Feb 8

SC EP:78 East Coast Sasquatch Encounters

Tonight we speak to Bruce who had two encounters near his property. We also speak to Gayle who has been researching Sasquatch in the Hudson Valley for many years and shares with us many encounter stories that she has personally researched. Gayle shared with us some great photo images which we will be sharing on www.sasquatchchronicles.com.



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48 Responses to “SC EP:78 East Coast Sasquatch Encounters”

  1. jimmy v

    I spent my entire youth every summer in the Hudson Valley, it has a very long and rich history of just about every kind of paranormal experience you could think of, and is well documented. Should be a great show…

  2. James m

    This was one of the worst shows yet only show I fast forward thru I hope that things get better I have been listening for two years and talk about down the rabbit whole

    • Brad L

      These “worst show yet” comments should stop, as they are unproductive. We are all searching for something elusive, so we can hardly expect an awesome encounter every week. Doing so only invites the unbelievable and utterly fake.
      Hudson Valley is remarkably rural for being so close to NYC, with ancient river systems to feed and guide any creature. The Appalachian Trail isn’t far, and include some old the oldest mountains in the world. Thanks for the show, and new locales to look!

    • Kris W

      Sorry Wes didn’t hear the right version… The free one was weak sauce …. I’ve been a member since day one and my dad and I are both knowers….. So keep up the good work loved gayle… Honest as they come

  3. Charles K

    why all the negative replies? I thought it was a pretty good show. I mean you can’t have it great every time? if you realized the wood justics of putting together a one hour or two hour radio show and all the background work you wouldn’t believe it. that’s supposed to be logistics not would just X

    • Kris W

      I have to say I listened to the non member version by accident and was pissed…. Then heard the whole thing and was very pleased….gayle seems to have good vibes but hope she doesn’t push her luck and the dude feeding them is out of his f’n mind…. I have had an encounter I know how big they are and I have a truck bigger than Wes ‘s on his show ….. I was worried it could flip it and have us for dinner

    • Jolene T

      Actually if you are a MEMBER and listened to the second half of the show (only available to members) you’d know she doesn’t think or act that way. I liked the second half of the show better…most episodes turn out that way.

  4. Douglas S

    Thanks to both Bruce and Gayle for sharing their experiences. I found Gayle to be a serious researcher who is honestly trying to figure out what is going on in her area. Clearly she has a healthy respect for the danger these creatures present. If you listened to the show, you hear her storys about the farmer who was being harassed, and the father of a boy who rides his dirt bike alone in the woods. Both of whom she warns about being alone in the woods. This didn’t sound to me like she believes the creature are her pets. Great show once again. Keep it up all! The contributions this program makes to our field of study is immeasurable. Well worth the small amount paid for a subscription. Great job everyone, you are making a difference.

  5. LC B

    Living just south of Bray road, I am curious if she would allow you guys to post the pic of the Dogman, or
    any of the other evidence she has chronicled.

  6. Steve W

    Not sure why the negative comments. Those of you old enough to remember Johnny Carson know not all of his monologues were killer to open the Tonight Show, and he had some of the best writers in the business working for him. Good, bad or in between it still is entertaining, and I appreciate the fact that three everyday people offer as much of their time and research/vetting as they do to put up a show of this quality.

    I would like to see some of the pix (especially dogman) that Gayle has taken. I am quite skeptical though about, “here’s a sasquatch… and look at the dogman lurking in the bushes.” Have a feeling it’s more a case of a blob squatch or dog pile where you can’t really see anything or make it out clearly.

  7. Thomas W

    when did these negative comments start? Wes clip was awesome and a gutsy thing to do…returning to the scene alone and unarmed. I have a much better understanding for the encounter now. Gayle was great and made a good case for the activity in her area. If you want a better show….then get out there and find something and get on air!

  8. Tracy G

    Personally I thought it was a great show. Some people in this world just piss me off with all their whining and shitty comments! If you don’t have anything decent to say then just STFU!

  9. greg d

    In general the credibility issues are with those who’ve had “Sasquatch’s on their property for 10 years” and their only evidence is absolutely nothing. Or a photo of a bunch of leaves with a footprint shape drawn over it. The stories in which someone was caught completely off guard usually sound much more credible. It’s understandable they have no photos or anything. Someone who has a family of “squatch” living on their property and joining them for dinner on wednesdays, not so much. They’re usually same people who giggle, noticeably embellish, and have a book or documentary coming out about their story.

