Mar 4

A Flash of Beauty: Henry Drops A Bomb Part 1

A Flash Of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed writes “Henry has finally been given permission to share secrets he’s been holding for over 22 years. The secrets might surprise you… Part one of two.”


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  1. Charles R

    I have heard Henry before, but not this so called bombshell. It is crazy difficult to digest that this huge Bigoot creature that that lives a life of hunter/gatherer, mostly using its brute force, is in cahoots with a top top secret underground military tunnel labs, creating a huge leap in human technology that may, in part, operate, much like the UFO energy technology.

  2. Ron S

    Poor Henry, I feel bad for him. He does know more than most people about the subject of Sasquatch and I believe he is telling the truth… However, he doesn’t understand snarky demonic humor, and when he asks about where to find them it responds with “You know where to go.” Which is tongue in cheek for “You can go to Hell”. I bet they had a good laugh over that one.

    Listen to everything he says especially in part two of this interview, while keeping in mind these things are demonic and have no control over us unless we give over our free will to them. This whole interview will then shock you even more with truth.
    God Bless you 🌞🙏🏼

    • m99

      @Ron S ~ Yes, I agree wholeheartedly with you. As in another conversation with a Sasquatch saying to one (a person) “the creator doesn’t allow us to be seen by you”. That has all kind of innuendo to me, and can mean so much more than is evident. One, for instance, the creator doesn’t mean OUR creator (but he, the little g, wants to take credit) and two, the stinking, dirty filthy Sasquatch is above us (?), therefore he won’t show his true ability (nature) and/ or inability to control “us”. The one true God has a time trying to steer us into the light, to stay in the light, so this so called g-d is superior? Nah. Don’t believe it. And what do the Natives Americans/ First Nations warn about the Sasquatch Clans? They are tricksters, thieves and rapists’. At any rate, Pam published it in the forum, so I listened to it, but couldn’t finish it, but did here. Will listen to part 2. Thanks Ron S. _m

  3. Jay W

    All I will say is that I do think these creatures are not “normal” and there is something exceedingly strange about them. So some of this makes sense to me, but until we get something more concrete, it’s in my grey basket. Thanks for sharing, Wes!

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