Jun 11

SC EP:861 What Did I Just See?

Justin writes “In 1991 and we moved back to Ohio. It was a your typical warm night in August sometime. The corn was fully grown. Me, my cousin and her friend were out riding in my 66 Chevelle.

We started down the hill on county road 1281. The road dips into a shallow valley where Buck Creek runs through it. And crosses and set of railroad tracks before heading up the other side. I crossed the tracks and started up the other side. As I crested the top I noticed eye shine. Not yellow like racoon or like deer. This was different and had my attention. As I got closer I noticed a dark shape in the bushes. This is a gravel road. And I was only doing around 15 mph. These eyes where a lime green in the headlights.

I got within 40 yards of this shape. And that’s when it stood up. Black muscular and had a salt and pepper V of hair on its chest. It casually stepped through the bush and walked down the edge of the corn field at us. It got with in 20 yards and went into the corn. Now when it went into the corn, it side stepped into the corn. And as it did it gave me a look of don’t mess with me. He stood about 2 feet above the corn as it disappeared into the field. He was between 7 ½ 8’ tall. I vividly remember seeing his legs disappear into the corn. Massive calve muscles hair was thin. Black about 4 inches long. The foot pad was a charcoal grey. He was wide at the shoulders.

It was like a dream, slow motion. My brain was having a hard time processing it. After it walked onto the corn. I turned to my cousin and her friend. Did you see that! Tell me you seen that!. They were already crying and my said take us home now. To this day she will not talk about it or acknowledge it even happened.

It changed my life forever. Took me 15 years to go back out there at night.

And I was shaking so bad. At the edge of the woods. I took a couple steps into it and it was like I left it all behind me. I still don’t like the woods at night. Or being out in the woods by myself.










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39 Responses to “SC EP:861 What Did I Just See?”

  1. William L

    Thank you, Wes!!! Hope everything has worked out and you and your are doing well. Have a bliessed rest of the weekend and we’ll be looking forward to hear from you Sunday evening.
    Doc Larsen

  2. John A

    Thanks Wes

    In the shadows – Sean and Tim R from strange familiars had a few comments about you all in good fun. It was an interesting discussion on changing views of Sasquatch over the years.

    Have a great week everyone

    Thank you Justin!

  3. Antony H

    Being a UK listener I normally pick up new shows in the morning. It’s very cool to get this Saturday night show.
    Hope your emergency didn’t cause you too much trouble Wes.
    Happy weekend all ????????

  4. Daren c

    Thanks so much to the guest for coming on. And of course thanks to Wes for being such a gracious host or we’d need have any of these encounters to listen to and learn from.

  5. richard r

    i dont even wanna ride my bike too early in the morning because ,i just have a feeling im gonna see one of those things crossing or crawling on the road in front orf me.
    another great show Wes…hope everything worked out for u man

