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SC EP:844 Retired Detective And Former MUFON Director

The listener writes “I’m a regular listener to your podcast and find it very informative. On one of your recent shows, I believe you mentioned getting a Ufologist, Paranormal Researcher, and Cryptid Investigator together in order to compare notes on the potential similarities/ connections within all three fields.

During my tenure with MUFON, I investigated many sightings to include the abduction phenomenon. I found that many of those cases had elements of the paranormal associated with them, which intrigued me. I then began investigating the paranormal with the Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation (CPRI), also in Virginia. I’ve investigated many cases. Some involved negative entities or the “demonic”. One of these cases was featured on an episode of “A Haunting” entitled “Mark of Evil”. That was a rather serious/ horrific case that changed my life dramatically.

I’m still with that organization. However, my wife and I also started the Virginia chapter of the North American Dogman Project (NADP). We’ve been investigating Dogman/ cryptid cases for the past five years. During my research, I’ve seen some cases that have “crossover elements” to them.”






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122 Responses to “SC EP:844 Retired Detective And Former MUFON Director”

  1. Brian L

    I’m thinking….just a thought…. but Wes is slowly creeping up on the 1000th episode…perhaps ask Claire.. and others whom we all know are 100% speaking their truth to “re-tell” their story ‘again’….
    I know it’s difficult to re-live traumatic moments…..but it’s the truth.

    • Garth H

      Funny how invoking the name of Jesus can stop abductions and people still cannot make the connection.

      “Aliens” would appear to be demons who cannot withstand the power and authority of Jesus Christ.

    • m99

      Me as well La Vonne J. ~ But I get what Wes says about “most Christians”.

      To me it’s pretty simple. We are to walk in love and give an answer to the reason for our hope, as Apostle Paul writes in the epistles. There’s a little song which I dearly love. It’s called “Keep Looking at the Lord”, but is hard to locate now days. It’s real old. One verse goes, ‘Keep looking at the Lord, He’ll carry you through. He’ll take your gray skies and turn them to blue.’

      The thing is, once we get to the point where we are looking to the Lord, we (as Christians) stop interrogating “unbelievers” and just love them as they are, kinda like the Lord would do. In so many ways, that’s what Wes seems to do as well. But the latest episode ^ was very rich. The witness was a great “witness” and spoke boldly (meaning not afraid or ashamed) and genuinely (not phoney or judgmental).

      I mean, as a believer in the Anointed Messiah, I have to recall what I’m forgiven for, and try to keep my side of the road clean, if you know what I mean. All that other stuff just falls away. Keep walking. Keep looking to the Lord. 🙂

      Thanks for the information you provided above. Checking it out. Be blessed _m

  2. Augustine L

    No serious biblical scholars doubt Christ’s existence which was mentioned in some of the writings of the time even in Rome. Ask Jesus to show you the path to God.

    When you start talking about quartz crystals (the most common mineral in the planet) as having paranormal functions, we are out our depth.

  3. Brian L

    When the times become obvious lies from all sides…..when hypocrisy and greed become the standard of upper power…. when you’ve decided that there’s a side that you must be on…… if you feel contusion…..you’re almost there…..

  4. richard r

    he said, “haunted planet” never looked at it that way before but sounded true. no matter which corner of the earth you go to, there’s a ghost story. not just one but all kinds. i know there’s some we’ve never heard of before. Art Bell comes to mind ,he told some “doozies” i had no idea other people experienced hauntings till i heard some of his shows. thanks Wes for staying up late and working to bring us your show tonight.

  5. Dovie D

    I have thought of UFOs as demons for years. I also see Sasquatch and dogman as demonic. Satan is a trickster. We are living in the last days therefore these creatures will begin to make themselves known. I pray daily sometimes several times a day. I found that an interesting comment of why these creatures allow some people to see them. I wish I had not been one of them. I have seen them at least twice with other encounters and I never want to see one again. At one time I thought I did but not any more. I’m good. Great show Wes. I found this discussion very interesting in deed. ????????

  6. MONTE M

    Wes I will miss your Moms posts of support on here. I always loved seeing her support for you and it gave the shows a little extra something knowing your Mom was right there with all of us interested in the subject. Hope you are doing well.

  7. Shana K

    I wonder if the guest is aware of the dark links connecting the vatican to the ‘alien phenomenon’? That telescope is named L. U. C. I. F. E. R… Just saying.

  8. theresa m

    Wes, thanks for this show!

