Jul 16

SC EP:775 Sasquatch In Afghanistan

Tonight I will be speaking to Jack. Jack is military veteran and will be sharing an experience he had when he was talking with a Taliban leader about seeing these creatures in Afghanistan.

I will also be speaking to George who is also a military veteran. George writes “In 1978, I was in the USAF stationed at March AFB, in Riverside, California. I was raised in the West side of San Antonio, Texas. I was in the Military Police, Security Police while in the AF. I was very close to Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks and I would go to one or the other every chance I got.

Although I invited people to go with me camping and hiking, no one would take my invite, so I was always by myself in those areas. My first encounter was when I went hiking from the back of Yosemite creek at Tioga Pass. I parked my truck beside the road and set out with only my backpack, sleeping bag, and some rope for repelling. I did not have a tent, The first night I ate and once it got dark I crawled into my mummy bag and before I fell asleep I heard something big approaching me. I covered my face and head with the mummy bag and waited for the action to come. Then I felt what I thought was the back of a hand pushing me in my bag. I remember about five pushes. I did not move or respond in any way. I made no sound. I did not feel any nails or claws on the bag. It felt like the backhand of a person pushing up on the bag. Whatever it was left without a sound.

After waiting a safe few minutes to ensure that it had left, I uncovered myself and looked around with my flashlight but saw nothing. My bag was not torn and I had some food in the backpack which was beside me. It did not try to get into my backpack, so a bear is an unlikely suspect. In the morning I continued pressing on to Yosemite falls. I walked down the falls and arrived when it was dark and raining. I decided to try my luck in getting a hitchhike back to my truck, and I was successful. As we approached where I thought I had parked my truck, my second encounter happened. I signaled the driver and he dropped me off. I started down the road where I thought my truck was, and I got the fright of my life. At this point in my life I was not familiar with bear, cougar, predator sounds. I heard the most guttural sound ever. I was unarmed, total darkness, and no flashlight. I ran in the direction I was going and finally saw my truck. I threw all my stuff in the cab and started it and took off. My truck was a new Chevy Luv, and I always warmed up the engine to properly circulate the engine oil. It was a point of proud ownership to keep my truck in good condition. Understand that I did not see what made the sounds, but I believe a bear would have physically attached me.

Thinking back I never though of bigfoot, but it scared the hell out of me. The third encounter I did see the complete face and body. This one happened in Sequoia National Park. After a full day of hiking, I was headed back to base, but I knew that I was so tired that I would not make it. So I parked on the side of the road and slept in the bed of the truck. I had the same Chevy Luv with a camper shell. I do not remember what time it was but I was awoken by something moving my entire truck side to side, more like shaking it. At that time I was loaded to bear, my 30.06, and a 44mag. handgun. When I opened my eyes after being shaken awake, I saw a huge creature through the back window. The truck was close to 6ft. tall by 4ft or so wide .I could see the creature at just under his chest area. At first I saw the creature’s body swaying side to side and then realized it was shaking the truck side to side. I kicked the back window and it stopped shaking the truck and almost immediately bend down to look inside the truck. I saw the face. This creature had a flat face with a huge flat nose. It was huge. I did not feel that I was in danger. It stood up and walked across the road. I would estimate that it was at least 8 ft. tall, This creature was not human like. At the time I did not tell anyone. I know what I saw, and I will never forget it. I have had no further sighting or suspicions about them being around me even though I lived in Alaska for one year and Montana. Now I live in Colorado.”






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91 Responses to “SC EP:775 Sasquatch In Afghanistan”

  1. Chad B

    Fear not brother. This is not about you. Approach love with an open heart and opened mind. And you may find yourself fortunate enough to experience something magical.

  2. Denise F

    Good evening everyone, glad to be here for another TGIF show, lol.
    Thanks Wes and Jack…..and ty to all our military and veterans ♥️ you all hold a special place ????

  3. Clifford B

    Chevy LUV…Light Utility Vehicle.
    72-82 Me thinks as it went defunct in the early 80s for sure .
    If one is found today in mint condition by enthusiasts, it has been reported that one or more testicles have been offered by said buyer(s) on top of large sums of cash .
    That’s just what I’ve heard .

  4. Linda B

    Hello all! Signing in a bit late from a very fun day full of history in a western setting. Can’t wait to listen. Thanks Wes soooo much and thank you Jack.

    • m99

      Yes, we all listen to the episodes, that’s why we’re here. What amazes me is the point people make who don’t participate in the ‘first’ game. Why does it matter or bother people? I’m not trying to be sarcastic, just trying to understand. It’s something that has been going on since the inception of this site,.. It shows solidarity and support, plus when you’re first (as I have accidentally been maybe twice) it’s funny. It tickles me when it happens and I can’t explain why. 🙂

  5. theresa m

    Gee, Wes. So much information and descriptions give different eyewitness accounts of both a rounded head and a conical head along with the eyeshine being reflective or glowing. Could we have an extraterrestrial creature as well as a couple of creatures in that belong in the human line of evolution? Thank you to both of your guests for sharing and again, Wes, thank you for the excellent show and another piece of the puzzle being filled in. I appreciated the comment of the first guest who stated that with all of the foot prints for proof and the fact that nobody with authority will actually say, “Yes, this is real.”

