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SC EP:835 What Are We Chasing?

Dianne writes “I was with my husband on one of our backpacking trips, this one later in the season to avoid the bugs. We had hiked in from Chepeta Lake to a remote small lake that was one of our favorite spots. We always would take day hikes from our camp exploring the surrounding miles of wilderness.

It was early when we took a day hike onto the Highline trail and as we did a lot, we used a compass and went off trail towards a tiny lake. I was having foot problems so when we reached a beautiful small meadow I decided to stay and let him continue the 4 mile round trip farther with our border collie. I had a chihuahua that I carried in my daypack for company with my poncho for a blanket to sit on. It was a high overcast day with even bright light. I was happily working on a colorful beadwork project for about an hour when suddenly my dog started whimpering and trying to crawl under my leg. A wall of stench I’ve never smelled before hit me. I knew something was not right by that smell and went into high alert mode. To my right through the trees I could see a huge black mass silently approaching nearer to the woodline. At this point I had gone through in my mind every possibility of what large game it could possibly be and knew nothing smelled or behaved like this. All I can say is I knew that I was in the middle of nowhere way off trail, unarmed, all alone, and with no options. As it came closer it stopped right behind the wood line. I could see the massiveness of this creature. It had to be over 9′ tall and shoulders 4′ across. I could only see parts of it. It seemed to know it was obscured by the trees. I could see the torso area of shiny black hair. At that point I lost my nerve to keep looking and frankly if I would have seen it’s face I probably would have had a heart attack. My body went into what I’ve coined LIQUID TERROR. My insides felt like jello. I decided to pretend everything was just ok and with shaking hands I started beading again. It actually helped me calm down but IT WOULDN’T LEAVE. I thought if I ignore it it will go away. No such luck… it was at least 15 minutes (but felt like 2 hours) that it just stood there, smell and all, watching me.. During that time I felt a human sense of curiosity coming from it. I never dared to directly look over there as I could only handle that much. I would glance from the corner of my eyes once in a while to see if it left. I have been around chimps and somehow knew don’t give it eye contact.

I was fascinated though at it’s silence. I continued beading when the smell finally seemed to retreat. That was the only way I knew it was leaving. Well at least I thought it did. My husband returned several hours later and we hiked the 3 miles or so back to our camp. I did not tell him what happened. Well all hell broke loose.

We made dinner and at dusk we were circled with the sound of coyotes and wolves with the circle getting tighter as it got dark. Their sounds were odd and we kept trying to analyze the sounds but we just knew they were getting very close even though we couldn’t see anything. We had no weapons except our dumb little 3 inch knives.

We never made fires while out before but I said we are tonight! We quickly gathered a huge pile as it was darkening. My husband went for more wood and came back freaked out saying there was something crouched with huge yellow eyes that are way too big for a mountain lion. Ugh, and all we had was a stupid little cloth tent. I never saw the eyes.

Nevertheless we made a futile attempt at sleep and at first light packed our stuff and hauled ass out of there. But we were flanked by 3 or 4 bipedal “somethings’ all the way back to the main trail. Then the footsteps stopped, thank God. We never went backpacking there again. I never told my husband what I saw until I heard your show many years later.”







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133 Responses to “SC EP:835 What Are We Chasing?”

  1. TROY W

    when I was younger and thought Sasquatch was only out west I assumed it was just some kind of animal. the last 15 years or especially the last 5, I just don’t believe its some undiscovered animal. How could it not be somt

    • m99

      You are such a terrific person Wes. And, you have grown so much since the beginning, wouldn’t you agree? I like the fact that you know we don’t know and maybe someday will know in this life, certain things. It’s coming down to the wire now, and spiritual things are flying around. I hope Dianne says some prayers of protection before she goes out there as she does. I used to live in Utah and the people were very nice, but pretty clannish too. I took risks with myself I shouldn’t have, but wasn’t searching for anything like BF. Just enjoying the woods and communing with nature. LOL. Dumbass kid. Anyway, great show Wes. Thanks Dianne and Wes. Still praying for you Wes. _m

    • m99

      ✅ Right on Troy. Me too. But I really didn’t believe in anything like this until I started searching for answers and found this site. That was in about 2011 (that I started searching for answers) and about 2015 or 16 when we found SC. Then I learned of other things, like Dogman. Whoa Nellie. It’s time for people to wake up. Thanks for sharing.

