Mar 11

SC EP:836 Sounds With Jim Sherman

Jim Sherman is a High School Teacher who searches for Sasquatch. Jim says “I had an experience when I was camping with my father. I was terrified of being out in the woods alone after dark. I started to really investigate the subject of Sasquatch.

Jim has captured some of the best Sasquatch audio. I will be playing some of Jim’s audio. We will discuss capturing the audio and Jim’s insight on this subject.

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83 Responses to “SC EP:836 Sounds With Jim Sherman”

      • Linda P

        I believe the Ohio howl type howl is an announcement for sure..either territory or mating. I made this howl about 11pm on a private property near Mio Michigan. IT WAS excellent as it carried quite a distance. About 3 hours later we recieved an angry sounding visitor huffing and growling around the yard.Three of us were sleeping in our cars only two of us woke up and heard it..eventually it left. Upon checking my digital recorder i had left in a pine tree , I discovered it had walked right by as i could hear heavy breathing and unhappy growling….perhaps it was unhappy that it could not find the 11pm caller?

  1. Nigel R

    That was a great show. Some crazy sounds he’s recorded.
    I could fake some of those, boosting certain frequencies, stretching and layering samples. The Thinker-Thunker sonic visualiser spectrogram videos however, no idea how to fake those. You should have him on too Wes!

    • Steve W

      NIGEL R…I wouldn’t BEGIN to minimize JIM SHERMAN’S recordings. It’s frankly REFRESHING to have such an enthusiastic person on …. without trying to make negative comments such as “fake, stretching, layering,”
      Give him a freakin’ break, boy. We should be so lucky to have more speakers like him…

      • Nigel R

        Steve W I wasn’t accusing him of faking I’m just pointing out that you could record yourself shouting in a room and make it sound like you’re a 1/4 mile away with a couple of guitar pedals. Or take say a woman screaming, fade in an elephant trumpeting, bit of chorus, harmonizer, reverb. That’s going to sound pretty crazy.

        • Nigel R

          Using budget editing software, a complete novice could pitch-shift a womans scream to sound like a man. Or a lion roar to sound like a guinea pig. You can also time-stretch a scream to last several minutes. It would sound completely real.
          Now, like I said, I’ve watched the Thinker-Thunker sonic visualiser spectrogram videos and I’m at a complete loss as to how they could be faked with the techniques I just described. To my mind they couldn’t, but hey I could be wrong.

          • Thomas H

            Thanks…….faked, can be faked, wouldn’t know how to fake and a technique on faking. Excellent, interesting and thank you… joke. Now I’m going to listen to this episode and what I will not be faking is I’ll be entertained for a bit.

  2. Connie F

    Start with 4 game cameras in different areas where there are vocalizations. Get them on trees by 3 pm. Set all the game cameras to 10 second time-lapse mode, highest quality setting and let them run until the card gets full, the batteries run out, or if you are lucky, some will make it until dawn. You should end up with over 8,000 pictures per night from 4 cameras. Invest in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. Use Lightroom to preview. From 3pm until dusk, you may at least get head shots, because the camera is taking a picture every 10 seconds regardless and they may slip up because they are curious. When it is fully dark and the cameras switch over to infrared, you may capture light anomalies, eye shine, and you will know what animals are in the area that could be possibly making the sounds you capture on audio. Labor intensive, but 8,000 plus chances to capture a picture is better than a camera set to trigger on motion only and you get deer and raccoons all night. Worked for me.

    • Tim K

      I don’t know if you got my reply, Connie but I sure would like to see your photos?? would you mind sharing them with me? I give you my word I wouldn’t post them or even forward them to others, I’m just very curious on the subject and sure would like to see some photos from another squatch hunter if you don’t mind.
      thanks Tim
      Let me know if that’s OK and I will send you my number or e- mail which ever would be easier for you.
      ThNks again for the possible opportunity to see a real squatch, you sound like you have been working on getting a good photo for some time know and I would just like to congratulate you on your success weather your willing to share or not. Good Job!!

  3. m99

    “…being an amature audio guy, you know, with the podcast…” ~ Seriously Wes? (Haven’t you been doing this for about 8 years now, since November 2014? please correct me if that’s wrong. When would you think you might be a ‘professional’? I know you’re maintaining a humble demeaner, but don’t you think it’s time to call a spade a spade, and accept the obvious fact that you are a professional broadcaster?

    What a good episode. Thanks to Jim who was honest, open and clear about what he does, or doesn’t do or know. The only qualm I have with the program is Wes’ remarks about what he thinks the creatures aren’t. I wish he could be clearer as to what he thinks they are. But, good job, of course, as always. Thanks Wes.

  4. Gabriel H

    Jim’s recordings have been an inspiration to me as a Michigan researcher, and I have spent the last few years trying to track those squelches down. I may have been near one that was making the whistle-howl in Isabella Co. while I was in Roscommon a couple years ago, but I’m more often around those Metroparks and have some of my own recordings from across the Huron River while camping at one of them. 2 out of 3 times I heard and/or recorded whoops, knocks, and tree snaps while trying to sleep out there. Unfortunately there were a lot of insects chirping all night, as well as the sound of water flowing, so I’m working on cleaning those recordings up. I do have a somewhat clear recording of a squatch and/or Native American spirits() howling and chanting from the source of the Huron River in a more northwestern Metropark.

    • Charles R

      Huron River, most interesting, especially since it passes through and around the largest population center (although on the outskirts, mostly) of Michigan. Washtenaw County certainly has had a high amount of sightings and encounters, and Jim was right about things happening around the forest areas around Detroit Metro Airport. I had my one and only sighting in Roscommon County, around 1976, opening day of deer season which would be Nov. 15. Our group of my Father and Uncles and cousins hunted the Nine Mile Swamp area east of Houghton Lake and had for many years, going back to the 1920s with my Grandfather. Best of luck on your Sasquatch endeavors, Gabriel.

