May 12

Loud Sasquatch Screams

Johnathan Brown writes “I don’t know if you’ve heard the audio link I attached from our property. It’s pretty good. We’ve heard them around quite a few times here since I’ve last spoken with you.

Several months ago one of the locals seen a Sasquatch cross the road by our house. I’ve also been going out to a location in the Cascades over the last couple of years with some friends that has had some good activity. In August of 2020, we heard a whoop followed by a tree getting pushed down by our camp.

That was a scary night. At the end of March this year, we had a group of 12-14 people at the same location. We had rock clacking and tree knocking going around all around us. One of my friends had a thermal drone that spotted one of the creatures running through the alder trees. Hope you’re doing well.”

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  1. richard r

    there are some exotic bird species down in south america that make otherworldly sounds unlike any normal bird youve heard before which are mating calls. not saying that this is at all a bird just saying maybe why sasquatch sound so differently at certain times of the year.

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