      • Miss Kendall S

        You’re absolutely right, it is time for people to wake up and stop being afraid because there’s nothing that we can do about it. What we can do is learn and stay safe.. my backyard is the Blue Ridge Mountains so you bet your ass I’ve taught my kids and now my grandbabies they all know the truth..

        • m99

          That’s awesome. Once I was driving through a back road in a very rural area & my grand daughter looked at me and said, “Wonder if Bigfoots around here meme? ” She was grinning through her braces. I said, “Probably!” And added, “and it’s not a funny subject. They’re real, huge and unpredictable. If Ever you see one you tell your daddy immediately.” She kinda looked at me sideways and said okay meme. I mean I’d rather she’s aware than missing or traumatized. I still get mad because all my dad ever said was there’s “boogers out there”.

  2. TROY W

    Wes” you’ve taken something and made it your own. you’ve become the best you can be at it, all of us here can attest to that. I’m saying this so you know how proud your Mother is of you and your accomplishments, as parents its all we really can ask of our children. It makes our lives complete , God bless your Mother and I hope she is comfortable.

  3. Dovie D

    I recall him talking about that regarding schizophrenic . Early in my recovery I saw a mental health therapist who I was working with around Grief and loss snd and PTSD. And sharing about my nightmares as my mother called them seeing the creature who walked to my window and the one at the rest stop at the windshield and I thought I had visual hallucinations.
    I have been a mental health therapist for years now and through listening to Wes for several years came to realize it was Sasquatch

    • m99

      Thanks for sharing that with us Dovie D. It really illustrates why we have to share this knowledge of these creatures. Glad you’re well. Be bless my dear because you’re a blessing! _m

    • Johanna V

      Dovie, yes..hit the nail on the head. That is The most under-discussed aspect of this community and experience. The ptsd, or ptsd-like phenomenon. The other aspect, if I may respectfully suggest, is women and Sas. Maybe we could do the occasional show or podcast highlighting or combining both.? Ladies night on the air waves instead of ladies night at the dance clubs. Bring on the she squatchers, sisters of the moon, etc. kind of like coffee talk with a twist. We could co-host!
      Thank you, Wes, for another great episode. You are the best, the trailblazer. Thinking good, supportive thoughts and feelings for you and your precious Mom.

  4. Connie F

    Wes, thank you for always pursuing the weird things that happen in encounters, in spite of what you’ve had to deal with from critics. You are the best at normalizing these odd encounters and making guests feel safe enough to put themselves out there. I believe there are a lot of people thinking the same thing, what about the orb, alien, ghost, demon connection. Thank you for asking the questions and your determination to see the whole picture be revealed. I have no doubt it is helping many people.

  5. Erin M

    People report non-verbal communication, telepathy, in angelic or NDE encounters. People recall speaking with relatives who have passed, or Jesus, or God, during an NDE encounter with no words being spoken. It’s just the way communication works in the non-physical realm. The names of what organized religions may call demons could be recognized as old gods in pre-Christianity, Besides Hollywood has really done a number on the American psyche with it’s horror movie depiction of demons and ghosts. Pop-culture uses demon-mania as an easy way to scare people that demons are everywhere, behind every door, out to get our souls at every opportunity. Doesn’t seem to me a very healthy thing to dwell upon day to day, especially knowing that they have no power over us, if our hearts are good and holy in general.

  6. Sharon H

    Thanks Wes and Dianne. That was very interesting. I enjoyed listening to what she’s done and does and what you think about the whole subject of Sasquatch. I could have listened for a couple more hours too!

  7. Dickie K

    I am confused… the “Natches Trace” is probably 50 miles from LBL, at its closest part, where the infamous ” killings” took place.
    So….if she went out on the “trace” she was nowhere near where the ” dogman” reports come from. I’ve personally never heard anything but bigfoot reports from any other area of TN. I hunted very close to LBL for 12 years. I’ve been on numerous trail rides and overnight stays in LBL and have never had any bad feelings there myself. I’m not saying I don’t believe that LBL has activity… but I’ve been there numerous times at night ( sometimes overnight in a horse trailer or tent) without incident and this is the 2nd story where someone from out of state drove in there 2 or 3 miles one time and has an encounter with dogman.. what are the odds of that?
    Again… if this lady was on the “Trace” she was nowhere near LBL….

    • Sheila L

      Mister Dickie,

      According to Google Maps Kentucky 453 goes through the LBL. It is also knowns as Woodlands Trace National Scenic Byway (or simply “The Trace” as it says at Google Maps).

