Jun 13

Scream I Could Not Place

A listener writes “My experience is not as dramatic as those I hear on your podcast, but to me it was just as real and life changing…. I, like others, have always been interested in the topic, but never thought I would have any sort of encounter myself.

It was almost 7 years ago now, and I was dropping a trailer off at my father in laws property on Erdman road in Bear Lake, Manistee County, Michigan on his 80 acre plot in the woods he calls the farm. I had just unhooked the trailer and pushed it back about 40′ from my wife’s Honda Pilot when I heard the loudest, most guttural scream/roar I have ever heard. I could tell it was about 1/2-1 mile away to the NW of me, and it lasted for probably 45-60 seconds total. This started low and built in volume to a crescendo that rattled me to my very core. I grew up hunting, fishing, running a trap line and spending every possible minute in the outdoors in the countryside of Fountain in Mason County, and know what sound every animal known the exist in Michigan makes. This was no fox, coyote, owl, dog, bear, or bobcat, this thing had huge lungs to be able to make the kind of sound I heard.

I listened, not believing what I was hearing, and then when the sound got to the end of a descreschendo I lost my composure and ran back to my wife and the waiting vehicle where I started to tear up while trying to explain to her what had happened. She states that I was ash white, with tears in my eyes in a complete panic, and she knew something had happened.”

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  1. Rebecca T

    Same! Michigan, Isabella County on a 100+ acre hunting parcel between Salt River & Chippewa River area. There were 4 of us present. It was 2 screams that lasted over several minutes. No animal or human has a lung capacity comparable to what we heard. We quickly got back to our vehicles….we were terrified.

  2. Ron S

    My friend and I heard the same thing about 7 years ago about a half mile off to the South where there is literally nothing but timber for miles in a remote area of Northern Wi….It played out kind of like something mimicking a chainsaw but we had brushed it off as some sort of siren from a fire tower we didn’t know about as it was definitely too loud to be anything living. Minutes later as sundown was upon us we continued fishing knowing we’d have to walk back about 15 minutes in the dark and curiously over small trees that were snapped at the base and set crossways over the path from either side…that’s when the sound of several large trees from 3 different directions started falling and my friend accidentally broke one of the oars in half trying to row us off the lake. .At the time I had never been interested in Sasquatch until I searched the Web looking for that sound and eventually found the Ohio howl and my jaw dropped…the Ohio clip led me to SC and I soon became a member listening for clues and piece things together from my own experiences and give everyone a answer lol.
    I have had many undeniable sightings and experiences with Sasquatch and more ever since but I haven’t seen my friend again…messaged him on FB early on and sent him the Ohio howl but he was pretty adamant he’s not going down that road…he thinks it was a ghost lol….I shouldn’t laugh, he could be right….who really knows what any of this is? ..I don’t…at least not yet.

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