Jun 14

Strange figure captured on film

Colleen N. writes “Teenage girls on break from work passing time driving thought a well cemetery in Akron, OH. They actually observed it for a while before they got the idea to record it.” They are friends of the daughter of the investigator.

Neither the girls or the investigator are making any claims to what they captured on film. I tried to zoom in to get more details. Either way I am glad the girls broke out their camera. I hope to hear back from the investigator to find out what she found.






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    • Karen C

      Be glad it’s where you used to live! Looks like something evil, can’t even watch it and I wonder why those girls weren’t more spooked….

      • Maynard w

        The scary thing is my dad, brother, and fraternal grandparents and others are buried in that cemetery. I used to hop the fence and go in there at night by myself.

  1. Trent M

    All the graves I’ve seen here in the U.S. are dug with the earth piled on one side in one big pile. And toomuch was the kenmore grassman like the maytag man? Sorry sad day humor wise.

  2. thomas w

    oh gosh i hope its not digging up a fresh bury to have a snack. animals can smell dead things, and i wouldnt put it past it if it were hungry enough..

  3. Charles R

    Does not look human to me and arms appear longer than a human. Sure would like to know some more about this story. Was this a fresh grave with no headstone set as yet?

  4. Jerry W

    Come on people, clearly a human. I would guess he is looking for some kind of underground cable or piping and is being careful about it. Probably dug with a shovel to start and clearing by hand as he got closer. There is a car parked right next to him too.

  5. Jarvis T

    creepy….but did anyone notice that when they 1st showed it it was ironically next to a vehicle….and when they show it again the vehicle is gone?

  6. Kerry D

    There was a truck there when the girls first noticed it and then after the camera goes all over the place and settles back down to view the object, the truck has left. Just think it’s a person being careful about not hitting anything as they dig.

  7. Kerry D

    Then again……maybe the vehicle isn’t gone, it’s just the angle they shoot from after they move. Hope someone can go ask the groundskeepers why a hole was dug there

  8. Howard K

    @Des I looked at the article. That is in Kansas and this is reported in Ohio. Similar for sure, but seems unconnected.

    Truck: If you look around 0:25 when they are driving you can see the truck through the branches. Just were the part it puts it on the other side of the building.

    My Take: It’s a person. If you slow the video down towards the end you can make out just barely a lighter area where the face would be that to me indicates a fair skinned person. I also get the impression that they have a baggy shirt on that reminds me of ones my wife wears which leads me to think woman. Also (assuming not left by the person who took the picture) you can see a shoe print in the dirt on the right side.

  9. Glen K

    (New Jersey) I would like to know more about the background story to this. Although I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, I have a feeling this is a hoax.

  10. Jeffrey H

    After many minutes of studying this film I have come to believe that the subjet is a woman. Though a very upset woman. It’s expensive to have the grave open up by a bobcat or other large mechanical equipment, so this lady opt to just do it herself. She seems pretty frantic, thus her mother was buried with her wedding ring on that had been promised to the lady who’s digging. I can’t see it being got any other reason. She’s not wearing a uniform(no company patches that would be white & easily seen), nor does her auto look like a working van. Another note is, what paid hourly worker works that hard?? So instead of it being Mr. Mustard using the candle stick holder in the library, I would have to go with daughter looking for mom’s wedding ring at the cemetery! Good luck to her!

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