    I’ve heard moving through solid walls has something to do with vibration. Such an interesting show tonight. Coming away with more things to think about: haunted planet, cross-overs with elements of paranormal/cryptid/alien.

  9. Garth H


    Where in the world did you get the idea that Christ lived 3,500 years ago?

    You claim to have read the Bible, but you’re so far off on Christ’s birth, death and how our calendar works based upon his death, I have serious doubts about your claim of having read the Bible-and so will others.

  10. Ron S

    I think it’s very possible that all paranormal, alien and cryptid experiences are one in the same dark entity trying to make you feel powerless. None of these things are humble and have no qualms about altering your state of mind for reasons of basking in the spread of attention, wonderment or fear we give it…it could attach to people when they are vulnerable with an open heart or mind spirituality or emotionally and continues to torment in various ways if you accept it or feed it by acknowledging and spreading it’s word. One thing is for sure, these things like to keep you guessing. Just remember, we are more powerful…especially together ❤

  11. Linda H

    Wes – I’ve always admired your open-mind on possibilities. This is a very, very, very strange world we live in. So I was surprised about your doubts about religion. If you believe in evil existences why not believe in blessed spirits? Not being judgmental; I admit a lot of people saying this are, but I’m just curious. I be interested in hearing what you think is not possible in our world of strange-and surprising events..

    Also, you always ask what your guest speakers think Big Foot is…. I’ve heard you say several times, I hope it’s just that… (ape related geology) it makes me wonder why you say that?

    Curiously asking….. Linda

    PS Sorry if my curiosity is being too personal.

    • Wes

      I think in order to be a human who has experienced pain and heartbreak….If you do not question if Gods exists than you have never hit rock bottom. Look at what so called “Christians” responses are when you question Gods existence. They are first to present themselves as arrogant and smug. They talk down to you. I thought Christians were suppose to win souls but I see a lot of them trying to win arguments. Makes me not believe in religion. I have no time for a man telling me how to live based on his interpretation of the bible. I am trying to answer your question please take all of this at face value, you asked nicely and I am doing my best to explain myself. My point in my comment on the show was I struggle sometimes with Jesus (God) ever existing, I have only been on the planet for 40 some odd years. I do not have any answers. Having said that, maybe there is something to it because his name seems to hold authority and power. Maybe that is all the proof I need.

      I learned something very interesting the other day and I want to share it with you. The name of God, YHWH. Do you know why you cannot pronounce it like other words? Despite it does not have any vowels? The name of God is the sound of our breathing. The inhale YH and the exhale WH. That is how you pronounce Gods name. In sadness, we breathe heavy sighs. In joy, our lungs feel almost like they will burst. In fear we hold our breath and have to be told to breathe slowly to help us calm down. When we’re about to do something hard, we take a deep breath to find our courage. When I think about it, breathing looks almost like a kind of praying. You may already know this but it was new to me.

      Trust me I am searching for answers. I look into this more than you know especially with my moms passing. You are correct, in my mind saying evil exists therefore God exists. I can buy into that. Sometimes it would be easier if he just wrote in the sky “I exists.”

      • Tanner a

        Wes I’ve been a member for a couple of years now, and have never posted any comments, but after reading what you said about wondering if God exists, I have to tell you brother….I’ve hit rock bottom before, to the point of saying God you never answer my prayers, so maybe the devil will. I was raised in the church and in a Christian school, read the Bible up and down and was forced to study it. Long story short, I listen to this show for entertainment, and the wanting to believe. Do I fully believe? I’ve heard many compelling stories on here, and I’ll just say I’m open to it. But last year, my wife and I lost our son the week he was due. His umbilical cord wrapped around his neck 4 times, which we found out at the last OBGYN appointment. At that point I hated God, didn’t care if He existed or not. After all of that hate and heart break, I never felt any better. Through the next several months I started talking to God, I saw that my own anger is what caused my hatred. When I looked into my dead son’s eyes, I knew something or someone much more greater than me could ever make something so perfect as my son. I changed my outlook, and January 7th our rainbow baby, my daughter was born. We lost or won at 37 weeks and 6 days, and our daughter was born at 37 weeks and 6 days. To me, it’s no coincidence, that’s the power of God. From a lowly fan that just appreciates you and your show, thank you for what you do and how you impact regular people like me. I don’t care what you believe in or disbelieve in, I just appreciate you and your talent for talking to, and bringing people together.

