Mar 15

SC EP:634 Lakota Tribe Member Part Two

Tom writes “Hey Wes I just listened to episode 628. I have some stories that line right up with what that guy was saying about the little people. I’m happy to share if you’d like to hear them.”

Spoke to the witness and he shared with me several stories about the little people, lights and Sasquatch.

The Lakota are a Native American tribe. Also known as the Teton Sioux, they are one of the three tribes of the Great Sioux Nation. Their current lands are in North and South Dakota. They speak Lakȟótiyapi—the Lakota language, the westernmost of three closely related languages that belong to the Siouan language family.

Tom returns tonight to discuss little people, strange cryptids and giants.



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  1. Denise F

    I wasn’t expecting a show tonight for some reason. You are wonderful, Wes. This will give us a great escape for awhile.
    Damn, it’s something when just searching for Sasquatch, Dogman and aliens were ‘the simple days’ 😉

  2. Dean C

    Evening all!!! Looking forwards to this. Wes, sorry to bother you, assuming you may read this, is there a way I can speak to you about an encounter please if I don’t have email please? Or rather, can’t access emails at the moment. My youngest deleted settings on my ipad and has locked me out of emails. It’s a Dogman encounter though, rather than Sasquatch. 17 years law enforcement, most in London’s version of SWAT, called SCO19. I’m on Facebook, but other than that I’m stumped on how to get in touch.
    Kindest regards

  3. Dean C

    Tom, Thankyou so so much for what you’ve shared. What you’ve shared about your culture, the rituals, what you said about giving of yourself literally, physically, makes so much sense. I could listen to what you’ve shared for hours. Then add the subjects such as Sasquatch, odds, little people etc…wow!!!! Amazing.
    Thankyou for sharing all this, your my kind of guy, would love to share stories.
    All the best
    Wales ( Celtic part) UK

  4. Mary H

    1 John 4:1-6 English Standard Version (ESV)
    Test the Spirits
    4 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. 2 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, 3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you heard was coming and now is in the world already.
    Be safe and take good care of yourselves.

    • Jay Carlsen

      Amen !
      And after learning these things are turned by even the Thought of the Christian GOD ? I have been tempted to test this Theory , as now I KNOW GOD is real after I had a Crazy Dream where I heard HIM say 4 words , just before 9/11 of 2001.
      But I thought it said to stay away from such things as the Sasquatch People ? ( So I play it safe , Because I do not ever want to see that Ugly Thing Again )

    • Jay Carlsen

      I have heard people ask why our small Northwestern Michigan Town has 6 Churches right in the City Limits , and 2 more that are very Close to Town ? But if these things do not like the Christian GOD , Why would that be if it wasn’t True ?

        • Gabriel H

          some might call it schizophrenia. I guess we’re all going to have to agree to disagree on the God thing, fellow Michigander. I am a strong believer in evolution, anthropology, biology, SCIENCE.
          -SE Michigan Bigfooter

      • Jay Carlsen

        Or riddle me this Mr. Science ….. Why do these things flee from even the Thought of Jesus who is the Christ ? If they are only Monkeys & Apes ? If it is someone’s Ancient Delusion ……… ( you have 6 hours as I am walking out the Door right now. Get your explanation ready so I can hand it back to you.)

        • Gabriel H

          that’s just hearsay or a coincidence that they fear the name of god or whatever. They may be more than apes, but they’re still hominins (which are primates JUST LIKE US)

          • Jay Carlsen

            Episode 237 ” We need help! ” the 2 Men who speak on that Episode were told to Bless their Property , and leave these damn dirty apes alone. … And as I heard it worked , until one of the Brothers couldn’t leave well enough alone ? And as I understand they still have problems with these things Today ? When I heard of this it was hearsay.
            Episode 478 the Young Man stated when He thought of GOD – those things had a Direct Reaction to His Thought and it put the Boot on the other Foot !
            …….. In the Summer of 2000 , I seen a 10 foot Tall Gorilla – 200 feet away – in Broad Daylight………….
            And at that Time in my Life I only had 1 AR15 that came with 100 Assorted Magazines – a 308 Fnal – 7×62 Mosin Nagant ( that I could hit anything I could see with ) – 4 AK47’s – 2 SKS Assault Rifles w/ Bayonet – 30-30 Marlin lever action – Jensen 9 mm – and a 45 Caliber. And it would have only taken me a 12 pack of Beer to put a man behind each Trigger. But I was thankful that I had made it back Home Alive. I don’t know if I would tell anyone about that Gorilla I had seen at the Time ? Because every one knows Northwestern Michigan doesn’t support a Population of Gorilla’s. But who doesn’t like to go Shooting Guns ?
            But when I had seen that Thing I realized it had followed me for like 3 Hours ? But it must have done it from the Woods ? Since I had turned away from my chosen Destination to avoid walking through anymore woods , And the Forest was further , & Further away as I walked north.But as soon as the Sun came up in the Sky , I turned and walked across that Country Bock back to the Road I should have taken ……. I never heard anything out of the Ordinary ?
            But when I turned from the Wind to lite my Cigarette and was looking at a 10 foot Tall Gorilla. I do not Think I had any One Firearm that I would depend on in that situation ?
            Because the one I seen was 200 Feet away.
            But the one that Broke that Stick in 2 pieces ? That one was right behind me. ( but I was none the Wiser ) When I swung around to see who was Sneaking up on me ? I was looking at a 5 – 6 foot level. It very well could have been laying Down ?
            I do not seek these things out. But if I ever get the mind to ? I will take my Bible before I take a Firearm.

