Apr 9

SC EP:944 The Confessions Of Tony Merkel

Tonight my guest is Tony Merkel from The Confessionals Podcast. Tony talks about his recent film that is soon to be released called The Shape of Shadows. Tony talks about a new film he is working on focused on Sasquatch and his experiences while here in the Pacific NW.

Check out The Confessionals here: https://www.theconfessionalspodcast.com/

The Shape of Shadows: They want you to believe the paranormal ends at the gates of a ranch in Utah. But what if it doesn’t? Tony Merkel and his crew go on a road trip outside the boundaries of corporate TV to show you Skinwalkers and UFOs in a way you’ve never seen before.









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58 Responses to “SC EP:944 The Confessions Of Tony Merkel”

    • Mark R

      Thanks Maria! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Supposedly we will be hitting the low 70’s for high temperatures towards the end of the week. Nearly six months of winter is nearly a memory.

  1. Greg N

    Wes and Tony are buds, wess Germa quoted maybee his best friend, special friends ,always there for each other 🤝 you guys are like Buth Cassidy and the Sundance kid. Congratulations on both of your successes. Love your products.

  2. Janetta V

    Great to hear you and Tony being back together, even for a short time. Good friends should see more of each other. The show was great also. Those shoes sound like another 411 case. I hope not, but it is weird. Thank you both.

  3. Cristina J

    My two favorite podcasters together. I was so excited to meet both of them at the premiere. I tried really hard not to fangirl out. The film is amazing. I feel like they are getting better with each one. It’s about the experience like Tony said. He’s not promising some crazy reveal. I really enjoyed hearing more of the native Americans perspectives. We and Tony were everything I had hoped they would be. I also spoke with Joel and Ward and both were very friendly and posed for pictures! Can’t wait to see the Bigfoot show next and I hope we continue to get updates on the “missing” guy. Pray he’s ok

  4. Karen H

    Tony mentioned meeting Joanna from Oregon about her “encounter “ during his week out here in the PNW. There is a lot more to this situation. That area that is where the supposed incident took place is where I walk every day. Walk with snowshoes when it’s covered in snow as well. Every walk I take is either within site of that spot or close to it. Every day. When the snow is gone it is drivable but only over private property. Which is where we live. I was the first person who spoke to her that day outside of my son who was with her. He saw nothing. Contrary to what was said they were not married as mentioned in this episode ,and are no longer together. There is a 10 year back story as far as incidents here at this property that she recently was finding out about at the time. I am the person that had told her before her supposed,” encounter “ about Wes and Sasquatch Chronicles. Tony mentioned he told her all about Wes & SC but she already knew. I also mentioned about Wes’s encounter to her and that she should listen to it. After that her story changed a bit. Again. There is A LOT that has gone on here. I mentioned this areas activity to Wes in a email regarding something else a number of years ago. I just wasn’t ready to discuss everything. Still not. She knew that , and after she found out a number of things that have gone on here , she suddenly had an encounter. This person has an issue with truth & facts. It would have been easier to believe if my son who was next to her saw the same thing. My husband and I drove right up to the exact spot within an hour of this supposed incident. The way the soil was around the exact spot was soft. The only visible tracks were elk. We do have bear here frequently but there were no bear tracks. Several weeks after this happened she then said the more she thought about it it probably was a bear. These are just some of the facts about this incident. I was not on that hill. She may have been truthful. Things do happen here. Patterns of this person leaves great room for doubt though. I do know that more than anything she wants to have online recognition. For any reason.

  5. craig d

    YouTube player don’t work, it never has.
    I’m sad! that’s me done 944 episodes in three months, thats a whole lotta Wes. I’m all caught up, now I gotta wait for Fridays n Sundays like the rest of the SC’s
    Really enjoyed the show.
    TYVM 😊

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