      Peace to you,
      Kevin L

      • m99

        Thx for that Kevin.

        If Wes has a guest on and they speak of where they’ve been in encounters, it stands to reason he’s already vetted them and determinized believability, wouldn’t ya think? Why is it necessary to undermine his guests? Also, just because one hasn’t had an experience, doesn’t mean you weren’t observed.

        Personally , I’ve been on numerous outdoor excursions in East Texas Big Thicket and the Piney Woods region, on trail rides, camping trips, hiking trips, and even twice in the woods when I walked alone, a voice in my head warned me and brought me out to safety. I did not believe in Sasquatch or any other kind of thing. I thought the family used to scare us kids by warning us about not going into the woods because of boogers. And I never ever saw, heard or encountered a creature. Which, btw, may be important to note, is why they’re called ‘hide behinds”. Just sayin’.

        • Sheila L

          Hidey-ho, Miss m! ????

          Our esteemed host knows what’s-what. Everything you said is right-on.

          BTW, Wes mentioned watching demonic possession videos. If you have the nerve, look up Fr. Vincent Lampert (exorcist) of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. His story (on how he was mentored into the exorcism ministry) was recounted on the SyFy Network show called Paranormal Witness. It is on youtube.

          Holee-guacamolee! ???? Wes is right. Stay way-far-away from the Ouija Board.
          Kevin L

  8. Thomas H

    I’m never bored nor do I stop listening to the interview when Wes begins a discussion about tropics other than sasquatch. I want to hear everything and continue expanding my knowledge. Nice One Wes. Great show tonight, excellent interview with Diane. Thx.

  9. Michele C

    Great narrative from Dianne , and the mind speak topic is fascinating . I personally enjoyed the cross over discussion section from Sasquatch to paranormal. Dianne did extremely well with her detailed explanation, I would imagine talking about an encounter is one of the toughest speeches to deliver. I can appreciate why some people keep their experiences to theirselves for a long time. Really enjoying the content of 2022 so far

  10. Stephen S

    I think the guest Diane was interesting but it seems odd to have a massive male Bigfoot 25 feet away and not look over at it ?

    Also, Driving down a road with your windows half down and feeling scared and having a rock or something hit the car is grounds for a DOGMAN encounter?

    Im sorry very sweet lady but some things just don’t add up, I have heard all of the episodes and there seem to be some holes in this show.

    If a 9-10 foot male Sasquatch comes up to you and watches you from 25 feet away you don’t tell your Husband?

  11. Chamberlin

    I love the TV game show Survivor and their
    music theme song:) I’m forever a Survivor fan!
    I remember watching the first Survivor in May of 2000.

    Digen Survivor man~
    All Animals indeed hear your thoughts.

  12. Donna K

    Listened to her encounters which were very scary, but I just wanted to say that the conversation at the end regarding demonic oppression is a real thing. I have personally been involved in helping people through deliverance and yes I have heard the demons talk to people and I have seen demons throw people to the ground and make them writhe about like a snake or even try to harm them before we took authority in the name of Jesus and set them free. I have witnessed a woman under demonic oppression throw two men against the wall. Demonic oppression and possession is a real thing. There is power in the name of Jesus and it is straight out of the New Testament experiences. Just as real today as in the Bible. But you don’t have to let the demons keep talking to you or tormenting the person…That’s where the authority in the name of Jesus comes in. They have to submit to the power of the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus. They are not allowed to torment the person once we use the power of the name of Jesus in rebuking them just like scripture. People can be successfully set free from demons…My husband and I are pastors and we have experience with us and it is a real deal. About a year ago a man came into one of our church services and was growling in the hallway and throwing himself on the ground on the steps. He wanted to come into our service and said if you don’t deal with me right now I am going to manifest. Well he manifested and my husband told the demons to stop their activity and allow the man to come into the worship service but told the demons if you think you’re going to manifest I will shut you down in the name of Jesus and he did. The guy tried to manifest in the service and my husband Pastor Dave shut them down through the power of the name of Jesus. At the end of the service when we had accomplished what we were supposed to accomplish in the service then my husband ministered to this man and got him set free and the man began to cry and he hugged my husband and said, thank you so much. Thank you so much for knowing what to do. So many Christians don’t know what to do and thank you for knowing how to deal with us. It was pretty powerful.