            They are People , But not like You & Me are People. Their Sloping Forehead proves they do not have the same kind of Brain that us Modern Humans do.
            And why do these Sloping Forehead People have the same Midtarsal Break across the Center of Their Feet ? That Fossilized Footprints found in a Cave in Italy prove that the Neanderthal Man also has the same Midtarsal Break across their Feet as well ?
            Native Americans say they are a Primitive People.
            THIS is why they suppress this information. For it would PROVE that we are not the Biggest – Strongest – Thing on 2 Legs.
            You can call yourself a monkey if you like.
            But I am a Modern Human ( w/ the High Forehead )

      • Jay Carlsen

        I gave up on this topic when I was 16 years old. And Refused to even consider it. I only had a Sunday School understanding of the Ancient Text at the Time. I had this Crazy Dream where I was picked up from the Ground and stood on top of The Ozone. And GOD said ‘” WATCH WHAT THEY DO “‘
        When I see the United States being attacked with Nuclear Weapons.
        And ever since my life has been bent to this Day. I have watched that crazy dream materialize into reality even to this very day.
        When this event happens , you had better go read that book.

        • Janetta V

          Thanks for posting this golden information about the power in the name of Jesus. I’m 67 and have relied on His precious name in many time of peril and HE, has always brought me through without fail. Jesus can not fail, for He is perfect. I will not listen to anymore episodes like this because it is all from the dark side. Anyone disagree…tuff… As for Gabriel, he is a child running his mouth and has much to learn. Thanks.

        • Miss Kendall S

          Right on Jay, God has always been a big part of my life and he knows what is going On and what he’s doing.. We might think we know everything smh (we don’t ) lmao so when the day comes there are going to be a lot of people finding the book to see what’s really going on.. Just my opinion
          Thank you Wes again it was an awesome show..

