Dec 3

Strange Familiars: The Broken Circle

Timothy Renner writes “Jennie Behm was born on the 19th of September 1923. She was last seen alive on the morning of July 28, 1925. In The Broken Circle we will explore the mysteries which surround Jennie’s disappearance.”

Here is Part One:


Here is Part Two:


Here is Part Three:

Tim writes “Jennie Behm’s body is found in a cornfield two miles from her house. A coroner’s inquest yields no answers. Timothy and Alison visit the cornfield and discuss their final thoughts on the story. A new suspect in Jennie’s death comes to light. The Broken Circle closes (for now). In the second part of the show we discuss the 90th anniversary of Nelson Rehymeyer’s death in the so-called “Hex Murder” as well as Timothy’s new book, Don’t Look Behind You.”

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  1. Mauri G

    Thanks for posting this here Wes. I had been following this series on Strange Familiars and was waiting for pt 3 when I saw it posted here.When I kept hearing them talk about Redding PA it made me remember awhile back on The Confessionals Tony made mention about someone had mentioned about Redding PA having a history of Reptilian familes in the area,I know that’s nuts but Life is Stranger than fiction so thought I would mention it.

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