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SC EP:751 Surrounded And Pushed Out Of Camp

I will be welcoming Tanner and Hunter to the show. Hunter writes “Hey Wes on August 6th me and my friend were camping and from 9:20pm to 10pm our camp was being circled by more than one Sasquatch. As we were trying to pack and get out as fast as we could.

We were camping on ice house road which is the road you take to get to the Rubicon trail right in the middle of Sacramento and Tahoe. It’s a super popular spot with maybe like 20 different campgrounds but we took an old logging road way off the bedent path in the direction where there was no other camp grounds.

About a mile down this dirt road off to our left I saw a tree structure I pointed it out to my buddy who during quarantine has been watching bigfoot b-flick movies so he immediately started making fun of me for it saying “there is no way bigfoot is big enough to carry those logs”. We drive about another mile to where the road dead ends to a big turn around and that’s where we set up camp.

We tried to find a fishing spot near camp walking a creek for about an hour but no luck and no weird feelings. My friend who is starting to drink decided to keep making fun of me and “call them in” by whooping and tree knocks.

We take off to go fishing and come back to camp around 7pm. Where we split up to go get fire wood, I went to the East side of camp where I did get really creeped out and my friend went down to the West side. About 7:30 I heard a tree knock to the west it sounded like it came from another turn around about 300 yards down the road were we first tried fishing in the day. (this is where I saw the big one later that night)

We have dinner my friend is getting belligerent drunk because we are “camping” still making calls every now and then trying to talk to me but is actually having trouble forming words by 9pm. At 9 I bring up how its dark now, but the sky is still really bright. At 9:20 is when it gets dark and that is when it began.

9:20 We both hear a stick break to the north side of camp that is up hill (15 yards away), I shine my light but do not see anything. Everything was quiet for 5min tell we heard something walk from the initial stick break about 15yards to the east. (I told him we were done drinking and put my cooler in the jeep in case we had to leave quick it was the only thing I didn’t want to leave) When I shined my light I got just one large green shine back. Mind you this is really close to us just outside of our dim fire light. I tell chase to get up and show him. He immediately thinks it’s a bear and I’m looking around and notice that the tree sap on some other trees is sort of shining the same color but is a lot smaller. Against my better judgment we decide to throw a rock at it thinking it is a bear from the eye shine. Chase is so drunk he tries throwing a rock. It falls into a ground squirrel hole; the rock goes completely the wrong direction and he cant even get up he’s so drunk. I throw a rock with my right hand holding our only flashlight in my left hand and get the rock to zing literally right by this shine. That shine got a lot bigger like what ever it was opened its eye wide. Chase saw this and started getting scared and yelling “go away bear”

9:35 I’m walking over to the jeep and chase has the flashlight. To the east side of camp there is an old horse trial. He starts creaming and really getting scared screaming “ITS RIGHT THERE” it was like he flipped a switch and sobered up immediately. I haven’t really seen anything yet and sort of not believing him but he’s describing seeing an all back creature 6’ tall, with bright red eyes that flared its teeth at him as it jumped across the trail. I run over there trying to get through to him as what he wants me to do but he is so scared and unable to speak. I throw all of my stash of light dry wood on the fire and it sustains about a 4×4 x 7-foot-tall fire for the rest of the ordeal. I run back to start the jeep it’s a diesel, so it idles loud and pull it around. He’s screaming its right there about 5 times. He was watching it move from tree to tree. He’s frozen holding the flashlight on this one big tree about 20yards just down hill of camp saying its standing right behind it. I pull the jeep up and put the headlights on that tree but he still won’t move so I convince him to give me the flashlight and he starts breaking down camp.