    • m99

      Dear Pastor Donna, Thanks for your service to others. Would that all Pastors could be as open to the real truth about spiritual matters as you guys. And yes indeed, “They are not allowed to torment the person once we use the power of the name of Jesus…” Thing is, once they know you mean it, they are the ones shaking. And keeping Jesus close always helps you. Keep on doing the deliverance you do. The times are making manifest, and it’s going to get very real to many people very soon. Blessings_ m99

    • Jason G

      There IS CERTAINLY power in the name of Jesus. I know this to be true, personally. Demons fear and tremble at His name. The have to obey Him. WE SHOULD AS WELL.

    • m99

      Uh, Anthony – Last I looked this is the Wes Germer Show, and he can have whomever he chooses to be on his show.

      Like someone recently said, if you don’t like it, you can turn it off. No one is forcing you to listen to the podcast. And who can complain about being a paid member? Really? Let’s see – comes up to almost nothing a month!

      All I’m trying to convey Anthony is that we are fans of Wes and we are supportive of him. If Wes wants to have Les (his friend, a real person, by the way) on his program, why not be supportive of that? Just sayin’.

  13. Cristina J

    Great episode. I find the mindspeak very interesting and would love if more ppl would come forward and share their experiences. I have one complaint and I hope if anyone else feels the same they will speak up. I get so FRUSTRATED when Wes says the audience will turn out or email him and complain because they don’t like to go outside the box on Sasquatch. I LOVE HEARING about their experiences and I don’t want them to feel they have to sensor what happened. We need all the pieces of a puzzle to put a picture together. If they don’t want to listen they don’t have to but I feel like we miss out on so much because ppl are ridiculed for telling the weird things and ppl complain they don’t want to hear the strange stuff! I do!! Lol just my two cents

    • m99

      Wow, great comment, Cristina J. It seems to be getting better though. Also, one thing I’ve always admired Wes for is his ability to allow people to voice their concerns, but not to be mean about it. Many people are not aware of this stuff, and it is a slippery slope sometimes, but Wes, just keeps on plugging.

      • Cristina J

        Thank you 🙂
        I totally agree about Wes. Great man and I love how he never makes the guests feel less than. Even when I think it’s a little far fetched I like to listen. I have learned so much from this show! Lol

  14. Chamberlin

    I finely had the chance to finish listening to Wes and Dianne’s conversation.
    I really did enjoy all topics brought up within this episode:)
    I hope Wes will invite Dianne back to Sasquatch Chronicles for a part two.

  15. Denise F

    I was afraid if she said one more ‘good thing’ about her experiences that Wes was gonna fly across his desk, lol.
    ‘lets take feelings out of it’ ????

    Hoping things are getting better for you ????

  16. L S

    Nice episode. Interesting. I also hope Dianne returns to the show. I am interested in knowing more about her spiritual work. I think this is an important aspect of beings, and us, of course, that we tend to dismiss. There’s more going on than we realize. I hope she is very careful and stays safe regarding her explorations with bf. I don’t think what she thought was DM actually was DM. I think it was BF. It’s like the farmer who goes out to pick a chicken for dinner. The chicken doesn’t fear him and has been routinely fed by him, and when he grabs one to slaughter he doesn’t want to spook it and have to chase it around. This is normal in nature, it’s just that we’re not accustomed to seeing ourselves as prey or understanding an ambush predator like BF. A cat releases a pheremone (or sound, can’t remember) that IulIs a mouse into hanging around it. BF beckons and befriends children that, I believe, he intends to eat. Telepathy is real, we’re all capable of it and meant to use it, but you can be lied to telepathically just as someone can lie to you verbally. It’s not magical like people think it is. back in the dark ages we use to attribute magical qualities to things like weather because we simply didn’t understand it. As far as telepathy goes, we’re still in the dark ages.

  17. Dianne S

    Hi I wanted to clarify I was in the Land Between the Lakes proper which has miles of dirt roads on either sides of the “Trace” and is the main road N

  18. Michelle B

    Finally!!! Let’s talk about the weird stuff. I don’t think most of your audience is ready for it but I think we need to push this door completely open.
    If anyone is interested in seeing what’s out there, I’m not even certain it’s sasquatch related but they are together, you can check out my fb page Yallgonbesquatching;The Far Side of Sasquatch. I call it quantum phenomena. Pictures of me entering their vibrational frequency. I freaked out when I first saw it but then I learned what it was.
    I’m in the woods every weekend because I want some answers. Physicists understand less than 15% of the universe. There’s a whole world that we humans are blind to.

    • Tammi C

      So basically by that you’re saying there are known physical parameters and limits in the universe. Let’s be real, a percentage of an unknown is not a percentage of anything, lol.

