Apr 3

SC EP:842 Seeing Is Believing

Will writes “A childhood friend and I were scouting places to conceal a turkey blind in a very inaccessible location in northwest Alabama.

Having taken a 4 wheel drive in, then unloading 4 wheelers, and then again having to abandon those to walk where we wanted to be gives you an idea how deep we decided to go. Approximately 2 miles in on foot a large rock landed directly between my friend and I.

We both looked at each other thinking the same thing, someone is messing with us. However the we also thought the other unnerving thing, no one knows we’re here and no one is anywhere close. Approximately 30 minutes later and about another mile in I caught the second rock in mid air out of my periphery before it hit.

I immediately turned my head in the direction I thought it came and there that big bastard was. Only 70-80 feet away, no more than 30 yards.”





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83 Responses to “SC EP:842 Seeing Is Believing”

    • James H

      That’s funny but I live on the warrior river in oak grove Al. And it’s driving me nuts because I know this guy. I know that voice but I just can’t put a face with it lol.

    • Stephen C

      I’ll go with you , to be honest think you’d have better luck in Bankhead I love pretty close to the area not sure if you can get to where he was exactly anymore

    • Stephen C

      Let’s go I’m not to far from that area I live off I-22 been looking for some one to get scared with , I think we would have a better shot up in Bankhead that place is Jurassic park, I know from talking with different researchers there’s several clans and heard of a couple of rouge males

  1. Jeremiah S

    Wes, even as interesting as these accounts we get with new details and experiences. I find it hard not to see your guests just as interesting, Will. I liked the guy and sounded like a real spitfire with determination. I really enjoyed how his story is unfolding. Looking forward to part 2. Great job Wes and thanks for sharing Will! Oh one thing Will, fantastic answer to Wes’s final question.

  2. Colleen C

    This is West of Birmingham I think. I feel like I know this guy but cannot put my finger on it! I would’ve graduated HS the same year as Will & then went to college at University of South Alabama…Wonder if Will played ball at USA?

  3. Chuck C

    Will and Wes thanks for a great episode. Will’s talk of the static electrical feeling and Wes’s talk of “something is off” feeling is clearly something unique to these things. Looking forward to part 2!

  4. Matthew J

    By going over to where the creature stood and not seeing it, yet he felt static electricity, I would not be surprised if he was standing very close by. Just can’t see it. Many people claim they have seen the damn things vanish. For a long time, I didn’t believe it vanishing by knowing how fast they are and how they can hit the ground instantly. At this point, I think they do this with tech we don’t have yet. At least not publicly.

  5. squatch

    Heck of a show here made possible by your amazing guest. This gentleman was absolutely fantastic…. clear, concise, & incredibly bright/well educated.

    I would have been scared to death & would have likely pissed myself on the spot if i saw something like that.

    I was lucky enough to visit Northern Alabama recently and it was shocking just how beautiful & scenic it was. Lush vegetation/thick green canopies & elevation changes everywhere – i could easily understand why the state is allegedly crawling with these creatures.

    I would like to thank this gentleman for being brave enough to share his truth/honesty with the rest of us. God bless you sir.

    Wes – my deepest condolences for your loss. Your beloved mom is our hearts and prayers – as are you and your entire family. God bless you brother.

  6. Roy F

    I don’t know where Wes got that opening theme music, but it really builds the tension that something big is about to happen. Where can I hear that whole 911 call and hear the story behind it. I understand Sasquatch killed another dog of his a day or 2 earlier. You can hear in this preview that he calls his other dog back, worried it would also be killed.

    • Daren c

      Do as search of episodes and put in The 911 call and it will come up as the first result, it’s just a few minutes long , but an incredible few minutes for sure.

  7. richard r

    like the music too Wes at the end its kind of like watching a movie with popcorn and at the end the credits are rolling with the music and everything. thanks man.

  8. Tracy L

    I laugh whenever I hear people say that if they exist, then why aren’t they detected? Ummm, this podcast’s 800+ episodes show that they are being detected.

  9. Russell B

    I am 71 years old born and raised in east central Alabama
    I will have to disagree with this man about no where to lost in Alabama. Apparently he has never been in the Taladega National Forest. It ranges all the way from the Northeast to the Southwest sections of Alabama. I’ve hunted all over the north eastern section many times in my life. I stopped hunting in 1994 when I had something pace me down the road just inside the wood line. Never will forget the fear I had at that time. 69% or 23 million acres are covered in forest in the state of Alabama. So yeah we are a heavily forested state.

    • Stephen C

      Don’t think he’s ever went off the beaten path in bank head forest either there’s places man has never stepped foot in that place doesn’t take long to get lost out there , rescue are always having to go in and find people who get lost you have to pay attention to where you are going doesn’t take long to get turned around in there especially after it’s greened up

  10. L. Oriana S

    Excellent guest. I believe him about the electrical frequency these things sometimes put off….makes sense that anyone who has experienced it can recognize when it happens again.