9:45 I’m walking side to side trying to see if I can see anything around this tree but I’m having no luck and I’m kind of getting fed up and annoyed with chase. Just from how he’s been making fun of me all day and I haven’t seen or heard what he’s seeing so he could still be pulling my leg, but what is keeping me believing him is how he sobered up so fast. Well he pulls the stakes out of the tent with the air mattresses still fully inflated. I’m pissed because I know those won’t fit in the jeep, so I shut off the light and climb into the tent feeling around for the plugs. As I’m in there probably 100 yards south east something lets out a short scream that was high pitched, went to like a roar then just cut off only lasting 5sec. I broke down and started crying but continued to search for the plug. I’ve never froze in my life but it was really hard to keep moving around.

9:50 We both do not care about what is going on around our only focus is putting everything in the jeep which we do. We do not hear or see anything else while we are packing mainly because we both blacked out. We hop in the jeep and take off down the road. Shortly down the road we have a small argument about where his phone is. I’m telling him he’s sitting on it and he says he left in in camp. I pull over into the other small campsite about 300yards away. He actually wants me to go back to the old camp not get out but just see if we see it, I tell him to sit up and sure enough he’s sitting on it.

10:00 (the second camp is on the left side of a sweeping right turn so anything on the right side you wouldn’t be able to see with the headlights but since I turned into the other camps turn out I had to make a U-turn) In the process of turning around my headlights we both see this massive sasquatch standing in front of a tree about 25yards away. It was so fricken big, we both got a good look at it I was able to see everything except for the feet. Me and chase both agreed it was 14’ tall and me and my dad went out there two days later and measured it was 13-14’ tall. Had very light gray skin. Black and gray air all over the body except on its chest, upper stomach, no hair on the top lip all the way to the tip of its conical head making it look like it had a massive forehead. The hair on its head came down to its shoulders in a dread lock fashion so I could not tell where its neck was at all. Its eyes were closed but we could see all the wrinkles on its face and had puckered lips. The biceps on this thing were massive like it had a football strapped to its arms. Both arms hung just below the knee. The shoulder span was just over 5’ it had definite muscle definition but wasn’t barrel chested like I hear in a lot of encounters it was very well proportioned. After seeing that we booked it out of there. From our experience we know for sure there were at least 4 and I believe the 6’ one my friend saw was a juvenile and the big one at the end was a lot older.”








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68 Responses to “SC EP:751 Surrounded And Pushed Out Of Camp”

    • Clifford B

      “A friend to all is a friend to none “.
      Aristotle was a real buzz kill wasn’t he ? 🤣

      My Review of the show: drum 🥁 roll ….IMO ….
      Outstanding …1st dude (landscaper), was the most fascinating review of a dude that did not see it ( them)
      His fear was passed on to the listener . I never questioned the validity . But the “wow factor “was the jaw situation with his dads kill as well as other dude on program he refrained from mentioning which I thought was very cool ( that he did not ) . Dismembered jaws …. Another puzzle piece 🧩.
      As always TYWG😊

      • Mandy K

        Great episode again, thanks Wes & thanks to both guys for telling their experiences so important to come forward, tell it as it was, to have a record of it & learn something new. So well done guys 😌 was driving along a hwy in nth Australia thinking oh no!, watch out, this may go so bad, so great to hear these witnesses & the good decisions they made under such stress. Thanks again guys.

  1. Timothy D

    Sammy Cahn’s, “Time After Time” (see blog posts)
    One of the great romantic ballads.
    Several YouTube renditions; but Frank Sinatra’s and Tony Bennett’s,
    may be best.
    Patience is a virtue.
    And; some good things, in time, come to those who wait.
    Kronos and Kairos matter.

  2. richard r

    I dont know how seeing something like that guy described at the end wouldn’t make you religious if you weren’t before. kinda wish i had waited till morning to listen to this one, it was scary man, lol. thanks anyway Wes this show is worth every penny.

  3. Janetta V

    I think it’s smart to not go back to a place too many times. You saw what you saw, deal with it the best you can, but don’t put your lives in danger by trying to go back. Thanks Wes.

