstanding member of the community.
    I will make the decision if they have a credible story
    Don’t push credibility down my throat. Because most people who say they are honest, good Christians, law officer , they are full of shit

  2. Bryan G

    Have to agree with KEVIN. Cops aren’t credible or more credible than other professions so what you do for a living doesn’t really make you more credible than anyone else. maybe for ppl of judgment but not us people who can make there own judgment based on listening not seeing.

    Doing a great job, Wes! love the show and appreciate all the years of hard work and criticism you’ve had to put up with😉 lol

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