Jun 13

Strange Light In The Sky

A listener captured this strange orange lights in the sky. I am trying to get more information on it. The listener writes “Check this out. This is straight from my phone, I recorded this myself. Fox News, locally, covered this.”

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  1. Ron S

    Could this be a drone? I have a drone myself and they do go pretty fast and you can fly them literally miles away….it wouldn’t be hard to put whatever light you wanted on one and it’d be fairly quiet if high enough in the air… usually the lights already equipped on these either blink or do a slow fade from on to off.
    I think it’s good to have a healthy amount of skepticism with everything and everyone in the beginning so you don’t end up looking like a jackwagon. I do appreciate genuine people sharing an honest to goodness head scratcher though, and Wes for branching out a little….I’ve noticed there is sometimes some strange ties in the unexplained….morso than just being unexplained

  2. Jessica S

    We (my family and I) see those orange lights often. They tend to be above the Estrella Mountains south of Phoenix. They look like fire balls in the sky. Years ago here in the Valley, there was a incident termed the “Phoenix Lights” and the orange balls of lights in the sky that we see are not far from that location. That’s why those mountains are called the “Estrellas”. It means “Star” in Spanish. Matter of fact, I actually/physically seen the Phoenix Lights when they appeared all those years ago. I watched them make shapes and light up and disappear for about 45 mins or more (no one believed me until it was all over the news!)
    We live in the Salt River Indian Community so it is darker and rural, not as much light pollution and we can see above the city lights.
    The orange lights this Writer posted above, they are not Chinese lanterns. Chinese lanterns rise slowly and at a certain altitude will taper off and/or flicker and burn out. These lights don’t do that. Sometimes there’s one, sometimes there’s more. Sometimes they make shapes and/or disappear and reappear far from the spot they were at. They are not airplanes or helicopters.
    Phoenix International Airport isn’t far from my community and planes land to the west. These lights are south over the mountains and can sometimes sit in one place for prolonged amounts of time.
    I write this nonchalantly and don’t mind sharing because we see these lights all the time. They tend to be seen more in the winter or maybe it’s that we’re outside more in the winter here in Az.
    If you get binoculars or a scope and zoom in on the lights, they are actually square shaped and NOT orange, they’re like LED white colored & geometric. When you zoom out (still using a scope or binoculars) they stay “geometric” and sparkle like a twinkling star. I can’t explain it, best I can explain is it’s like a Princess cut diamond. With the naked eye they take on a round shape and are orange like fire.

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