  4. STEVE W

    How that for an intelligent creature, Think about why that deer was put in the road and why they couldn’t find the deer until then.
    If we knew the conversation the son and dad was having, That would paint a better picture, But here is what I see, BF respect animals more than most humans, The kid said it didnt matter to them if they had deer meat or not, But BF does need it, The shot was crap, I have no doubt the BF took out the deer to put it out of its misery, It wanted to show them how they screwed up and gave them a chance to take the deer, They didnt take it, would rather go shoot another, So when they come back by, BF left the jaw bone as to say, This is all you deserve, There is your trophy
    If they would have taken the deer, Said thank you for helping, And felt remorse, All would have been good, All BF wanted when it helped was the guts, They know humans dont eat them,
    Not busting chops, Just saying , These beings are not freaking animals, Look at them as people
    If they was animals, We could out smart them
    I would not ever go back there to hunt, Not after shooting at something you didnt even see, They know intent, Trust me when I say they are lightning quick

    • STEVE W

      I know this sounds like I am ripping the hunters, But respect is the name of the game, They was tested and failed, When we are in the woods, We are guests, And we are not top dog

  5. Ryan S

    Hunter!! Are u a member ?? Please tell me where this happened!! My family goes there often and I live in Sacramento. I would love to go poke around!! Thank u for the story!! I’m sorry that happened to you..

  6. Jo M

    That was a great show!! Man oh man. Thank you Hunter and Tanner!! Sorry you had to experience it, but really appreciate your sharing. I hope it helps you come to terms with the encounters. Witnesses like this are one reason the show is as great as it is.
    Is it Sunday yet????

  7. Tom W

    25 inch tracks have been documented in northern Kentucky and southern Illinois (as well as other locations). A track of this proportion suggests that it belongs to a being that is 15+ foot in height. “Insiders” have reported that these beings never stop growing. If this is true then it’s not unreasonable to conclude that a few may live long enough to achieve such proportions. Interestingly, the giant mountain gorilla, featured in the science fiction movie “Mighty Joe Young,” was 15 foot in height and his weight was 2,800 pounds. Anything capable of living long enough to achieve such proportions would likely have done so by avoiding human contact as much as possible. Bigger most likely = less dangerous to humans. It’s a basic tenet of Darwinism. That having been said, old age can force predators to become man-eaters, simply out of desperation.

  8. C M

    I have been witness to a deer shot exactly like this and in my experience the deer didn’t move it stood there in complete agony, and the sound it made was unforgettable it gave me nightmares.

  9. Jay T

    Excellent episode and interviews – thanks Tanner, Hunter and Wes. Being from MO and having a few encounters here, i was particularly interested in Tanner’s account. I was thinking maybe the squatch first left the deer in the road for Tanner and Dad since it just wanted organs. When the deer was refused, perhaps the squatch took as insult. Who really knows but as always helpful to listen to these accounts and add to our knowledge of their behaviors.

  10. greg d

    This is crazy my gf and I were just looking at camping this summer at Loon Lake which is where Ice House Road ends and the Rubicon Trail begins. There are also some well known astronomical observation points along Ice House Rd where telescopers go to use their gear. I’ve heard it can get kinda freaky if you end up there alone. It’s all Desolation Wilderness which has had numerous Sasquatch encounters over the years.

  11. Evelyn L

    Good for Tanner for saying what he is thinking about these things. When the Europeans came to this country there were hundreds of them out in the wilderness and few reported seeing these creatures. Some of the creatures are reported to be 10 feet tall. It would be kind of hard to miss a group of 8 to 10 foot tall monsters lurking in the woods but if they can de-materialize into energy that would explain a lot.
    The ancients have tons of stories of their “gods” doing things like that. So what if all of the ancient “primitive” people are not so messed up as our scientists say that they are?! Maybe before the great cataclysm that destroyed the stone megalithic structures that can be found on most continents there were entities that had abilities that we do not yet understand? People used to worship these part human and part animal creatures as gods. They must have had some strange abilities to get people to worship them. We have people today doing kind of the same thing today, giving them gifts and the like.

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