Apr 8

1996 Sasquatch Daze with Dr. Jeff Meldrum Part 5

The Sasquatch Archives writes “On May 4–5, 1996 Sasquatch Daze took place in Harrison Hot Springs. Organized by Stephen Harvey, the event featured several speakers of high repute involved in Sasquatch research. This video will feature part 5 (of 6) of Dr. Jeff Meldrum’s presentation. This is Dr. Meldrum’s inaugural presentation on the Redwoods video. Of course it wouldn’t be a B.C. Sasquatch conference without Rene Dahinden blowing a gasket—and sure enough, he begins to lose it towards the end of this video. The final part (Part 6) will show smoke coming out of Dahinden’s ears and fire from his nostrils.”

3 Responses to “1996 Sasquatch Daze with Dr. Jeff Meldrum Part 5”

  1. Ric M

    René Dahinden reminds so much of an old senile neighbor I once had. I saw all six episodes right now and Dr Meldrum is spot on with his assessment and topic and René can’t handle it. First of all, Dr Meldrum and Dr Grover Krantz were PhD’s in their field, and I think René just resented them for it! Yes, he was one of the first big name Bigfoot researchers out there along with Bryne, and a few others, and we owe them a strong debt of gratitude, but René always tried to outdo, outsay and out-prove them.

    • Charles R

      Yes Rene’ comes off pretty crass in a lot of the old time video archieved by Lary lund and given to Todd Prescott. Lary was a close friend of Rene’ and in an interview with Cliff Barrackman he stated he had his own strong views and was never afraid to state his opinion. I, myself have always admired Dr. Meldrum’s approach to this whole subject, and to Rene’ Meldrum was probably just a young whipper snapper, however over the years few people have pushed this subject forward more than Dr. Meldrum, and in recent times Wes Germer with his whole lengthy interview approach and let the witness talk, has also been on the cutting edge.

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