Jul 2

Steve Quayle: Giant of Afghanistan

Steve Quayle returned to discuss the phenomena of giants, which he views as a “Rosetta Stone” for understanding history and genetics. Myths, legends and oral traditions of almost every culture have all talked about the time of the giants, he noted.

He shared details from an email he received from a US Air Force officer about a dead giant he observed in Afghanistan eight months ago who was flown to a base in Europe. The giant was estimated to weigh about 1100 lbs., appeared to be twice the height of a normal human, and had an unusual odor.

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  1. paul w

    Youtuber and researcher Rob Skiba theorises that yes you can have modern day giants, nephilim. In noahs day the giants were 50/50 human/angel hybrid mix. They grew and grew into massive giants..we are talking 50 footers or more. God destroyed them all in the flood…and only a few people survived…..noah his wife and his sons and his sons wives but heres where it gets interesting. Why did’nt the familys of his sons wives get on the ark? could there have been nephilim corruption? or at least one of the wives had that nephilim dna? ..

    According to Robs theory and his research on the book of enoch and the bible…he doesnt believe there was any more mating of angels and humans after the flood because Gods punishment was so severe to the angels that did that and/or God forbid angels from “unions” with earth females after that. Anyways Theres something very interesting with one of Noahs sons bloodline…his son “Ham”, perhaps his wife had the corrupt nephilim dna in her….out of hams lineage come the cannanites, the hitites, the jebusites, the horvites etc…all the bad “ites” that God later demanded the Jews to annhilate…down to the women and children. if you understand This you understand that God in the old testament was’nt some genocidal maniac but rather he was saving us from creatures, beings that should not exist. Out of Hams line comes the philistines, Goliath, og of bashan, the sons of Anak…all giants.

    So out of ham and his wifes bloodline random giants would appear out of them. The nephilim corruption is in the blood. So a giant can randomly be born. fast forward to King saul. They had enslaved some philistines or amorites if i remember……and saul had them lay on the ground and he would measure them….and this tape measure if any of them were taller than that measuring line he would order them killed. So you see it was about destroying giants or potential giants. Cuz those giants were just nasty mean bad creatures. Understanding genesis 6 and the major event that occured is the basis of much bible understanding. I believe all our evil political leaders have that nephilim bloodline and are related familes that go way back and are connected in this manner.

  2. paul w

    I apoligise it was king david i was thinking saul. But at samuel 8:2 it explains…. “David also defeated the Moabites, made them lie down on the ground, and he measured them off with a cord. He measured off with two lengths those to be put to death, and with one length those to be spared. “

  3. Richard W

    Not the complete story that’s been on the Internet. Army guys in first explanation, and later Marines. A bit confusing. I’d like to verify if this is really true.

    • David E

      This AF officer reports it being transported… that is a separate phase of an encounter. Many branches can be involved… like initial contact can be by Marines, but an Army asset comes to help them. In Iraq I was in an Army aviation unit that directly supported Marines in the field. Am only trying to explain how you can get 3 branches into one story, not explaining this particular instance. I like the questioning mind you have, and feel that if all these stories got some logic questioning we would have a better picture.

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