Sep 25

SC EP:890 Somebody Save Me

Tonight I will be speaking to Casey who grew up on a ranch in Humboldt County, CA. Casey and his family have seen the creature on a few occasions. Casey said “A friend and I decided to camp next to the river on the property and something walked across the river and was coming to their tent.



I will also be speaking to Kevin, Kevin writes “The encounter took place in January of 2020 while I was working for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife where I was conducting stream surveys on the local coho salmon population.

This position was a seasonal gig that went from October 1st- January 10th. I was doing stream surveys, which consisted of hiking (in waders) down 3 or 4 streams that flow into the Columbia River. I was counting the live coho salmon, deceased ones, and their redds which are the nests they make for their eggs.

The encounter took place on a section of Mill Creek, which is a watershed these salmon reproduce in. That day I was working the “upper mill creek” survey, which was the highest upriver on that creek that we covered. To get to the start of the survey point my partner drove me on Weyerhaeuser logging roads to a drop off point. He would then park the truck downstream of me on the road where my survey was completed.

After he dropped me off I still needed to hike about half a mile down a decommissioned road where they removed two culverts, and placed some boulders across the road to block vehicle access. There was a point on the road where I was to drop downhill and head to the creek to begin my survey.

As I was hiking up this decommissioned road I was approaching the point where I needed to drop into the forest. The creature I saw was pretty much across the road from where I was heading to enter the forest. The scariest part is that it was standing right where I was going before I got off the road.

It saw me before I saw it. In fact I am sure I would have walked right up to it if it didn’t move. It ran uphill away from the creek and was about 2 ft above the trees. The trees it ran through were previously clear cut, and re-planted. They were a little over 5 feet tall, because I was slightly taller than the trees.

I went back to the location the following year where I noticed a game trail it must have been running on.

It looked like a ninja as it ran. Perfectly smooth steps and I didn’t hear a sound. If I wasn’t looking in that direction I wouldn’t have known it was there.

I saw it from about the chest or shoulders on up. It was jet black, even in the sunlight. Almost as if it absorbed the sun. It had a cone shaped head which I had never seen before in the animal kingdom (I have a degree in evolutionary biology). Do you know anything about that skull shape? I was unable to notice any facial features because it was running to the left. I only saw the left side, and the back of its head.

The encounter freaked me out because I was about to start a stream survey that lasted well over 2 hours. I didn’t know if it would tell its family I was there and they would hunt me, or something like that. My head was on a swivel the entire time.”








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50 Responses to “SC EP:890 Somebody Save Me”

    • Jay Carlsen

      C’mon Michigan Man ! I thought you knew that only the First Comment counts ( and only if you call FIRST ! )
      Anything happening down there Lansing Way ? I have seen the Glowing Red Eye Shine up here in the Manistee / Huron National Forest ! ( Not Trying )
      ( I do not search these things out. Because when you search Them Out ? They will search YOU Out. And I have seen them Once and do not care to see them again ) Episode 801 ( first half ) ( Second Half is better )

      • Melanie S

        Oh, I had been looking for sometime for your show, and with the help of some other members I finally found it. It’s one of my favorite, the matter of fact way you retell it. Wow! Sorry y, just saw your post and wanted to mention it.

        • Jay Carlsen

          Why THANK YOU VERY MUCH !
          I trauma blocked it from recollection until 2014 – 2015 ? When I heard the Young Man who seen one holding 1/2 a Dog ! (Episode 54 (?) When he said He was being followed and called out and got no Reply ? I about fell out of my Computer Chair because that had happened to Me !
          Thank You ! ( just saying )

      • Gabriel H

        I don’t go to Lansing area much, but have looked for sign while kayaking the Grand River in Grand Ledge. One of my favorite squatchy places is in the HNF on the East side of the state along the Au Sable, but i specialize in “urban squatching” nearer to Detroit

        • Charles R

          If one is brave enough, kayak or canoe the rivers and creeks at night with a good quality thermal, and chances of finding them drinking the water or fishing and hunting the deer and other critters there taking a drink of water, might prove successful. However interuptiing their activity might make them quite aggravated.
          I myself have had experiences in the Huron National Forest, and the Au Sable territory may be the best in Michigan. Have had rocks thrown a me and my cousins back in July 2011 while staying overnight. Have heard them on scavaging party in the Sand Lake area, specifically Round/Indian Lake in same time frame scream, imitate owl and another a loon, and another to the north in the forest blast out the Ohio Howl. A good friend back in 2000 while bow hunting in Iosco County saw a huge one just 75 feet away walking a trail and the size of it scared him so bad he quit hunting on the spot. Phillip Shaw is the go to guy in the HNF. I think he lives in West Branch, maybe Mio, and has documented hundreds of encounter.
          Urban squatching near Detroit, Washtenaw County has had a lot of activity in the past, but I sure you already know this. Best of luck to you Gabriel H.

      • Julie R

        Oh wow, I will have to re listen..Michigander live near Hastings. Our cabin is up in Paradise..have not seen a Bigfoot or Dog man, don’t want

  1. Linda B

    Loving being here. My brother and his three kids and I are around a campfire eating smores listening to the podcast. Yay! Logan, age 7, my nephew, whooped at me to find me I’m the dollar general store this afternoon. Lol

  2. Linda B

    Ok, saw a ufo tonight. One long strand of tiny lights in a straight line, below the stars but high up, like they were connected. Freaky side show for sure. Still haven’t listened to the podcast. Wild wild world.

  3. Jay Carlsen

    Nephilim are the little ” g ” gods of Old. Because the Ragnarok Event of Scandinavian Folk Lore was fought on the Island Continent of the Antarctic , at the Base of Mt Vincent ( Tallest Peak ) upon the 100 mile x 100 mile Vigard Battle Plain, And is described as the Nephilim War in the Books of Enoch & Jubilees.
    The Sabe are Isaac’s Oldest Son Esau. Ask the Native Americans ( I did )

  4. richard r

    the first story about the fishery spotter made a lot of sense when he said ,he didint think it was the nephalim but a breed that came from the ape species that they mated with. ive heard of people saying this but from human species which doesnt make a lot of sense to me because humans dont look like apes anyway. im glad he was a christian because so am i. no i dont want to see one period. ive experienced enough weirdness to scare me for one lifetime.

  5. Kit R

    Born and raised in Humboldt Co. CA.
    Moved when I was 18
    I love hearing encounters that happen up there. My dad was a logger. I wish he was still around to ask if he ever had anything happen.
    Thanks Wes.
    Missed you being gone. Love listening in bed. Now I can sleep at night

  6. Nicholas R

    So I’ve been listening so long in the intro the Sierra sounds almost sound like they say “Eufaula” like the lake and then “Numba One” lol idk if im nutty but thats what I hear

  7. Charles R

    Kevin had the same job as did the main character, Sarah (noted actress Lily Rabe) in highly acclaimed film Letters From the Big Man. I think she worked for Weyerhaueser also, not sure but it was a forest company doing research on the salmon and eco systems of the rivers in this same area. Still the best rendition of a Bigfoot I have seen in a movie, especially the face and head, but like all others it did not come close to showing the real size, and muscle structure of an adult Bigfoot. Great movie. Glad Kevin had this experience.

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