  6. TROY W

    Its Saturday morning and just got a chance to listen. Thanks to both guest for passing on to us there information and encounters. Also a big thanks to you Wes!!! Troy

  7. Cristina J

    As always Wes handles himself with class. The first interview was very interesting and I just had to laugh as he went on about the magical aspect. To be honest I started listing a couple of years ago and I was completely pompous and arrogant and thought it was just an animal with a side of government conspiracy. But as I listened I realized that there was a lot more to it then I had originally thought. Now I agree with Wes that I have no clue but there is some strange stuff going on! I just hope one day to have my own car side viewing and until then I will continue to listen and lover every single episode here and be grateful to Wes that he listens so with such an open mind!

  8. m99

    Maximus! Again! Dang Wes, you’re getting better and better man!

    Jack. Listening. (This guy is descriptive to the point of annoyance!) Oh! Finally. Yeti? Yes? Okay, so this very gregarious Southern man says (the very disrespectful) wtf? to these people? as well as other obscenities?

    Obviously Wes has the diplomacy of more than a few interviewers (thanks Wes) and has said a real thing to help this guest hear everyone out. Phew.

    But, Jack did offer quite a lot of insight about the region. I really didn’t know or understand it was that remote. One thing I wish Wes had asked or talked to him about was the red headed giant that was killed and taken out of there. Any conversation about that?


    George ~ Okay, I say no (!!!) to “mummy bags”, I mean you’re totally incapacitated zipped into that type of bag. And the other I would have to say No to would be the canopy tent. Too many encounters with Sasquatch looking at the people sleeping in the air. I’d probably just die then and there!

    For George’s last encounters, he’s like, uh, what are you looking at?! I’m sleeping here! Very good episode. Thanks y’ll!

  9. Jake P

    I think Jack the Operator Dude said there are three camps. I believe there are actually four, the fourth one being people who know just enough to think they know everything about this subject. They think they’re Seniors or graduates when in truth they’re Freshmen or Sophomores, and as “Seniors” they’ve earned the right to make fun of the people in the other three camps (remember Will?). The veiled shot at James Fay wasn’t in the least bit appreciated. Jack might have just alienated half the audience right there. Shame that he had to cast a shadow on an otherwise great account.

    • m99

      Hey Jake. I understand what you’re saying, but also get that Wes has a lot of patience with his guests, but also allows their true feelings to come forth. It’s a one episode thing at a time with Wes, it seems, and he’s committed to allowing each guest their true opinions. And like the good doctor (Dr. John B.) told Wes, it’s important to hear everyone out. You gotta admit, Wes really has learned how to do that, hasn’t he? I mean, I can hardly listen elsewhere, deviating from the (his) interview style here. He’s awesome and I appreciate it. BUt not saying you don’t and you do have a valid and solid point. Thanks!

  10. Justin F

    Jack, thank You,Man! I heard everything you eloquently explained. Some people just feel like taking sides. Bindernagle heard you with a smile too, he knows what you meant. I absolutely loved your personal account with the ancient warlord in the hut. Holy cow man. Truly inspiring and made my life a little better! I want to hear more. Right on!

  11. Jay Carlsen

    ……………… I have a good friend who has a 6 and 1/2 foot long Iguana that was pretty docile for the most part. Until a Women who was going through her Time would come over to his house ! The Lizard would pick up on this and Hiss – and get Nasty !
    George , I seen a 10 foot Tall Gorilla in Northwestern Michigan in the summer of 2000. Standing 200 feet away , looking up over its right Shoulder ! When I seen it my Brain told me I was looking at a Gorilla.
    …. but after I started listening to this show , I made the connection. and it brings me back to 1997 when I pulled down a Seasonal Road and parked my Pick Up Truck to sleep in when I heard mumbling Voices coming from the darkness of the Forest. I couldn’t understand what They were saying ? But They were Speaking to each other.
    Even though I had seen a Gorilla ? I am sure They are a People. ( Only not like You & Me are People )

  12. Bonnie I

    Information gleaned from this podcast is absolutely amazing. Enjoyed hearing about Jack’s experience in Afghanistan and his understanding of the Bigfoot community here. I agree with Wes though that until we all know what these things really are (logically and scientifically) it is important to listen to and take into consideration all encounters, typical or not. And just a thought-can’t really exclude the presence of Sasquatch from world history either so it would be wonderful to hear more about possible connections of these “Beasts” to ancient world cultures. Thanks Wes and guests, incredible interviews!

  13. m99

    Bonnie I said, “… it is important to listen to and take into consideration all encounters, typical or not…” Great point!

    And there is the wonder of Wes. He is ( bar none) the best interviewer re: this subject. And he is a great listener, apparently editor, blog publisher, accountant, billing clerk, tech support, customer service, and etc. Also, he works hard making people comfortable before the actual recorded interview. Good job all around. Both guests were enabled to tell their great encounters. Thx guys.

  14. Tim N

    im sorry the first person this is 100% B.S. made up. There are to many in consistencies in his story. Plus the special forces never say hay you come here we need you for a mission. B.S. If you are not one of them they don’t need you.

  15. Steve A R

    Wes, I’ve only been a member for less than a year, but I just have to write just so you know how FANTASTIC YOU ARE at what you do AND YOUR VOICE is so INTERESTING to listen to & is just Subperb to keep your guests feeling so comfortable so they can tell their stories openly and completely! Thank You Wes! Bravo!

  16. Mike B

    Your guests coworkers father’s job was a lumber cruiser. A skinner is the guy who runs a cat or a grapple skinner to get the logs to the landing unless you’re working the hi- lead side.
    So he’s close, his memory just slipped a bit. Just in case you’re wondering, I’m a third generation logger. My son is the fourth generation in our family. Just sayin

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