      • Jay Carlsen

        In 1987 , just 2 weeks after I turned 16 years old a very good Friend of Mine & I were involved in a Motorcycle Accident when a car backed out ahead of us on the Road. We hit the 1974 Cougar broadside doing 65 – 70 mph and my Friend bounced off the Roof , Breaking His Jaw , left Collarbone , and his left Arm. Since I was riding Passenger , I was catapulted 100 – 110 feet through the Air , landing on the back of my Helmet breaking it into 2 pieces. I sustained a Basillar Skull Fracture , broken Neck , 9 broken Ribs , I broke my left Knee , and also the first Digit on my left Foot ( Big Toe ) I was paralyzed on my left Side for the 8 days that I was in the Coma.
        2 weeks after I woke up I was walking again.
        2 weeks later I was released into Outpatient Care ( better than the Long Term Care ) I had skipped the 10th Grade , and I still Graduated with my Class of 1990. BLAH …. Blah …. blah …….
        But just as I returned to School my Friend had gotten me aside , and He apologized to me. He had told me that He was sorry that I was Hurt SO Bad , and how he felt ashamed when they released Him that very night. While I was left in ICU hooked up to the Life Support. He even told me that if it were possible ? That He would have switched me Places.
        I took this ALL WRONG ( like what are you trying to say ? That I am retarded Now ? ) And I snapped back at Him ‘ What the Flip are you talking about ? ……LOOK. I am ALL Better Now. …..See ? They have let me out !’ (of the Hospital) and it was left at that.
        3 days later my friend put a 22 caliber rifle in his mouth and ended his own life. And who Knows ? Maybe Nobody told him that I wouldn’t see my Full Recovery until I turned 27 – 28 years old ? what can ya do ? And it was this , when I turned my Back on my Sunday School Understanding of the Ancient Text.
        From this time in my Life forward I was a Devout Unbeliever , and I was damn Good at it.
        In 1992 I began working in the Oilfield doing Seismic Survey. And sometime in the Month of August 2001 I had this CRAZY DREAM after work one Night.
        And in this Crazy Dream I was much Older than I was at the Time.
        I had different aches & pains that I could not account for right off Hand ? …… My Back Hurt ?
        In this Crazy Dream I am BACK at Work again. And I am carrying Something Heavy on my Back as I am walking down our ‘line’ ( I do not know if it is Equipment ? or a 7 Horse Chrysler Backpack Drill ? All I know is that it IS Heavy.) I am Sweating Rivers as it is very hot & humid outside. Since I am bent , my focus is right before my walking Feet. And I am paying special attention to the Equipment , making sure it is all Laid Out over on the left of ‘line’ – and it is. ….. good.
        As I walk , I am keeping track of the flags I walk past. For every other Flag I make sure to count the Shot Holes that are all Drilled over on the right of ‘line’ , well away from Our equipment. And everything is in Order , …… good , Good. I pick my way down this Steep Hill and at the bottom a large Clearing in the Forest opens up ahead of me. ( about 2 acres ) I can see that our ‘line’ Crosses this field lengthwise , then climbs another Steep Hill back up into the Woods. And that would be a PERFECT Spot to take me a Break ! ( if only for a minute )
        So I shift the Weight on my Shoulders and I Strikeout across this field as quickly as I can. I am walking through Tall Mustard Weeds , the Sun is Beating Down , NO WIND……. So I assume maybe late in the Summertime ? ….. MAYBE ?
        As I reach the Base of this Hill to start my ascent , I glance up into this Shade looking for a good spot that I can set this Down – When 2 Hands slide Into my Back and Picks me up from the Ground ! ( – Whoever this is they can “SEE” right through me , they have me at Arms Length. ….like Ewww! Because I am SO DIRTY ) And I can see it also , and it is Filthy. And I try to throw the Attention off with the flimsy excuse of ‘ Well ? What do you expect ? Of COURSE I am dirty , I am working here.’ ( but it was not physical dirt – it was Mental Dirt )
        When this Voice inside my Head tells me ” It Is Your Time To Go Now , Are You Ready ? ” ….. what ?
        …. wait a minute here , I am confused. And so I protest ‘ Go ? But I can not GO Anywhere ? I am working right now , I am on the Clock. ‘ But this Voice inside my Head tells me to ” Never Mind That Now , NOW Is Your Time , Are You Ready ?” When the Thought of 2 young Children in front , And an Older Child behind. Who are all Toe Heads begins to Pull at my Heart. And I PLEAD ‘ BUT WHAT ABOUT MY FAMILY ? What about my Friends ? ‘ And I am reassured ” They (childrens) Are Fine , But You Must Tell Me Now , Are You Ready ? ” Still I need a moment to consider , There I am – 3 feet in the air – Someone has Their Hands IN my Back – Talking to me inside my Head ? And I conclude that This has never happened to me before ? So it Must be Legit !
        I said ‘ Ok , I am ready ‘ But I am told to ” SPIT THOSE OUT ! HE DOESN’T WANT TO SEE YOU WITH THOSE !” Now I am bummed , and I said to myself
        ‘ Flipping Dang It ! I just bought those last Week PTTUEY !’ And I spit out my Top Denture. I reach into my Mouth and Unsnap the Lower Denture from the Mounts embedded in my Lower Jaw , and I let them fall…..
        And I see my Boots ! And the Ground Disappears beneath me !
        Tree Tops !
        Clouds !
        Then BAM ! There I am standing on Top of the Ozone looking down at my Feet. Below is the Gulf of Mexico , before me I can see the lower part of the North American Continent ( but not Michigan because I lose it to the Curve of the Earth ) to my far left is Mexico , below & behind me is the Coast of South America , and to my right I see a few Islands , then Ocean.
        The Voice inside my Head comforts me saying ” It Is Alright , You Are Ok. You Can Stand On It … ( Ozone ) … Like A Table ” But even before that , I am Started by the Fact that my Head Injury IS GONE ! ( JUST LIKE THAT ! FASTER than magic ! ) My Back doesn’t Hurt , my Bones do not ache , I can breath through my Nose again , All the Teeth are back inside of my Mouth ! ONCE AGAIN I AM WHOLE ! I pick my Face up in Awe , AND HEY ! RighT Back Over There is the MOON ! And now that I am looking at it from here ? It is bigger than I had expected.
        I look Straight Up and See ALL the Stars in the Sky !
        I glance over my left Shoulder and 2 Planets away is the Sun , just burning at the Center of Our Solar System.
        My Attention is called back when it is Announced ” ON YOUR KNEES , YOU ARE IN THE PRESENCE OF THE SON OF MAN ” and i fall flat on my face , looking down.
        At the Sudden , This BIG Roaring , Terrible , Disappointed , Pissed OFF , Voices all say in Unison “‘ WATCH WHAT THEY DO ‘” and i am watching ……
        When I see Fire jump up from the Ground below ! Big Fire ! Nuclear Fire ! Maryland , Virginia , Delaware , North / South Carolina , Georgia , West Virginia,
        ohio , Indiana , Illinois , Kentucky , Tennessee , Alabama , And I scream out in Horror ‘ WHY DID YOU LET THEM DO THAT FOR ? ‘
        Then I woke up , Isn’t that CRAZY ?