  11. Louis P

    Ive heard of this electricity phenomenon before with these creatures.. Like they can manipulate the electric field somehow . If this is true, that might explain why they always seem to know where cameras are, even when they are hidden. That could also be the reason why people have the batteries on their cameras or phone drained, or stop working all together, all of sudden. Even after they are fully charged. Just throwin that out there . ya never know tho.

    just moved to north eastern alabama too so i was excited for this one. I looked up the rivers he was talking about. They run too long to be able to know exactly where the encounter occured. Im curious whether its still remote like he described, or ifs been built up. Id guess its somewhere between an hr and an hr and a half away from where im at.

    …Best show ever!

  12. Kelly S

    Hey Wes! Do you know when you are going to restock merchandise? I tried buying the mugs (both colors, too) and the hat. Thank you, in advance! I’ve been a member for two years and ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE SHOW!!! You are such a great guy. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication! ????

  13. Jo B

    That’s an incredible experience, I would have been terrified,
    Perhaps the Sasquatch feels your emotion and wanted to be nice to you after scaring you so much , so he fixed the truck bumper , what a gent he even left flowers!

  14. Andrew A

    Great encounter….I feel ya with the 8-9 years of poor choices after baseball…I too had what I call Defeated Athlete Syndrome and it is a very lonely place. Now I have a 16 year old with a golden arm who puts 0% effort into getting better and it drives me crazy….I’m not living my dream through him but wish he would understand God only gives us a few talents and to waste it is a lifetime of regret.

    Anyway, the encounter was the only one I’ve heard to have an effect physically that is tapped into. I’m not a physicist but “portal” comes to mind. I hope you find your answers because knowing you were a next level ball player it’s not something you’ll stop searching for answers for and you won’t stop until you get them. I can relate to not knowing an answer and becoming consumed with finding it. It’s like a pit bull and a rope….you almost have to be physically severed from the object before you’ll let go.

    I wish you luck but not sure if the goal is attainable. I believe sometimes we have to be satisfied with our own intuition and leave it alone if we are ever going to find peace. You deep down know the answer and I’m afraid that is as close as you’re ever going to get….but may be wrong!

    Good luck and thanks for your truth!

    • Ron S

      As Wes use to say often “be careful what you wish for”…it’s totally true.
      Before I started having encounters with strange and sometimes scary things 7 years ago I had a pretty successful life by most peoples standards, but I was making bad choices for myself out of ignorance and it put me on a path of depression. I began blaming others and myself for my circumstance. I started viewing life as a very mundane and repetitive existence on a daily basis that no longer cared for…like a rollercoaster with no stopping it or way off…I didn’t care for money or material objects or having something to brag about, I’ve always felt humble and modest, and even when I didn’t feel it I at least acted the part.
      I’ve always made due with less or lesser quality things. I wanted life to be filled with wonder and new exciting ideas and inspiration like when I was kid growing….how it was like unlocking mysteries, but in my reality it became dull and full of bad people just looking to prey upon the innocent. In a state of blame and anger cast in all directions I wished life was more mysterious and interesting again. That was the night I saw something that was likely demonic…it’s been a veritable box of chocolates of the paranormal and supernatural experiences ever since and not always the kind of experiences that make you feel comfortable by any means.
      It’s like the monkeys paw or a genie in a lamp/bottle so-to-speak. Sometimes you think you should’ve wished more precisely or even never wished at all..but from my own experience and thinking on it over the years I believe the best results come from wishing for something when you yourself are in a good selfless place in your heart…when wickedness is attached to a wish you never know who or what may be getting your messages and happy to oblige the request in one way or another and at at what price.
      From everything good in my heart I wish anyone reading this a little less pain and a little more joy in their life so that they too can pass it on to others.

  15. Charles R

    Been to NE Alabama numerous times. Very Forested and certainly a Sasquatch haven. Also am considering this area to retire to for a warmer climate than SW Ohio, lakes to fish, and property to buy, next to a forest. I get that you want to come face to face with a Sasquatch Will, I would like to also, although it does scare me just thinking about it. I have been within 50 once and 10 feet another, but I was indoors, and both times quite scared. I too pitched college ball and it was a huge disappointment to realize my dream of going further was not going to happen, probably a consequence of pitching too many innings in the cold weather of Michigan, and the study of Kinesiology was just getting started in the mid 1970s. I hope you get your face to face Will. Several years ago, Bob Gimlin stated he would love for this to happen to him and to try and communicate. I think this is a noble undertaking.

  16. David J

    Although I now live in Missouri, I’m from Alabama. I know exactly where this occurred. I grew up not far from where this occurred. I’ve been in those woods a lot. My only criticism is that he under represents the amount of forested acreage in Alabama. There are areas that go decades in-between times a human being in those areas.

