Mar 19

SC EP:635 Stalked In The Woods

James writes “I’ve seen what could have only been a Sasquatch in Huntsville AL. Back in the 90s and since I’ve been living here in Washington state I have had three times things happen to me that can only be describe as weird and not normal animal behavior.”


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  1. Bob V


    There is a difference between concern level 6 and panic level 20.

    I really believe the reason for panic level 20 is because it’s an election year. Food for though, if a Dem was in office would CNN be saying what they were saying even if twice as many people were dying. I don’t believe so. What is a shame is the media and the Dems have made this political.


    • Renee H

      Keep your political bullshit out of the forum..not the place Bob..sheesh don’t be that one DB who always has to take advantage of every opportunity to dump your beliefs on the rest of us.

    • Tammi C

      Exactly, Bob. Sad but glaringly obvious. 12,000 died from SARS alone and….

      ……..crickets (no closings of schools, companies, etc etc etc etc.).

      I pray our country will be better at the end of all of this and I have a hunch it will be. But there’s always a little darkness before the dawn. Also praying for all those who get sick during this scare.
      Peace be with you and yours one and all.

      • F S

        I’m so happy all the “anti-socialists” will be standing up for their conservative values by not taking anything like:
        * Stimulus checks
        * Unemployment payments
        * Help for businesses
        * Free virus tests (whenever those actually show up)
        * Free virus treatments and hospitalization
        * Holds on mortgage payments
        * Holds on utilities bills and credit card payments
        * On-line classes for your kids who don’t get a free socialist education – so they must all be home or private schooled
        * School meal programs
        * Social Security of any kind
        * Help from police, fire, or paramedic teams – all socialist services
        * Tax returns
        You people are just as knowledgeable, honest, and ethical as your Orange Leader.

          • Russell W

            Socialism has failed every nation that has gone to it sooner or later. Sorry for spouting politics. I’m one of the conservatives who will stand up and fight for my so called beliefs. Because it’s more than just beliefs it’s a way of life that the left is trying to tear down. I don’t affiliate with either side anymore because I am sick of the corruption from both sides. I don’t agree with Trump on everything but he has done a good job and I believe he loves this country and he wants to make it better. More than I can say for any other president in the last 30 years. Most of the politicians should be in jail for the corruption. And if anyone gets something from that list you wrote, well if you pay taxes then they should get some of them if needed! I apologize for direct jab. I’m a passionate person that loves this country deeply and believe the men and women that died so we could speak our mind on a forum. And have the freedoms that we do have. They deserve for the Republic to remain and the Constitution to be upheld! Not tore down to socialism. Because SOCIALISM is one dictator away from being a Communist society. Sorry for the rant! We all love Sasquatch Chronicles it’s why we’re here. Be careful about our freedoms folks. Socialism could take great websites like this away in a heartbeat. It’s obvious they are covering a lot up from all the people! Peace be with all of you! Thanks Wes for all you’ve done and for allowing guests to tell there encounters!

  2. Lisa B

    I wonder…when we hear about how they circle camps slowly…anyone wonder if they are looking to see who has a weapon…like a rifle, pistol, axe, hatchet etc…along with their other observations? Are they that cunning or just observing out of curiosity? I know, silly thoughts and questions.

    • Charles R

      Excellent question Lisa, one I have thought about many times and I have no answer. Perhaps this is their recon technique, but one sure hears about this over and over. Perhaps it is one of their tools to put fear into humans to get them to move out or to make humans think their are more Sasquatch around them then there really is.

      James, they get this close by their belly crawl. Janice Carter witnessed them do this many times on her Grandpa’s ranch in Tennessee. She says their movements in this technique are darn near impossible for a human to emulate and she documents this technique in Mary Green’s book ” 50 Years with Bigfoot “. I do like your explanation they are not an ape and the evidence to me sure points to a relic human type hominid, jmo as always.

      • Lisa B

        Charles, I’ve read bits and pieces of Mary Greens book. Now would be a great time to catch up on stuff like that. That whole belly crawl thing is just creepy..

  3. Dean C

    Well this was unexpected!!! Thankyou very much Wes. I’m sure you’ve plenty to bother you, like us all, yet here you are, punching in your card for another shift. SC the 4th Emergancy service!!! Hope your well and COvid19 free.
    Wales, UK.

  4. Jacqueline K

    Wes, thanks so much for the extra interview. Really enjoyed it! We are hunkered down here in Hollywood with not much to do. Your interviews and calm perspective on this virus are greatly appreciated. The extra content keeps us from worrying about the things out of our control, and greatfull for all of our blessings! Including you!


    I think it’s great that you guys were trying to make people laugh and take our minds off of it, but I was wanting to take my mind off all that by listening to your show, not baby tony laughing like a maniac about something like this. I use your show to help keep my mind off many things like the fact that my mom might die because she cant have a surgery due to the state of emergency in our area. But like I said I appreciate the humor. I’m sure it made many people laugh and any other time I may have laughed as well, but I think this should be taken seriously and be left out of the show, other than maybe wishing people to be safe, so we can keep our mind off of it. This really is affecting many people’s lives negatively. I probably shouldn’t post this but I really feel like it needs to be said. Stay safe and healthy everyone, and remember you can’t eat toilet paper, so save some for the rest of us so we don’t have to waffle stomp our shit down the drain.

  6. Jennifer L

    So awesome. Thanks Wes. Just got through the confessionals podcast with yourself and Tony regarding the coronavirus. Took me three try’s to get through it.
    Not going to lie – heavy hearted about all that information.
    This > is just what I needed. Appreciate it!

    • Cathy S

      I believe he’s right on with his theory. There’s a book out there. Can’t rem the name but shows how all the DNA points to being Mt DNA 100% female and Nu DNA unknown. I believe they are descents of the repheim who have over the years adapted to the wilderness. Interesting. Wonder if he ever saw any orbs?

  7. Timothy S

    Great show Wes. I live here in Alabama and will soon start going out in search of Sasquatch. I’m slowly but surely getting the equipment I need to do so. Keep up the great work Wes. Love Sasquatch Chronicles!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gabriel H

      You. don’t need any equipment Timothy (though it’s nice to have a few things), get put there NOW. You can build up your recorders, cameras, parabolic dishes, guns, bears spray, etc gradually, but don’t let that stop you from getting out there in there mean time, brother.

  8. Leann G

    Why didn’t the philosopher give the boy who was drinking with his hands the dang bowl he was carrying around? But no he threw it away-lol. Thanks for the shows Wes!

  9. Kathy B

    Wes thanks for a Great show again. James thanks for sharing your experience. To hear the walking and still not see anything sure would play with the mind. Since you were interested in monsters when younger you have an active mind. You can imagine all kinds of crazy things.
    Thanks and stay safe from.the virus.

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