        • Jay Carlsen

          Thomas R isn’t it a Crazy Thing that when I had this CRAZY DREAM I still had Teeth in my Mouth ? ( But that is a “Given , for when I was thrown from the Motorcycle I did 1/2 a Summersault before my Helmet caught Pavement. Bouncing my Chin off my Sternum – Driving my Jaws together – smashing all the Enamel on my Teeth. ) Now in August of 2001 ? Were Implants even Invented yet ? And Available to the Public ?
          Because I never heard of them until 2006 , and when I did , They were being Promoted as State of the Art at the Time.
          When I had this Crazy Dream I was a Single Man , living in Motels , Chasing the Job across the Country. So isn’t it a Brutal Coincidence that TODAY I am a Single Father of 2 Teenage Daughters , and I am still on good Terms with Their Mother and my Step Daughter ( Who just happen to ALL BE BLONDS )
          Please try to understand that I have been THIS way since I turned 16 years old. And that for me , THIS is my Normal now. I can not even remember it being any Different. But when I am Standing on top of the Ozone , and it is just GONE ?
          How can that even be Possible , when Grey Matter does not Heal ? Who was it that Took this Head Injury from my Shoulders like that , SO FAST that I missed it Completely ? I would like to know. Yet I am still waiting for that answer.
          How is it that in that Crazy Dream I had aches & Pains that I didn’t even have yet ? ( and wish I didn’t have them NOW )
          When in this Crazy Dream my Back hurt ? When at the Time I had this Dream , my Back did not Hurt. But 10 years ago when I had a 2800 Lb Counter Weight fall on me from 35 Feet in the Air on an Oil Rig ? My Back feels just like it did in that Crazy Dream. …………. So how can I dream about Pains that I didn’t even have yet ?
          I have tried & Tried to cheat this thing. But I can not do it. I only find myself looking back and seeing that which I had tried so hard to avoid ? Has already Happened & come to pass.
          How is it that I could see my Children before they were even Conceived yet ? If THIS has not already Happened ? And we are only going through the Motions now.

          I Believe everything you speak of. And I don’t even care if you Believe in GOD or not. ( That is YOUR Deal – not mine )
          But what kind of Man would I be to not defend what I believe in ? I even felt Funny asking my Friends Father about the Description of Esau as given in the Books of Genesis and Obadiah being the same thing the Native Americans say of the Sasquatch People ? As they are Ojibwa. But the old man listened to what I had to say , and Agreed with me on every Point.
          And a few years ago , I ran into these People who tried to Convince me that I was of Esau’s Lineage because of my European Heritage ? Which is something I know is Bulljazz. Because Genesis 25:23 The Lord GOD Himself tells Rebekah
          that 2 Nations grew in Her womb , and 2 Manner of People will be Separated from her bowels. And the One People will be the Stronger than the Other People are , and the Elder will serve the Younger.
          Do the Lakota see the Sasquatch as a Primitive People ? Or do they think they are only Monkeys & Apes ? ( will you even address this ? ) Will you even read this Comment ?

          Would these Bigot Assed Ideas fall away if we knew that we are ALL Modern Humans no matter what Skin Color we have ? Because of our Modern Human Brain , and the Frontal Lobe we have behind our High Foreheads.

          I have not spoken against anyone’s belief. Nor have I spoken down to anyone , or call anyone names. And I never even read the Entire Bible before. But I believe I was shown a Day that is coming. And when this day comes , I pray you reconsider. Because this Burden is light compared to the Iron Hand of Islam.