        • m99

          @Tanner ~ I couldn’t help commenting after reading your heart wrenching experiences you so poignantly stated. All I really can say is I am so sorry for your loss of your beautiful boy. As well though, I must say, congratulations on the successful birth of your daughter. Thanks for sharing your open heart. Blessings_m99

      • Cristina J

        This was so beautiful and on point Wes. I question Jesus all the time too. I WANT to believe. Ppl have kept me from god and I constantly remind myself that it’s ppl not god doing the crappy things and judging. I love what u said and I’m saving it so I can read it when I need to hear something like that. Love u Wes for all u do brother

      • Johnny N

        i didnt believe for almost 40 years… then after a couple dreams I gained 100% belief.. the last dream was the numbers7 aand 3 which really gave me inspiration though before then I was asking for help to be more faithful.
        my first dream though im not sure it was a dream because I felt real discomfort and has almost a seizure when the face spoke.
        becoming a believer and a servant to God through his messiah does not mean you become perfect, but a sign that you are touched is a desire to repent from your most offensive sins.
        We have to learn to love better… Love sums up all the laws and prophets according to Jeshua.
        the chapter on love 1corinthians chapter13

  12. cynthia s

    Great show. I have an observation, there are people who state they don’t believe in a God or doubt his existence but then go on to state they believe in the paranormal. They believe in hauntings, demons or demonic possession. In my logical brain looking at it, how can you believe in paranormal and not believe in God? The two don’t mix. If there is no God, then there cannot exist a spirit realm. To believe in ghosts, you have to believe in life after death or there could not be a “spirit”. To believe in demons you would have to believe in Satan because demons are the angelic creations of Satan or other fallen angels like Satan. And you can’t believe in Satan if you don’t believe in a God. Because in all cases, in all religions that believe in Satan, he is a creation of God. If you are an atheist, you are going to believe in a scientific, biological aspect of life and it will not include, spiritual creatures. Alien life would be possible because if life started here, it no doubt has started on other planets. But spirits and demons? That takes a belief in a spiritual world and thus a Creator. Am I crazy in thinking this way? You can’t say you see a cake, smelled it baking and also believe there wasn’t a baker. Nothing comes from nothing.

  13. m99

    Wow. What a great episode Wes! I enjoyed the guests ability to clarify the Nephilim theory aspect of this phenomenon. That’s what I like about you Wes. You don’t have to agree on certain things, but remain open and curious in learning others points of view. Good Job. I can not wait for the second part. But, this one will be listened to again when we have dinner tonight. Well done. _m

  14. Terran S

    I beiieve it was John Keel who wrote ‘Our Haunted Planet,’ many years ago. He also wrote ‘The Mothman Prophecies. Your guest reminded me of him in many respects. Perhaps we look at things in a very black and white manner……’it is neither for you or against you in some respects, it just is. Enjoyed the show very much, like the wider perspective on all of this.

  15. STEVE W

    11 minute mark,,, Allister Crowley drew what he seen during his rituals, I forgot the demons name,, But He drew what we now call alien grays,,, So it makes sense to me that the name Jesus runs them off, Sabe also react to the name Jesus, So I have no doubt Dog man would as well,

  16. STEVE W

    38 min,,, Its not the prayer is some kind of top secret, Its the INTENT,, Like to admit it or not, Angels are on stand by, The only hatred Angels have is for the dark entity’s,, The bible explains that Angels are to serve man, enforce spiritual rules and are more than happy to help, One day I hope to serve or at the least thank those that has saved my bacon face to face,
    If that lady was dabbling in the dark, And most likely was, She was asking for trouble and thats why angels stepped aside and let that entity keep attacking her as punishment, That entity had a claim over her for some reason, Once she was broken down. And was surrounded by caring people with the INTENT to help her and knew only God could, The angels was released to come and help her,
    And everyone around her was left with no doubt that God and angels are real

  17. David D

    I recommend not ever using the North American Dogman project. If you even happen to do a podcast and they somehow find out you’re around about location, they will go door to door bothering as many people as possible till they find your property and show up uninvited and go on to your land without your permission. Everybody that’s had to deal with these people have been extremely disappointed to say the least. Some have gotten really pissed off. That one’s one of my buddies that I talk to that has a whole host of crap going on and these assholes showed up uninvited start s*** up and made it worse. All of these organizations are so selfish and really don’t give a s*** about the witness. Since he’s the original creator maybe he needs to get a handle on his people or maybe it was even him.

