Sep 30

SC EP:891 Sasquatch Encounter Brigade

Jonny will be joining me tonight from Georgia. Jonny never gave Sasquatch another thought. He had a strange experience on his property with strange lights. Shortly after the lights showed up, Sasquatch showed up.

Jonny started a YouTube Channel where he post his evidence. The channel is called The Sasquatch Encounter Brigade. Check it out here:






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Here are some of the videos he has posted:


49 Responses to “SC EP:891 Sasquatch Encounter Brigade”

  1. Ron S

    I think I already commented weeks ago about the sasquatch I saw walking on the side of the road with a blue light near the crook of its arm…I wasn’t kidding. I’d have to say after that experience the orbs or lights and the sasquatch go hand in hand, work together, are one in the same….something. Just a few days ago my fiance and I also revisited the area of where I smelled the stereotypical sasquatch smell you could lean in and out of…no smell this time but an oddly large amount of (acorns or rocks?) fell all at once and startled both of us, by the sound of it I thought we were going to get run over by a deer and she thought it was a person running up on us…they sounded bigger than acorns to me and within only a few feet of us…we both turned instantly but didn’t see anything hitting, rolling or bouncing on the ground….idk. There’s no shortage of strange things happening in the North woods. I’ve personally heard accounts where in some cases the orbs follow you as well as mimic sounds like your voice…sound familiar? Great episode, thanks! Take care everyone, we’ll get this mystery solved yet:)

  2. Nolebez

    Strange event… Evidence of an unseen hands operation.
    Oct 23 1998 I was in a horrible accident. I hit a telephone pole driver side door at roughly 100 mph. My car swung around that pole and hit a flatbed truck. Which had it’s wheel chucked & the E brake on. I knocked it back like 5 or 6 foot. I was knocked unconscious and when the EMTs came to cut me out of the car. My first reaction to the first responder was punch the guy. I broke his nose. Not only was he planning to go to a party. My fiances cousin was attending (this was BC before cellphones) as well. Which made it possible for my family to learn of the accident. Now for the real crazy part. 18;years later to the day. While I was at my morning stop on my way to work. A member of the local fire departments brass stopped me on the sidewalk outside the convenience store. He knew who I was and want to thank me for raising such nice young men. Apparently my kids helped him do some yard work. He couldn’t do the work because of injury. He also apparently lives My neighborhood. I told him that he was welcome & thanked him. Great way to start your day lol but anyways. Later that day I called my wife and told her about it. I described the man and stated who he worked for specifically. She stops me and tells me he is her cousin’s friend’s husband. It was right then that I realized that it was saw day of my accident And he was the same EMT that saved me and got his nose broken as a thank you. Crazy

  3. Nikita V

    This one gave me goosebumps, as it brought back a similar Orb experience that I had INSIDE our cabin.
    I actually emailed Wes about it back in 2019. Long story short: It was our first night in our ‘new’ cabin in the southern Kootenays of BC (2014). I was prepping our bed (at the time was an airmattress and sleeping bags – as we didn’t yet have any furniture). My husband went to shower and I was in our bedroom alone. All of a sudden, you could feel the air as if it was static prickling your body. I want to say it was static… because the air mattress that I had just inflated went almost concave shape, as if the edges were stuck to the floor by static electricity (like a balloon against your hair). I can’t explain it, because it was so bizarre. I stopped and was so confused… looking at it for a second before glancing at the doorway. In the middle, upper portion of the doorway was this soccer ball sized Orb. It wasn’t glowing, but was definitely illuminated, blueish purple in color – with the ‘plasma’ movement inside it. Inside the orb, it was as if you were looking at moving cells under a microscope (if you google an image, it is the easiest way to get a visual of what I mean). This orb went from a standstill in the doorway (about 6ft-8ft away), to quickly flying right at me! I dove onto the air mattress and it went through the window (glass and all) and out into the woods surrounding us. I was in shock … and didn’t know how to explain to my husband what had just happened when he came back into the room.
    My apologies for the lengthy comment, but thank you for reading.

