May 29

SC EP:858 Paralyzed With Fear

Tonight I will be speaking to Matt and Eugene. In 1985 Matt and a friend were hiking in California. Matt said “I thought they were hikers, the man was really tall. As we got closer to where we first saw them I realized they were not hikers, whatever it was one was male and the smaller one was female.”

Eugene grew up hunting and fishing his whole life. Eugene said “I live out in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania. I have always loved the outdoors and I hunt to feed my family.” Eugene first sighting happened in 2014 while fishing with his son.






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87 Responses to “SC EP:858 Paralyzed With Fear”

      • Brian L

        Hey Steve.
        As self proclaimed ‘Amateur’ John Green proclaimed….. Either these creatures exist, or they don’t exist……
        If they DON’T exist…..then every witness is either mistaken or hallucinating, or lying.
        If they DO exist….then there’s no reason to doubt the 1000’s of credible sightings that reliable persons have reported….
        I personally have never seen a Sasquatch……but certain witnesses….specifically some who have spoke about their encounter on this podcast….have convinced me and others. I feel their testimony is enough for me to believe. Hello Claire from U.K….

    • Brian L

      Hey Ann, I’m from Northwest NJ where black bears outnumber trash cans….
      Not sure if squatches have the same preference for munching on baby diapers…

  1. Connie F

    The Sasquatch/Alien/Orb connection is very real, I wish it wasn’t. Yes, most people will not believe that to be possible and that is a good thing for you and them.

  2. Joseph K

    Is it just me or are others hearing similarities between Matt’s delivery and tone/rate of speech and the very loved and respected Dr Bindernagel? Listening to Matt brought back a familiarity of the few and precious conversations Dr Bindernagel and I carried out at the Kennewick conferences.
    Great episode Wes. Thank you for all the blood sweat and tears you pour into your craft ????????

  3. cynthia s

    What if Sasquatch is the native original humanoid and the aliens took their DNA mixed it with the Sasquatch and the creation became us? Perhaps the Sasquatches abilities to create orbs or blend in to disappear is their natural adaptation that we don’t have because it was lost with the alien hybridization that created our species. If you look at how Sasquatch lives versus how we live, they are natural and we are definitely not natural to this planet. No natural species on Earth purposely destroys its own habitat. There is something very alien about us when compared to all other species.

  4. Matthew J

    Those were 2 interesting accounts. Like Wes, I really liked Matt’s perception of what may have been going on there. Maybe Matt got a little dose of mind speak. Eugene’s last encounter really took a twist when he spoke about the orb he saw. I could see people like him to leave that part of the story out. More and more orbs being mentioned with sasquatch. Maybe they have an alternate way of travel. Maybe the orb is just a state in between 2 dimensions.

  5. STEVE W

    I think like Eugene , Thats how I was able to keep hunting , If they wanted me dead , I would be , I’m no threat to them as long as they don’t threaten my life , But its freaky to be surrounded by them and yet they snuck in unnoticed

    • Connie F

      At least research your hunting area through the 411 cluster of missing persons map and see how close to your hunting area people are disappearing. Read 411 The Hunted if you haven’t. The hunters typically disappear along with the guns they felt would protect them. Their motives may change on your next hunt.

    • Eugene Z

      Its terrifying…but I walked out n went back the next day….every time I went back I worried about it…I’m gonna hunt in the same spot this year n hope for the best…i wanna get a picture of one

  6. Daren c

    Thank you to the guests for sharing with us your incredible accounts and thanks and a shout out to Mrs Germer for raising such a trust worthy guy in Wes , I think everyone here including the guests will agree, life wouldn’t be the same without Sasquatch Chronicles!

  7. Linda B

    Oh cool!!!! We’re up and ready to roll!!! Thank you very much Wes for all your hard work and going without sleep is hard on a body, so take very good care of you for all of us, please. Thank you again, Wes!! Can’t wait to listen! 🙂 Thanks to your guest(s as well!!

  8. Linda B

    Man, Eugene….if you are able to read these posts, my heart really goes out to younfor the gear involved with seeing the creature. When you’ve had a shock like that, the stress of it is overwhelming. I am so glad younwere able to speak to Wes who is someone who really relates and understands. A lot of people in this community do too, and we all support you.

  9. m99

    @Matt ~ Wow! Isn’t it interesting that no one “thinks” Sasquatch could possibly be in their own local area woods? The Sierra Nevada? That area is famous for many encounters, as I understand. The Sasquatch were saying, move on, nothing to see here. Great encounter. Thx for sharing this with Wes.

    @Eugene ~OMGoodness! One roar and I’d be dust! I’d be praying, feet don’t fail me now, then I’d say -> run! That second one is very interesting too. It seems these beings only make sounds when they don’t care if you know they’re there. They want people to hear them more than see them. They’re watchers. They watch and hide. Thx for sharing this encounters too!

  10. Jason R

    another strong programb i think an intro of patriotic music with epic war highlights and verified samsquatch calls would take this pod cast to the. next level.

  11. Eugene Z

    thank u for yr kindness n life changed forever after the last encounter I had..its nice to have a place that people understand us…they’re an amazing humanoid..

  12. Jeffrey E

    I’ve never seen the hot dog shaped light bars. The ones I see are between the size of a beach ball and a volkswagen and are just above the trees. They don’t interact and look like a ball of light that pulses as they are heading in a particular direction.

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