    • STEVE W

      That sucks to read, The ones who ran into whats supposed to be a fairy tale is who people need to worry about and help, It screws your head up badly. Unfortunately people want to be the one who proves they are real, NO one will ever fully prove they are real, One is not going to come out to pose for pictures or give an interview. These beings are on a diffrent level. Humans like to think they are smart. But when dealing with the spirit world, We are infants. Prayers to your friend,

    • m99

      @David D ~ And perhaps you could send him (the guest) an email to talk about all that, not on Wes’ site. Seems demeaning to the host, just sayin’. Plus, that’s just not like you. I’ve never seen anything negative from you. And don’t let me upset you with this. I’m a member too. Just kinda protective of Wes.

    • David D

      I don’t think it’s the name Jesus that means anything I feel it’s the emotion and thought behind whatever spiritual belief said person subscribes to. If they wholeheartedly believe and that it’s a positive belief then the affect will be the same. It’s the good vibes theory. Whatever makes you feel strong, use it.

  18. STEVE W

    I was commenting as I was listening, Thats why this is the 3rd post, Thank you Wes for bringing him on, He helped in re enforcing many of my beliefs, Some you even share, Very good show, Hope to him more from him,, Its my belief we all have a spiritual journey we must take. We must decide what is real or not, Our 6th guides us, Its extremely important that people trust the 6th at all times, even if you cannot prove a warning at the time, When it comes to the bible realize this, Man decided what we get to read, Not God, Humans suck, They want to dominate everything and by any means, I have no doubt much of the bible is real, But man told us what was written, And they left out a book everyone should read or listen too, Enoch, That answered many of my questions, It might not yours,
    My spiritual path has lead me to know death is not final, That earth was created, Its too perfect, There is a veil and evil runs from the name Jesus, I also had a NDE at 18, I know what we call angels are real. I realize dreams can also be real,,,

  19. Timothy M

    Haven’t even listened yet. But looking forward to it tonight. Outstanding effort Wes. I heard you got heavy snow up your way yesterday. At least I think it was up there.
    Anyway, good to branch out with these other stories from credible people.

  20. Linda B

    Hey Wes. We need to talk. I just typed this very loving comment about Jesus to you, my finger slipped and it all got erased. Something or someone doesn’t want you to know what I know. My phone number is in my membership records. Please call me and I will copy and paste this note to your cell phone and text you.. God bless.

  21. Janet N

    A lady the other night on the podcast said the Sasquatch or whatever was turning the door knob, also stopped when she started praying. I’m a Jesus girl, I’ll be praying for sure if I ever see one these things!

  22. Heather r

    The Dead Sea Scrolls have been recognized for generations as one of the most convincing methods of proof of Jesus’ existence, both historically and theologically. Because they date back so closely to the time of Christ, they are all the more solidified as honest records of the Hebrew Bible.

  23. Janice K

    Jesus is real. His name sends nefarious characters running. I know because I have called on his name and they went away.
    We know that cryptids are real. Yet, we are laughed at.
    We who know that Jesus is real are laughed at too.
    But His name, Jesus, can stop frightening things – in their tracks.
    I’ve experienced it. You can’t unexperience the fact that saying or thinking the name of Jesus stopped invasive creatures from attacking you. Be they flesh and blood or spirit, if their intent is harm, calling on Jesus stops them. And you don’t have to say His name out loud, you can say it in your mind. Do not be afraid. We have no reason to fear. We are deeply loved and saved by God’s love which is so very strong and forgiving. John 3:16

    • Debbie S

      Absolutely Janice…you can’t unlearn or unknow what you have experienced. I used to say that to my son several years ago when he was struggling on his spiritual journey. He would say, “but why mom, why do you believe this”. He was angry with God at the time and truthfully I would have been too in his shoes. I think part of that anger comes from fear. Fear that we might actually be alone with no help. I know deep in that fear/anger it is very hard to grasp the concept of God. It’s defensive in other words. Kinda like when we as kids would get our feelings hurt in some situation and say, “Well…fine…I’ll just go home, I don’t want to play with you either.” Type situation. Does that make sense? I told my son then that I had certainly had doubtful, angry moments when I doubted God but all my experiences were impossible to forget, impossible to duplicate and I had gotten to the point that to deny God would be the height of idiocy. I am alive today because the name of Jesus has unbelievable power. I have experienced situations that SHOULD have killed me and had witnesses to their occurrence. One such incident pretty much made an instant believer out of my sister who witnessed it. After she could breathe again and speak, all she could say was, “Thank God you know the power of the name of Jesus or we would both be dead.” I hope this made sense…

  24. Elizabeth D

    Another excellent interview with a knowledgeable expert who is a great conversational partner with you., Wes. Although I equally love the eyewitness accounts of experiencers, I’m very much enjoying your newer shows that reflect your own position that all of these things are connected in some way. Our human ancestors have been telling us that in song, story, and drawing for thousands of years, and you are bringing this quashed information back to us through the most iconic human method of all–storytelling.

