May 12

Stanton Friedman on Advanced Technology

Ted Loman, the host, and producer of UFOAZ Series, interviews Stanton Friedman ( 1934 – 2019) an American nuclear physicist and professional ufologist who was the original civilian investigator of the Roswell UFO incident.

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  1. CJ M

    I didn’t know much about him other than I’d heard his name before so I went and found a different interview, the last one. At the end he brings up some things for humanity to think about.

    After viewing it, I find myself pondering some things, like why many spiritual truths are called universal truths. I think its because it doesn’t matter who you are and while I’ve never really considered it, and no matter where you come from, its still true,

    Stanton Friedman – The Final Interview (In Memoriam)
    Feb 2, 2022
    National Paranormal Network

  2. theresa m

    I met Stanton at one of the UFO Weekends in Essex, NH several years ago. He and Richard Dolan were the ‘major’ guest speakers. After the day’s conference they sold tickets for an evening talk in a room for anyone who was interested in hearing them speak some more. Stanton said that we should be worried because we were not good stewards of the earth and were ruining it. He said the extra-terrestrials did not want the earth to be wasted and we had better get it together. That scared me.

    • CJ M

      I’d feel alot better if they were concerned about the inhabitants rather than the planet. There are at least some of us here that are concerned about that, we understand that if the mind was right, the rest would fall into place naturally.

      This comes to mind: You cannot serve both God and mammon

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