Jun 3

Strange Encounter In A Home

A listener writes “There was a series of events that happened in our own home back around 1987. My husband and I and our daughter all experienced an entity in our home on different occasions but around the same time.

I don’t think that any one of us understood what it was but it was a paranormal kind of entity and it appeared to be evil or demonic in nature.

It’s too much to go into by typing it all out. There is also a back story to it all. And yes.. This entity had the appearance of a dog-headed man and I believe that this thing possessed my husband. One evening I believe that my life was in danger because my husband appeared to be not himself and he threatened to kill me.

My husband and daughter both saw this entity as a large man-like creature with a dogs head, a long muzzle prick ears like a German shepherd dog but covered with long matted hair.

What I saw was quite different. It was only about 2 ft tall but inky black and it was looking at me so I could not see the muzzle or any other features but it did have pronounced prick ears almost like a silhouette of a dogman.

This would be very similar to what many have reported as the hat man. My husband and daughter are both passed on now so it would just be me. I really never could make a lot of sense of this but now it seems more relevant perhaps in light of all the dogman sightings.”

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