  25. Michele C

    extremely thought provoking show , I enjoy the bigfoot only witness accounts shows and how sasquatch chronicles is willing to explore other genre such as UFO and paranormal accounts . Diversity keeps things interesting.

  26. Nigel R

    Great show! From one multi-dimensional being to another, this world isn’t real. The stuff’s not made of stuff. J-Zeus, that name is a combination of the Roman ‘Jupiter’ and Greek ‘Zeus’, the two names for the ruler of Pieces. The age that started 2000 years ago. That’s why the Christians use the symbol of a fish. When the sun is in Pisces, the full moon that happens is in the opposite sign, Virgo. Born of a virgin. And what did he feed them with? Bread (Virgo holds a sheath of wheat) and Fishes, Pisces. It’s an allegory, a parable. The lord of Pisces. So what did J-Zeus say? “Have I not said that you are gods; you all SUNS of the most high”. The light of the world, the animator, you. Amen, do you know what that word means? It’s an Egyptian word, there are no vowels in the old Egyptian. It can be pronounced A-moon, A-man, Am-in, A-men. Forever and ever. You’re consciousness, your, sun. Eternal. So anyway, there’s these two nuns go into a pub…

  27. Evelyn L

    I have heard several people say that they went through a wall as they were being abducted. Wives have seen it happen to their husbands. That is “paranormal” in my way of thinking. I l have seen poltergeist activity in a house I once lives in. I once saw a large mirror that was bolted to the wall start banging back and forth on the wall. I heard it first. Then turned and looked and saw it the movement continued for a couple of moments. I was terrified at the time I knew nothing about “paranormal.” I had experiences as a child and up to that day with an entity that would enter my room at Ishtar but had no idea what it was. I had informed my parents when I was about 4 years old and was told that I was just dreaming

  28. Stiles H

    Wes, I’m with you on your beliefs. Just read through these posts. Any sane person will be turned off by the injection of religion into this subject. Folks, I can’t tell if your all being serious about things like Satan making your fingers slip off the keyboard, but it concerns me for your psychological well being. Just listen to yourselves. The topic of Sasquatch will never be taken seriously after this kind of crap. As someone who has witnessed the thing and is trying to convince other folks that it is indeed a real phenomenon, it pisses me off.

  29. Evelyn L

    There is really no sense in trying to explain the impossible to people who do not want their comfortable view of reality disturbed. The few times I have tried to explain what has happened to me and what I have seen and experienced showed me the mind’s inability to receive what is abnormal. It does not compute in their minds. I experienced “the impossible” from the time I was about 4 years old until I was in my 20s and there is no way I could tell anyone how or why. There are entities from another realm that somehow manage to interact with human beings. They seem to do the impossible. There is no way you will ever convince me that these things come from a galaxy far far away. I believe all of these things are interconnected and have been around for a very long time. They seem to preform the impossible.
    In this country we have “haunted” houses, UFOs, and cryptids although cryptids of of one kind or another are reported all over the world. Science can deny it all but it does not change the facts. These various types of entities seem to choose their victims usually. Everyone else they leave alone. Obviously these entities, of various kinds, do not want to be seen on the corporate owned news media. They seem content to scare the occasional human being out of their minds here and there.
    I do think that some of these strange encounters of various kinds are increasing though. At first I thought it was just because of social media that the reports seemed to increase but just the fact that cryptids are being seen in areas where they were never seen before tends to make me believe that there is an increase. UFO sightings seem to be a regional thing. I do believe that all of it is connected in some way and that is disturbing as well. The fact that some of these things seem to be collecting genetic materials should be concerning to everyone who is aware of that fact.

  30. Connie F

    You may get some insight if you record in the area you are seeing orbs and cryptids. My indoor SimpliSafe camera picked up a static noise as a large number of orbs entered the house at once…and they were captured on a video of the room. Voices were also recorded. I heard a child clearly say “why can’t they see me.”

