Jul 17

Search for missing boy leads back to reservoir

Editors note> I always try to post missing people on the site. I find it strange this little boy just vanished. Lets hope they find him alive and well. My heart goes out to the family.

SALMON, Idaho – It is day five in the search for an Idaho Falls toddler. And now divers are back in the water of a nearby reservoir.

Two-year-old DeOrr Kunz Jr. went missing Friday afternoon when his mother, father and grandfather and his grandfather’s friend were all camping on Timber Creek Road near Leadore, Idaho.

We have new information just released today from the Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office. They say scent-tracking dogs led searchers to the banks of Stone Reservoir. This is the second time divers have searched the reservoir, which is shallow, small and clear.

They have searched all over this vast area, but still no sign of the missing boy. Meanwhile, DeOrr’s parents are also here. His father told us that he is not leaving this area until his boy is found. The mother, father and the toddler’s aunt are all camped out about a mile away from their former campsite to be here in case he is found. Tanisha Kunz, DeOrr’s aunt, spoke on behalf of the parents. She says at this time they don’t want anyone up there because the divers need to be focused on their search efforts.

missing boy

“We are granting their wishes and staying down here so that those divers can be completely focused on finding that little boy if he is in there, and that is why we are down here and we are doing our part by searching farther down,” said Tanisha Kunz.

DeOrr Kunz went missing last Friday. His parents say they thought he was with his grandpa, while the grandpa thought he was with them. They say he was missing for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Their campsite is about four-tenths of a mile from the reservoir. In addition to the divers, other search efforts are also underway. About 150 searchers have combed the area holding hands. And there people out looking on horseback and all-terrain vehicles.

There was an infrared helicopter up in the air today, but the crew did not find any signs of the missing boy.



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  1. David D

    Thanks Wes, praying for the little boy and his parents. Can’t even begin to realize what they are going through. Also, for the SAR, divers, law enforcement, and everyone involved.

  2. Alan H

    I hate these stories. Having raised four children it’s incredibly easy to loose contact in an environment like this. Had this happen to my eldest one year at the beach–her aunt was supposed to be watching her, I walked up and asked aunt where she was and nada. After a few short and terrified minutes we found her safe and sound but it was an important lesson for me. Number one being her aunt is a moron and more importantly no one would ever be asked to ‘watch’ any of my children ever again. Our once toddler is now 23.

    Didn’t the Bauman story take place in Idaho? Have camped in Idaho Falls myself. Very rugged and rural country.

  3. JOHN E

    I Lost My Son …not good ….I Pray he shows up but this is a maybe thing for 411 again …You see when this happens I say go in and shot them if they are around not the small ones but come on let the people know that there are things …aka Big foots ..ect in the forest areas that will take little ones ….so from what I have heard also its most likely not a drowning …get er done …find the poor guy or else that poor mom will go thur hell on earth.

  4. Christopher c

    I can’t stand it,this kills me-I was just talking to Mike Rugg owner of the BIGFOOT DISCOVERY MUSEUM in Felton Ca. yesterday about this missing child and I was saying you just can’t ever for one second take your eyes off your kids ever and never let them out of you sight never! I even went as far as to say even people our age should be using the buddy-buddy system when venturing off into any wilderness area even if just for a short hike you should always go in pairs and I’m talking adults.

  5. Dave T

    Hope they find him but these kinds of diisappearances virtually never come out good. I just wonder if anyone involved with conducting this search has mentioned the word Squatch under their breath as a possible reason in the disappearance of the boy?

  6. tom b

    I am praying for them. But I am shocked at the parents too because it is no surprise that a 2 yr old will run off quickly, i kept my son at in sight ALWAYS. You have to with little guys…..

  7. Seamus J. C

    Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please come down! Someone’s lost that must be found!…Let’s hope that prayer works as well for missing childrenas it does for other stuff. This tears me up. A toddler in the wilderness for five days….whoa. Unless someone’s caring for him, it’s probably too late to find him alive? I hope to hell I’m wrong.

  8. Laine N

    God bless the family. I pray for him to be found alive. A toddler only out of sight for ten minutes could have not got far on his own, something is not adding up about this. Godspeed!

  9. Tam C

    I was his age when I once wondered off to follow a group of older kids that decided to go fishing. Little did I know how far away it would be. Getting bored I wondered when they were going back so I could follow them home. I remember before leaving with them how I probably shouldn’t go… but I wasn’t quite old enough to put thought into the right action. Little did I know there was a coastal search going on when finally the Lake Michigan Coast Guard came. Though I don’t remember arriving home or my mother, I do remember that I was glad the tall man in uniform came to collect me. Father above I hope they find this little man safe.

    This is a startling reality now especially for those who have spirited children.

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