Jun 3

I Saw The Minnesota Iceman In The 60’s

A listener writes “I saw the Iceman in the late ’60s at The Pike in Long Beach, CA. It’s been 55 years, but I still remember it. It was in the back of a refrigerated tractor trailer.

The trailer was divided into a couple “rooms” by hanging blankets. It cost a quarter to see it back then. We entered the trailer in the rear, walked through a curtain past a huge block of ice with the creature inside, and out a door on the front side of the trailer.

We couldn’t linger for more than a few seconds and no photographs were permitted. (No cell phones back then and not many people carried a camera.) Couldn’t really see much, except the creature was pretty much as was described. The block of ice had some small cracks and fissures on top making it hard to see, and I could smell decomp, so I know it wasn’t a rubber fake.

I have read stories that the man who had it was warned of a visit by the FBI, so he hid it and built a fake. The FBI agents were shown that and were satisfied that it wasn’t real. The fake was taken on a tour a few years later, but I don’t think it made it this far. The “real” iceman was supposedly taken out of hiding and sold to another man several years ago who was going to put it on display somewhere in the southern US. That’s the last I heard of it.”

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  1. Ron S

    The exhibit sounds like what I remember with the curtain and being rushed along to get through… definitely some kind of a pull behind enclosed trailer and it was in and out… It probably was the same trailer where the original was (at one time) but I think I was late by several years to see that 1st version. That was late 70’s, 1980 or very very early 80’s for me. That’s ok, I’ve seen something similar (and it wasn’t frozen) in the last several years anyways, and it didn’t cost me a dime:)

    Looking back now, I think I might prefer to see the next one frozen, but on the other hand what is life without unique experiences and learning? I really don’t care to encounter another, but if it happens it happens… either way, I’m good. 🌞

  2. Ron S

    I feel like I have something important to say…

    I mentioned in earlier comments about something big happening in the next few years with a mocking of scripture and my impression and intuition of letters and symbols? Bare with me, this isn’t easy to talk about.

    I’ve realized a few more things or had intuitions I want to make known about letters of the alphabet… so here it goes.

    I’ve had this overwhelming feeling that some of these letters (T, V, I, A, C etc.) directly follow along with what you call a spiritual mocking or signs… it’s becoming clearer that so many more letters could mean something directly mocking God, Christ, Jesus or Yahweh and found within the letters G, C, J or Y… you have to possibly decode these sometimes if it’s capitalized or made to look less important In lowercase, the size and position of the letters in a sequence is important, especially if it appears in the beginning or end of a name or word (this signifies dominance or mocking). “God letters” may be followed directly behind or at the end of a letter or word starting with capital letters for Satan, Lucifer, Devil or Beelzebub with S, L, D, or B.

    I know how this sounds absolutely bonkers but I believe there is a whole evil corporate vocabulary right in front of us or around us that we aren’t aware of, and it’s being spoken possibly world wide to each other without actual words… which makes sense, in an evil-hiding kind of way.

    For the record I’m basing this on pure instinct and intuition. I will not name names, just look for yourself. I have no knowledge nor have I ever studied code breaking or language ,so for me to come out and say this is a really big deal to me. I wish someone other than myself had mentioned this possibility sooner. I’ve always felt easily embarrassed growing up if that says anything to my character.

    Part of me would rather not say anything but I feel compelled to for peoples possible awareness… And oh yeah, how I thought there was a connection to the symbol of the lightning bolt when God cast him out of heaven?… Check this out.

    I literally just realized and also was told tonight that my phone charging cord is called a “lightning”connection, and the other end (as told by the Walmart helper) is the newest fastest connection that even phones over seas will convert to which is a “C” (false god?) (Mocking?) connection. I was a little wowed considering my uneasiness with neurolink. BTW, I had a thought where capitol N is something. Remember what I said about the H yesterday being like a Roman numeral 2 with capital “ii” representing Satans term as he see views himself as an equal god to the Creator when it comes to ruling man?

    Could a capital N be similar to how I described the H (yesterday?) with the horizontal line bridge connecting us to both good and evil, and then N with its slanted line representing a broken bridge from high frequency to low frequency when examined from left to right as we traditionally read it?

    Yesterday, I also realized after my comment about the lightning bolt previously that in old timey news broadcasts they showed logos of radio or tv towers with lightning bolts coming out in all directions representing the signal… it’s so bizarre but fits perfectly with everything I’m being shown. But this is how it’s been for me lately, like I have to warn absolutely everyone of a situation and consequences. The weirdest part is that I’m not actually looking for any of this stuff, I look at baseball scores, go fishing and walk the dog with my fiancé. I don’t understand it myself.

    God I hope my intuition is wrong this time. I’m generally not a nervous person whatsoever and I don’t look for trouble or anything from anyone. I’m really just focused on being a good person to those around me.

    I do hope I’m completely wrong about everything and I will happily look like a fool if I am, but under the circumstances of all the strange things happening, strange things I’ve witnessed, synchronicities and so forth that have actually panned out I had to say something. I think if it wasn’t me it’d be someone else.

    I don’t believe I’m much different than anyone. I hope this somehow/someway gets to several of the right people so they can look into this.

    I really can’t believe I actually going to hit “post comment” this is enormously not who I thought I was going to be. I would’ve laughed and scoffed at someone else doing this not so long ago.

    I don’t want anyone to be scared, just be aware. Trust in God or find him if you have you🙏🏼 Peace

    • Glen K

      (New Jersey) Ah, but I wish you were. You know, some tech genius could make a Fortune if they could invent a program that could “take back” what is sent when someone hits the “Post Comment ” button . Sorry, no program currently exists. Ron, I always enjoy reading your comments on a broad range of topics. Some are a bit long, but almost all are insightful,interesting, and Thought Provoking.! Oh well, even the great Babe Ruth couldn’t bat a thousand.

  3. Jeff K

    Each time when I hear eyewitnesses describe scent of decomposition, I wonder if the smell came from Iceman or rotting meat strategically placed under exhibit. I need more data.

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