  31. Lisa H

    Thank u Wes I think we need to stay open in our beliefs bc it’s possible we don’t have all the information we need to know for sure about the paranormal This is the best podcast Wes keep up the hard work & Thank u for tolerating all these different points from the listeners & guests

  32. Jan F

    You Can not bellive in evil forceres and evil beigens like demons and stuff whitout also bellive in GOD.
    Many have not Read the hole bible,but yet have an apinion about the book.
    There is pure GOOD and pure EVIL.
    A bible verse tell this! :stay away from me!
    And the souls say to the Lord ….but Lord have we not cast out demons in you name?
    And Lord says stay away from me,for i have never known you!.

    WOW imagine that.and thats what we see i tv today.lots af people Playing ghostbuster.
    The bible very clerly tells that you May not talk to the dead or have something to do whit other people who do.

    Do any remember the story about GODs people walking in the Desert in 40years?
    That was they was told to take thos City GOD have promis Them.
    But they was afreid,and sendt Scott out first to see.
    So they had no faith in GODs word,amd insted. Had to Walk for 40years in the Desert.

    And what do we see today the vatican calling him self for father….and great leders from all over the World COME to him and kisses his ring. And they Call the vicar of GOD.and have give Them self a krone.

    Remember necromans and talk to the dead is a NO GO!!!

    But FINALY we had a show about UFOs and sasquatch and demons.

    The reason many dont want to Read the hole bible is…its like a MIRROR to your self.you Will Read things were you say oohhh no that am guilty in.
    But i tell you that book is ALIVE
    And we are all sinners and there are very very good news in that HOLY BOOK.

    Go on youtube and listen to Howard storm.
    He was an ateist,but died in a french hospital.and came back totaly as a change man. Those the (50 min)
    Then you wil get the story in your heart.

  33. Jan F

    The GOOD news are there is a simple Way out.am simple Way HOME.
    Bellive in the most High ..and what he promised you.
    Read just a page or two a Day ..thats your dayily bread

    I have a saying…a little Walk in the Dark…is a looooooong Way HOME

  34. Cindy R

    Great show Wes. Thank you. I love them expertise and background of your research guests as well as many of the guests you feature. the universe is vast and we know so little. It would be presumptuous to assume we know it all.

    • Cathy S

      Good show. I’ve been present during demonic exorcism. I’m a Christian. You don’t have to be Catholic to perform an exorcism. Just be in love with Jesus. He gives us the power thru the Holy Spirit to cast out demons in His name. I agree that somehow they are related to the nephillim. We ate living in the last days and the closer we get to the tribulation the more these demons will try to deceive us. That’s why we need God’s decernment to know between good and evil. Another topic that is interesting is the shroud of Turin. They have proven its authentic. Wes, Jesus is real and He loves you very much.

  35. Carol W

    Loved this episode and so much agree! And great testimony too, from so many here. I don’t think the guest said anything I don’t agree with as a Christian. These various “things”–UFOs, bigfoot, dogman, entities–recognize, respect, and fear the name and presence of Jesus Christ. I appreciate your feelings, Wes, we’ve all had doubts at times. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t, as we see such evil in the world. What perfect timing to offer us this during Easter time. I look forward to Part 2 and plan to look this guest up to see his other offerings. Thank you, Wes, your shows are the best! Keep searching, and you will find in the end. I’m praying for you, GOD bless.

  36. John P

    Hello Wes, I subscribe to your program and enjoy it. I think your sharp and very much enjoy your show. I’m in Oil and Gas and your program was a nice treat while sitting in a man camp in the middle of the Saudi Desert, now offshore Gulf of Mexico. With all of this said I have a comment and a bone to pick with you. You mentioned something near the beginning of this presentation which was a really good show. You said that they have very little evidence that Jesus even existed, (C,mon Man) like they say on ESPN, they have had atheist and Muslim scholars set out to disprove his existence and could not. On the contrary their is tremendous evidence Jesus existed and is who he said he is. I am certainly not a bible thumper but this horse has been kicked for several thousand years and he lived and walked around on this planet. A recommendation maybe if you have time it is worth the read. ‘ The Case for Christ” by Lee Strobel an atheist reporter who set out to disprove Jesus’ existence and he became a saved Christian. Thanks again, great show.

  37. Mary H

    I was woken one night by something touching my shoulder, there was nobody there but I felt a really creepy heavy sensation.
    Automatically I found myself saying the Lord’s Prayer and the entity left and never returned.

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