      • Jay Carlsen

        Why do the Native Americans , and the Ancient Hebrews say the same things about this Nation of Feral People ?
        Who are NO QUESTION the Stronger
        Who do have the Dominant Red Hair gene in Their Population
        Who is Covered all over , like wearing an Hairy Garment
        Who does eat Venison as the Main Staple of Their Diet
        Who is the Cunning Hunter ( not because the Hunt – but HOW they Hunt )
        Who does live in the Field
        Who does eat Their meat raw
        Who does have wrinkly Hide like Skin
        Who does emit a Foul Odor ( just like Esau’s Housecoat )
        Who does live off the Fat of the Earth , and drinks of the Dew of the heavens from above
        Who does have the Dominant Presence ( because when Jacob heard of His Brothers approach ? HE WAS SCARED !
        Who is small in Population compared to the Great Nations of Today and are greatly despised ( because they are Cannibals )
        Who does live in the High & Rocky Places ( for Tactical reasons )
        Of who it is said that the Males are required to leave with the Space Brothers for a time. And when they return ? They are Different ?
        Who will never deplete a Food Source , but will always leave a Few to Repopulate the Food Stock for the next Time they are through the Area
        Who do have secret & hidden ways
        Who have NONE Understanding in them. ( Because as we can tell by Their Sloping Foreheads ? The Sasquatch have different Brains than we do )
        The Sasquatch People , Thats Who.

  5. Chuck C

    Thanks Wes and Tom for the last 2 episodes. These topics are so fascinating to listen to. Hope to hear more of Tom’s stories. Sounds like he has tons more! Thanks again to both of you!

  6. Kathy B

    So glad you came back Tom. I just love listening to your stories. I like the idea you talked about the only thing that is us as a person is what we are born with anything else like clothes or cars are extra. So if you want to communicate with the spirits it needs to be something truly from you so you will experience pain. I like this idea it truly comes from you, not just a money donation. I always enjoy stories like these from family.(older people) I am a Christian but I also feel pulled to living closer to nature.
    The information on the little people and how they look is new to me. I have heard about the red haired giants but was not aware bigfoot was afraid of them. Thank you

  7. Denise F

    When you guys talked about seeing that face in the orb, I almost fell over. In some pics I had taken of some by the Nat Forest I kept thinking I saw a face or part of a creature- I never told anyone that. I surely wasn’t going to have everyone say “um , I don’t see it” lol. Interesting

    • Denise F

      It’s interesting that there are little orbs on Google maps that people call lens flares but those round lens flares look pretty strange on the inside and usually have these beams of light somewhere in the pics too. Could be lens flares? Just an interesting note.

  8. Genise P

    Thank-you Tom and Wes for doing another show together!!! Totally enjoyed listening to theses episodes Wes. Tom thank-you for sharing about your culture and experiences. It is so refreshing to hear your native perspective rather than a biblical one! My hope is one day Tom you will write a book with all these experiences. I have read all of Ardy SixKiller Clarke’s books and am reading her latest book, “Space Age Indians”, her fourth book. Again many thanks to you both

  9. Marilyn E

    Wes, thank you for playing Redbone’s Come and Get Your Love at the intro! Again, I enjoyed listening to Part 2. I do agree that some natives don’t speak of a deceased’s name. It’s the same with our tribe, Dine’. Also, I do hear stories of the historical flying creatures in the SW area near my hometown of Shiprock, NM. Little people, too. If you’re going to do a Part 3, May I suggest playing one of XIT’s songs or themes? The native band was very popular during the 70’s when AIM was at its peak. Ahe’hee’, thank you

  10. Eric S

    Some points of view to think over: back in the 1960’s when the television show “Gilligan’s Island” was on TV… switchboard operators at California military bases would get calls from civilians asking them “why don’t you go and save those poor people?”.
    There are are great number of people in our world who are incapable of making any distinction between myth and fact. Belief, in the minds of some people is the same thing as fact.

    • Tammi C

      BTW, I was raised as a Christian but I believed in “little people” when I was young. I was almost obsessed after reading some books on gnomes, elves and fairies so much so that when I was just out of Kindergarten my Dad finally relented and took me way out back to our big garden before way before dawn. He woke me up at around 4AM and we ventured out two different times. (Yup I was a weird kid I guess) I also walked to Kindergarten through the woods every day. Unfortunately I never saw one little person, though, lol, but I did see something strange one time …it was huge on all fours and not a bear …this was in Ohio). 🧚🏻🙇‍♀️

  11. Milik S

    Dinobots! Transform! My socks blew off listening to Tom share that his tribe had words for certain dinosaurs prior to paleontology. The Ica Stones of Peru support this.

  12. Janetta V

    Of the many things I could comment on about this guys tales, was the giant story. I know giants were and are here, but the details are what I find indigestible. That woman was not Jonah and she was not in a whales belly. I do not believe any part of that tale. Which makes me question the rest of his stories. I believe L.A. Marzulli, Tom Horn, