Jul 1

Something Tapping On My Window

A listener writes “I saw a Bigfoot back at the end of January in a tiny 3 acre patch of woods across from my suburban house. My 11 year old son told me he saw one in there 8 years ago but I didn’t believe him. This winter, him, me and my 9 year old daughter all saw one in the same spot. It was my first time looking for BF after bingeing Sasquatch Chronicles since September.

My first class B type experience was 25 years ago when I heard loud moaning in the woods behind my grandma’s house. But I didn’t know about Bigfoot yet and always thought it was a male witch. I’m also pretty sure I had a Bigfoot experience 15-16 years ago after weird lights hung in the sky above me and two other people while we sat on a deck at night stargazing. This was in a cabin in the woods. The cabin is on a STEEP hill that leads down to a dock in a clump of trees. Something loud walked down the steep hill behind the room I was sleeping in later that night and tapped on the window but I was too scared to look.”

8 Responses to “Something Tapping On My Window”

    • Glen K

      (New Jersey) WHERE indeed Lisa, WHERE indeed? Where did the Bigfoot walk up to his house, tap on his window, and proclaim,
      “Can’t you hear me knocking?”

  1. m99

    I second that! Doesn’t it seem as though these creatures are wanting us to see them? Either that, or people are sharing their experiences a lot more now days. Perhaps it’s both, but it seems to be burgeoning, and not going away.

    • Glen K

      (New Jersey) An Excellent question, Antonio. WHAT STATE did all this occur? Come to think of it, did this even occur in the good old USA? After all, I believe there are 193 Countries in the world!! I don’t know how many are segmented into States, but I imagine a fair amount. Hopefully, one day we will know the answers to these questions?!

  2. Melissa P

    I hope that this person comes on the show. I cannot imagine something tapping on my window at night. Reminds me of the old movie “Salem’s Lot” based on a Stephen King book. The brother taps on the window after he becomes a vampire.

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