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Seven Devils Mountains

A listener writes “First one was about 15 yrs ago in the 7 Devils wilderness of Central Idaho. Over 15-20 minutes I first heard a grunting snort of a seemingly angry animal waking down hill away from me. It was clearly a 7-800lb bipedal critter.

I grunted back at him & he began noisily crashing brush in a stomping hurried gate continuing downhill at an angle away from me right to left. I listened intently until he was out of range. I was sitting quietly because I was out hunting.

I hadn’t seen a single elk or deer in a very very wild area which was very unusual. Within 5 or 10 minutes I heard a whoop which was very very monkey sounding, but then a few minutes after that, I heard several wood knocks answered by a more distant wood knock in a slightly different direction.

My second experience was in Oregon and involved probably a juvenile Sasquatch at a remote camping location at the dead end of a road to entering a nearly roadless area. I was standing 20 or 30 yards from the camp trailer just enjoying the beautiful night The sun was down but it was early after Dusk. When twigs and small sticks started landing at my feet. I tried to determine where they were coming from and after 4 or 5 sticks landed at my feet I could tell the general direction. It was a starry sky but no moon could be seen through the trees and the sticks continued to be lobbed at my feet.

It’s important to mention there was never a stick or pebble thrown at me. I picked up one of the larger sticks and threw it back in the general direction. A few seconds later a stick & stone were thrown back to me. I saw some pebbles so I picked up some small ones and threw them, pretty soon a pebble landed at my feet. My father-in-law came out of the camper and stood next to me and asked me what was up I said just casually Oh not much just enjoying the the beauty and the night sky and we chatted briefly quietly for 5 or 10 minutes and he went back inside the camper. Nothing was thrown while he was standing next to me. He went back in the camper and shut the door. After two or three minutes another stick landed at my feet. So I’ve heard this from other Bigfoot explorers and other experiences where if there’s more than one person they will not play with you.

The juveniles are very curious and if Mom or Dad are not around they’re much more enjoining. This continued for nearly 30 minutes and abruptly came to a stop. I never heard a sound, never a grunt, never a whoop, never heard any crashing from 800 lb mom or dad, but it slowly slowed down and no more interaction.

There are no critters in East Central Oregon that throw things over hand or that will interact with you throwing things to you always landing at your feet. Squirrels don’t do that, chipmunks don’t do that, and I could tell by the angle, it was from some distance though it took a good strong arm. That’s my experience. I never saw anything.

I never saw even anything I would have thought would be a silhouette, on either experience, either occasion. But in my heart I know what was there. I grew up visiting the Phoenix zoo when I was a kid and the whoop I heard was very very similar to either the gibbons or the howler monkeys at that zoo. I don’t remember, but I was convinced it was a large primate just like everything else with sneaky animals that are stealthy in the woods, try to prove it!

Especially to those who are doubters that won’t accept any evidence, other than their own eyes.

Thanks for your time.”

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