  17. Robert M

    very interesting how the creature was able to disappear and after feeling the static electricity, is it possible the sasquach have the ability to use more brain power then us people can? , was the static electricity feeling the result of the sasquach going through a portal ? , is it possible that somehow sasquach can harness magnetic fields to do this ? , nobody knows but it sure is interusting, thanks wes , keep em coming.

  18. Justin F

    Will, thanks man! I can really relate with your outlook on this phenomenon! Super cool to listen to your experience on SASQUATCH CHRONICLES!!! Don’t give up, never settle.

  19. Ron S

    Just to give a possible piece to Wills puzzle even though I’m not in the South. I Was with my fiance at a river 5 or so years ago fishing on the lower part of a bank down in some ferns. After she’d got done shooting a wrist rocket I’d just bought her at some trees (yeah I realize now it made a knocking sound). When she was done shooting she sat in a folding chair behind me and higher up the bank a few feet and started reading a book. We heard a twig snap expecting to see a deer or animal, we both looked and saw nothing, then there was a second snap…I didn’t see anything at first but I could see her out of my peripheral vision and it took her a couple extra seconds to lift her head from reading and look…as she raised her head as if on a string attached to whatever this was, a massive verticle amount of grey hair with white tips curtained out from behind a 10-12″ poplar tree 20-30 yards away. The amount of hair I saw was dang near the with of the tree it was behind and covered the entire 3′ height I could see from my location between the top of the ferns and the bottom of the mixed tree canopy, and it only made sense it was only a portion of it…she never saw anything.
    I can only guess it had its attention on only her and was ducking out of her line of sight but came directly into my view…the most unnerving thing is that it seemed too impossibly big to ever fit behind that tree…I logically should’ve seen both sides of it sticking out from the tree in the first place. It wasn’t an animal hanging on or climbing around the tree, my mind was racing through every possible animal/animals and rational explanation in a matter of seconds from thousands of hours of being in the woods and I had nothing. Up to that point I had never seen anything with fur or hair or that size, type or color before…and years later after rehashing it over in my mind time and time again I still have no “rational” answers. The only thing I can come up with is that some people can’t or aren’t allowed to see certain things, or the beings aren’t allowed to show themselves or affect certain people as to alter their life choices or destiny…either way, since that experience (which I consider my first sasquatch) I full on saw, smelled or heard at least 2 more in recent years and had one sitting across the creek from me just this past fall 2021..all of them had either different size, hair or skin color…but I haven’t ruled out it being just one thing that has the ability to manipulate any of your senses however it chooses or is allowed to. I’ve seen too much strangeness every year since it all started happening to me around 2014-15 that I can’t rule out anything at this point.
    So just to confirm a fraction of the “rabbit hole” I even recently found a loaded handgun that was used in an attempted tragedy and thrown into the swampy end of a lake in the sticks and muck, with no definite direction or distance…I feel like something guided me to the right spot and as I stood knee deep in the lake wearing my waders a sudden intuitive voice urged me to put my hands in the water…logically I thought finding it was pointless and frankly kind of gross and scary because it was over half deep in muck and dead branches, and who knows if there’s a snapping turtle down there, not to mention dangerous if my movement in the water would cause one of the sticks to fire the weapon confirmed to have one in the chamber and saftey off. The whole idea of looking suddenly seemed like a bad idea…..then something happened (outside of my own thoughts?) like a voice, not in words per-say but you knew exactly what it said and wanted (best I can describe it) I immediately followed instruction without question…I literally put my hands in the water through the sticks and muck and the first thing my hands found before touching the bottom of the lake was the weapon on my very first try…with no electronics nothing my hands went right to it like a magnet …it shocked both myself and the person with me as you couldn’t have found this thing in under a minute inside a bathtub of this mess, let alone the end of a lake….and that wasn’t the first time something like that happened to me. Yeah, I don’t get it myself but maybe finding that gun prevented something bad from happening in the future…I’d like to think that.
    I feel really fortunate to have occasional experiences that are backed up by witnesses for my own peace of mind, as the strange things are really hard to wrap your head around.

  20. Trey

    Great episode Wes and Will. Loved every minute of it. Hey Wes, we’re getting a little older now. Cant build things and take a beating like we could when we were in our 20’s so it slow. Hell I hurt myself sleeping the other night somehow so ya. But keep up the good work buddy.

  21. William D

    I feel sad for the sasquatch. What this man telling the story ASSUMED as being ready to kill him was probably misinterpreted. Remember he was in utter fear and didn’t act rationally. If the sasquatch wanted to kill him he would have done it a lot earlier. The man would have never known what hit him. Very sad indeed. But I wasn’t there, so I can’t judge.

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