  5. Linda B

    Very late post. Finally made it home from mom’s and she is better. Praying for your mom, Wes.
    As I was staying at moms this past week and we are talking audios tonight (moms being a potential seasonal habitation site for the big guy, mostly in March every year), I had three separate what I would call warning shots fired. I mean, one morning it was a single loud whistle when I opened the back door of my moms house, the next morning a single Bob White or quail bird cry (only one), hehe, and the other one was one late afternoon on a cold windy day last week I heard an owl, again only one who-who, who who. Which was lone, a bit odd sounding like a whoop instead of a woo towards the end of the call. I’d say a “throaty” owl, lol. I’m like, right. Not fooling me . I went in the house, cutting short my laps around the big yard I was making for exercise. I told mom, I came in when I heard that and she said, I don’t blame you.
    Great show, Wes!!! Loved the audios. They were incredible recordings . Jim did a great job.

    • Timothy D

      Will keep your mom, and other moms who’ve been spoken of in the SC community, in my prayers during the week to come. Glad you’re doing well Linda,????????
      Best wishes to you and to your fine husband, during the week to come. Tim

  6. Andrew A

    How about putting a tracking device, one very very tiny, in an apple. Sasquatch swallows and you follow….why hasn’t this ever been brought up? You can’t tell me there isn’t a tiny tracker durable enough to be put in an apple…..if it’s cost Wes can pay for it he has to be banking by now….:)

  7. Andrew A

    We are all Sasquatch with alien manipulated DNA. The aliens came down, grabbed a few Sasquatch, cross bred their DNA or other DNA they took from another species from another planet and made human beings. Pretty elementary and nobody can debunk my theory….not even Einstein could….my story and sticking to it…lol!

  8. Blake B

    I love you Wes but the whole light and orb thing is getting ridiculous. Immediately loses credibility. Every episode HAS to mention them now and it is cringey to hear. I understand that you keep an open mind but this sort of talk is baseless madness.

  9. theresa m

    Thanks, Wes and Jim. Amazing audio and especially enjoyed the turkey sound. Woh! Jim, you were a refreshing listen. Keep being you. Wes, prayers for your dear mom.

  10. Tracy L

    I wish that the people he brings with him would not talk when he is recording sounds. You can’t tell who is talking when the lady interrupts. If he wants to record sounds, then he should either go alone or be strict about others keeping quiet. It’s hard to keep track of everyone who spoke or moved, so it must be frustrating for him. That last sound clip around 1:06 hrs/mins into the podcast would have been perfect had the humans kept quiet.

  11. Tracy L

    What is so strange to understand or believe that there can be a creature that is both a flesh & blood creature and possesses supernatural traits? We humans are both, so why can’t another creature, especially one that is related to us? We experience ESP, have visions, dream, have premonitions, see spirits of dead loved ones, have OBE and NDE experiences, etc. Almost everyone has had at least one or all of these “supernatural” experiences. For me, it is not hard to believe that Sasquatch is both flesh and blood and is also part supernatural, inter-dimensional, etc. because I have had an OBE, have had visions that came true one minute later, regularly have premonitions, regularly experience ESP, etc. There are just too many credible people who have had credible experiences where a Sasquatch exhibited some kind of supernatural trait. Maybe one day these traits will be explained by science, which I believe it will. Too many credible people have seen Sasquatch disappear in broad daylight before their eyes for this to be an imagined event. Further, I know that many animals can see in the infrared spectrum of light, and can probably see the laser that game cams put out, so they are easily able to avoid these cameras.

  12. Mark H

    Thank you Jim. That was fantastic.
    I understand your struggle with “belief”. Until you’ve seen these things with your own eyes, it’s hard to get from 99.997% to 100% I’ve seen them. They are real. See SC: EP 807, that’s me.
    What type of recording device do you recommend in the woods?

  13. Meesha F

    if it’s the lordcryptid channel I just found it’s a treasure trove of all kinds of info! offgrid wells and cabins and other survival and history lessons also? I am so glad I found this episode! thanks Jim for all the amazing info and thanks Wes

  14. Nikita V

    “Homeless deaf Amish people”
    This resonates with me.

    I moved to the rural part of a small Southern BC (Canada) community and the first night there… had an extremely odd experience with orbs, that I am still looking to explain. It actually happened the first night after moving in and I had never encountered such a thing.
    A couple weeks later I could hear these weird screams from down the road (in the woods). I brushed it off as wild turkeys… since they were literally everywhere in the bush. I spoke to an elderly neighbor and he explained that screams that come from the forest at night are from (what he thinks was) a “homeless women who was off her medication” and lived in the woods. She apparently lived close to the rest stop on the side of the highway and would dig through the trash bins. I thought that was so odd…
    I knew nothing about sasquatch at this time, and any discussion about bigfoot was hodge podge to me. The more I listen to people’s accounts and stories, the more I am understanding what I once experienced.
    Thanks for the episode Wes!

  15. Mark T

    I have heard the same singing sound except much closer hunting with my son in Luzerne MI in 2017, less than a hundred yards away. In between the whoops we heard talking / chanting like American Indians sound, foreign language. My son was with me and we were floored that we could not see anything. We could clearly hear this getting closer to our hunting blind but never saw anything. Heard it for 3 minutes. We both were so shocked by it we never even thought of recording it, we were trying to see whatever it was because it was close. This was rifle season.

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