Jan 9

Strange Familiars: The Hyonkey

Shelby tells some stories of strange encounters from her youth, then relates tales of something on her property she calls the Hyonkey. Hear tales of women in white, black dogs, a creature in an old mine, screams from the forest, and more. Alison and Timothy announce a new Strange Familiars feature – the photo of the week.

11 Responses to “Strange Familiars: The Hyonkey”

    • Denise F

      She sounds SO familiar doesn’t she? I feel she has been a guest on SC before.

      I’ll tell you…. babies out in the woods are SOL with me after all these encounters lol.

  1. Denise F

    One more thought, she said the exact same thing that I did before about the religious objects around the door. We had these things in out woods which was 200 ft or less from our back door and they never messed with the house. Once I could swear I heard the backdoor turn back and forth but I can’t be sure.

  2. Lisa B

    I’m a big fan of the Winchester brothers on Supernatural! They had a Wendigo episode once, wish they’d have more Bigfoot episodes tho. She does sound familiar tho Denise. Strangely Familiar…hee hee!

    Is it Friday yet? I miss Wes…

  3. Dovie D

    I think Sasquatch have some type of dynamic camouflage like octopus. I’m a scuba diver and I have went right by an octopus that was within inches and didn’t notice it but my husband did. Just a thought. I do think they are also demonic.

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