  6. Jay Carlsen

    OH BOY !
    2013 – 2014 or so ? I heard that Episode 54 or 57 ? where the young Man who seen that Thing holding 1/2 a Dog. When the 2 Kids were walking away from the group to smoke Cigarettes that they stole from their Mother. Just before they seen the Creature the Young Men heard something walking in the Woods beside them. When the Young Man reported that when They stopped walking , IT Also stopped walking – I about fell out of my Computer Chair ! Because that same Thing happened to Me ! ( Episode 801 – the first one. the 2nd Guy is much more interesting ( Because of the Dog )
    As I listened to the Show , when I heard the Young Lady who described what She had seen as a Gorilla !?! I Remembered SEEING that 10 foot Tall Gorilla – 200 feet away – in Broad Daylight ! ( and that time I did fall out of the Chair ! )
    This time in my life I had a friend , who I worked on the Oil Rigs with. And He was living in a Tent on the back side of Town ; and would catch a ride to the Local Christmass Tree Farm from there. I would allow this guy to do his Laundry , use my Shower , whatever. Because when I was working on the Drilling Rigs I had a 28,000 lb counter weight fall on me from 35 Feet in the Air , breaking my Shoulder Blade , 4 Ribs , and my Pelvic Bone. And I had worked for 3 weeks !
    We moved the Rig 3 Hours away from my Home , so I brought a Tent and I camped out just off the Rig Site ( so I could save that Per-Dium Money ! ) The very last Day of my Hitch it rained ! And when my Wife came to pick me up to take me home she seen that I was Hurt and made me go to the Hospital.
    I would never nave been able to work for 3 weeks with such Injuries , if it wasn’t for my Friend picking up my Slack for me. So I felt as I owed his at least that. ( use of my Washing Machine & Shower ) But my Friend Drank Alcohol ( I quit in the summer of 2000 ) So after Work He would stop over , and he always had 2 – 1/2 pints of Whiskey. I could tolerate him for the 1st 1/2 Pint. But after that it is time to GO. ( I am raising my Children here , and you are not going to talk like that in front of my Children )
    It was right around this Time was when I figured out that I did see a 10 foot Tall Gorilla ! So this was all I would talk about with my Friend. And Since I was the only place where he could do his Landry for Free ? He just listened to me go ON and On and on about what I had seen back in 2000 ! ( though later I found out that He thought I was lying for Attention or Something ? )
    Later that same Summer , My friend was 20 miles away over by Tippy Dam on the Manistee River. He told me He was walking down Po Road and knew where there was Blue Berries growing on the side of the Road. Just as He walked up to the Blue Berry Bushes he noticed a Animal Trail that comes down to the road , just across from these Blue Berry Bushes. And Imprinted in the Mud at the bottom of that Trail was a Bare Human Looking Footprint that was much Larger than His Work Boot !
    So He took His Phone and took Pictures of the Footprints. That took one step across the Road and kneeled down on it’s left Knees and a little Foot climbed off its Back !
    The whole Time It was dragging a Stick with its Tip on the Ground ( like a Pencil ) making a line in the Mud. My Friend commented that He though it had brought a Stick from the Woods so it could lift the Branches so the little one could pick Blue Berry’s !
    He told me then that He did not believe a Word I had said before , about seeing that Gorilla. But after seeing those Footprints ? He was a Believer !
    I asked Him if He went and Picked a Handful of Blueberries ? And He said ” No , I did not have a very good feeling at the time “

  7. Michele C

    that was an amazing account from Justin. incredible sketch . The mind is also a camera so I would think that sketching it down if you don’t have a phone would be a way to capture the sighting in real time, before the fine details fade

  8. Ross H

    Really enjoyed this one, checked out the area on google map and I think I enjoyed it cause it reminded me of my hometown area so I could relate to a lot of it. Great sketch by Justin too.

  9. Evelyn L

    I wish that people who believe that these things are just “flesh and blood” could explain to me how such huge creatures, that are flesh and blood, live in the Eastern part of the U.S., actually near inhabited areas, yet cannot be found. There are sightings of these things from Maine to Southern Florida. The earliest European colonists never reported seeing these beasts. Actually, the first recorded sighting of such a creature in early America was about 300 years after Europeans began settling in the North East and that sighting was in an area that was considered to be frontier at the time. So why are there so many sightings in the Eastern part of the U.S. now?
    I will keep saying it; just because something is physical does not mean that it does not have some kind of contact with another realm. Every ancient civilization has stories of very physical beings that interacted with them but were not from this realm. These entities were said to have offspring with human women. The Greeks and many other civilizations believed that this type of offspring were a kind of gods because these beings had abilities far beyond what a typical human can do.
    Sure many of the stories were embellished but since all those tales had similarities even though they were cultures that never interacted with each other there would seem to be some truth to them.
    The native tribes believe that the hairy man has abilities that are both physical and also some ability to interact with the other realm. I will not call it “the spirit realm” because that makes people think of some see through entity or ghost buster type entities. That is not what that realm is about. The realm that is beyond the veil is more real than this one. This realm came from that one.
    How on earth could a creature which is that huge and that is so prevalent, even near inhabited areas, keep from being detected?

  10. David R

    local sightings.. look up the history of the actual people that lived in the area. their is so much information about these beings from the actual people that lived their before they were removed from the area.

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