  10. Aaron A

    It’s very telling how when you go to the comments on the free stuff people are quick to complain.
    People that complain, but aren’t willing to shell out dime one for services THAT ARE FREE are the absolute worst!

    • Wil I

      Bam….Aaron hits it out of the park!
      We (members) are a dedicated group of listeners going through this thing together. I do not judge the quality of a single show or blog anymore than I judge the quality or veracity of a casual conversation with a friend on any given night. I judge the friendship as a whole. My membership here is worth ten times the price. It’s just good information conveyed in a professional manner. So while some encounters are more intriguing or exciting than others based on events and the storyteller, the reward is building a case for a better understanding of these animals based on all the information we can glean.
      Thank you Wes for the video! It helps paint the picture for what we have envisioned in our mind’s eye. It is powerful stuff and it showed through your emotion. We support you, we take the good with the bad and are grateful for every new entry. Will and Shannon are both great in their own right. Mr. Jevning brings decades of experience and erudite insight. Shannon is well versed, researched and sheds the fresh light and excitement of a new researcher thriving on gaining more and more knowledge.

      Thank you from a grateful member who is here to stay

  11. Keith M

    I enjoyed the show. I appreciated the – to me – continued growth and always great sensitivity shown by the team in their interviews, and Wes’ reporting “from the field” where his and Woody’s encounter was comprised a critical piece for those of us following THIS GROUP of researchers.

    They remain the best source of ongoing information I’ve found. The honesty, commitment, intelligence, experience, lack of BS, lack of ego, lack of agenda, lack of the creep-inducing personality flaws, connectedness to other valid experts, manner with other people who’ve had encounters and superlative trustworthiness I find in every show makes each one worth my time. If a particular guest doesn’t meet my sense of dramaturgy, big deal. I’m patient because every person they’ve spoken with has added, one way or another, to the emerging story and remarkable consistency of the phenomena. Get it straight – the proportion of fringe or self-aggrandizing or obviously deluded people on the show has been very small. The team does a fine job screening. And look at the law-enforcement guests – no one else has commanded the trust to produce that kind of validation on sightings, governmental responses, and more.

    So, yes, the freebie whiners are just that. How about some perspective. And ask yourself why you’re listening, and why you’re whining. What’s YOUR agenda? It smells more like entertainment demands and “I know more then they” syndrome. I’ll take a whiff of skunk ape, thanks.

  12. Dave T

    I want to thank the SC crew for another entertaining show. Lots of interesting info. I didn’t realize that area of NY was a hot bed of activity. Hopefully Gayle can put forth some convincing evidence to corroborate the stories and encounters she spoke of. It would be great if she would release some of the pics she talked about to SC. It would really help add credibility to her claims.

    • Randy M

      Questioning the truthfulness of a witness’s story should not be misconstrued as hostility, particularly when that person tells of having an encounter, and/or new evidence practically every time them set foot out the door. I don’t doubt that Gayle has interest in the subject, however her tales are full of holes and contradictions, her usage of terms peculiar. Perhaps she did see or hear something unusual during a trip into the woods…just not every time. I think she is confusing her desire to see something with the under-estimated magnitude of having a true encounter. Furthermore, she admits to being relatively new to the subject, a follower of “Finding Bigfoot”, and to generating a business from her so-called experience.

      Not everyone is telling the truth. Be mindful of charlatans, government shills, and those that are in this for the entertainment value and/or a quick buck.

  13. Rick F

    Another great show!! Hope no one gets discouraged by the typical bad comments . If these malcontents were in perfect environment they would be griping & moaning about something!!!

  14. robert l

    Gale I live off county route 31 in Greenport I have activity around there I have been growled at my neighbor who’s is now deceased told me some years back that he saw something that he didn’t kno what it waz he waz an 80 yo farmer he said it waz huge and black. Something growled at me after lightning fireworks this past 4th. They are here no doubt

  15. Tammi C

    Wes, wow you did great describing your horrid experience in this audio! Am hoping you or anyone could kindly provide the link for the entire vid with visuals to locale? Also what state was it, CA? Because this says East coast. Thanks❤️

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