    • Charles R

      Fascinating. What an experience. Back on the 3rd Thursday of July 1995, I also saw one. About the size of a very large grapefruit and a whitish hazy glow, now really bright. It was in the back of my buddies Chevy Truck while were were cruising north on I-75 in Michigan. Adjacent to Grayling Michigan which has a huge National Guard training base and artillery range. It was at most 2 feet away with the back window separating us. When I got my buddy to turn to look it shot straight up in the sky and out of sight in the blink of an eye. I associated it with being a UFO surveillance sphere and have believed this since, especially with my what I consider UFO experiences and possibly abductions at night and possible implant by my right ear. However so many other people’s experiences seem to be of a different nature. Just makes it very confusing. Maybe they are a lot of things or different ones have different purposes.

  4. Dennis W

    Good job Jonny! This guy will get the best footage ever… sooner than later. His thermal capture is awesome. Seems cold blooded? That thermal should be white hot… strange! Those Pulsar thermals are the best. Military grade. Highly recommended.

    • Bill F

      Pulsar is not “military grade” .. trust me. I run a FLIR, TAU-2, 17 microbolometer thermal. They all have several color pallets to choose from… white hot, black hot and all types of color pallets I can even make my own custom as well if I want to. I have thermal footage that is clearer than this of their faces.. funny part is, like he says, they manage to hide their bodies almost fully.. almost as if they know, the last two i got on thermal were wrapped up in tall sawgrass with nothing but their faces sticking out.

  5. Stuart H

    Set camp, start fire, go off in dark and sit in circle back to back, big guns, thermals, green lasers and burn lights. Be silent and wait, it won’t be long. I’ve heard two incidents of others running away when one is shot, not retaliating.

  6. Stuart H

    Take recordings of young Sasquatch, download into baby sas robot with camera eyes (like the wildlife shows with wolf pups and baby chimps) put sas smell on it and put it out there. The animals have all accepted these bots so it may work with sas.

  7. Tyson T

    Wes, if you have the opportunity you should definitely take a trip out to Steve’s property for a week and do an episode on it. I think this man has quite the gold mine for activity. Thermal images were amazing!

  8. Craig T

    I have a photo of a blue orb also! I believe orbs are spiritual, possibly our lost loved ones.
    On my father’s 1st anniversary after his death, our entire family which is spread all over the world, agreed to a certain time of day to “cheers” him with a glass of his favorite whiskey.
    Directly at the time chosen by everyone, I hoisted my glass and said “cheers dad” and instantly appeared a blue orb. It stuck around long enough for me to get a photo then shot directly in the sky and disappeared. This was a great show and brought back memories for me!

  9. STEVE W

    I’m glad Wes has been talking about the woo stuff, When these beings can find your home 65 miles from the encounter , Something we can only call supernatural is happening ,

  10. Garth H

    This episode was a badly needed infusion into the Sasquatch Chronicles show. My interest in the show has been waning, and I know I’m not the only one.

    Tonight’s guest has a new Subscriber to his YouTube channel.????

  11. Amy T

    Really enjoyed this episode. Informative. I am so glad to hear about the success in capturing audio and video. Appreciate all the effort that goes into bringing this information out!

  12. Nerida H

    I believe these animals are psychic + can read our thoughts, + know Johnny has no harmful intentions to them, + as he only wants to see them, they are happy to oblige.

  13. craig d

    @Garth H You don’t speak for the majority of members, my interest certainly is NOT waning.
    The show gets better quality all the time, I will agree I can get a little bored with back to back encounters episodes.
    It’s Wes’ baby and up to him how he does things but id heavily encourage him to branch out into possible related phenomena as he has done most excellently in the past with topics such as the lights, demonic relations, Nephiliem, UFO connections, giants etc
    I’ve said it before, it keeps SC fresh interesting and exciting.

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