  19. jason w

    Awesome guest, Wes. Definitely bring her back!
    I’ve only seen structures and never had sighting or encounter. It would be scary to be out in the middle of nowhere with one of those things checking you out so I couldn’t imagine her fear.

  20. CJ M

    Spiritual is not the same thing as being religious. You might say being spiritual is more listening to your soul than listening to your ego. Growing spiritually involves the steps in sorting that out.

    You might notice that religion is much like science in that it has to fit into a certain box and therefore things that do not fit into that box are rejected. Spirituality might be considered as religion “outside the box”. Spirituality would likewise consider people outside the box of the body. Its often not organized into community although the information may have a theme that is sort of universal.

  21. Russell B

    Sounds like a medium herself which is according to the Bible demonic in itself. Also according to the Bible We as Humans we were created with a mind a body and a spirit.

  22. Rob M

    Really enjoyed the show Wes. I’m glad you’re making the attempt to have an open dilalogue with those who have had strange Bigfoot encounters. They need to be heard and hopefully that can embolden more to come forward. As we work to remove the stigma surrounding Sasquatch encounters, hopefully it can get us closer to the truth.

  23. Mai M

    Wes, it’s SO GOOD to hear you venture further with these subjects in the final interview. I enjoyed your curiosity and your tough questioning.
    I often feel like you work very hard to be super respectful to all your guests and you validate their opinions, which is lovely though I enjoy the edgy side of you and these subjects.

    I live the idea of the 3 experts different subjects discussing the crossover, I hope you make it happen.

    Might I fight that if you don’t want to introduce these extra subjects into the discussion and get some different guests in then perhaps a second podcast or estra episodes would be great for a change of pace and flavour. I’m certain not the only person thinking this.

  24. Meesha F

    I legit would love to hang out and have a conversation with Diane! She just seems to have a wealth of knowledge and an open mind.. would be awesome to have someone like that to relate to a spiritual level and just to learn crafts too lol I always wished I would have had someone to show me stuff like that but my mom or grandmother neither one did crafts but we did a lot of cooking.

  25. John D

    What a great show! Thank you Diane for sharing these experiences. And thank you for being brave about sharing your perspective and interpretation. Something about these creatures is different. The mindspeak aspect would certainly explain why humans can’t catch up with them. They know we are coming from miles away and avoid those seeking them out with mal intent. I hope Diane comes back and dors an additional episode!!

  26. Seamus J. C

    Wes & Diane,

    One of the best episodes–and best conversations between Wes and guest–I’ve heard in a long time.

    Thanks, Wes, for your continued efforts to gather & relate info, no matter what or no matter who protests or how. I admire the way your mind analyzes situations, & limits your conclusions to the truly proven & goes no further. To a teacher of critical thinking like me, this aspect of your mental acuity stands out.

    I think Diane is by nature a shaman/mystic, which is why she experiences things the way she does.

    I do think there are humans who have the ability to share consciousness with other humans, animals, spirits, etc. In my own haphazard, limited way I have done this myself, & my spiritual practice is, I’m afraid, pretty spotty & lame.  IMHO, this is not limited to demons, angels, and sasquatch.  This is tapping into the Other world, or if you will quantum reality, where distance & division & blindness simply do not exist–so it looks, in our world of speech, & of communication cables, like a connection being made over distance.  But there is no distance (“There is no spoon”).  Or so I, & the shamans & mystics, see it.

  27. Seamus J. C

    I’m very curious about Diane’s statement–“I’ve learned so much since I’ve been going out and sitting in places where I know they are”….What has she learned? What is this experience of learning like? How often does she do this, & for how long has she been at it?

  28. Eric K

    Dianne thank you so much for your contribution. I love your accounts of your experiences. I would love to hear more if you are willing to share. As always thank you Wes for supporting the people who share their experiences love the show!

  29. Tammi C

    I wonder if this lady, Diane, has been a guest on a few of Vic C’s Dogman podcasts because it sounds just like her, though, the stories she shares here are not the same.

    I, personally, don’t connect with esoteric spiritualism and it surely is a concern that a lay-person would open themselves to unknown forces (which historically have been known to be extremely spiritually and even physically dangerous. The “great pretender, father of lies” and his minions can appear as anything …including meek, mild, and even good. But, to each there own, we all are allowed free will in this lifetime.

    So, please be safe, Diane, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences and to Wes, who encourages respectful discussions of varied opinions and experiences.

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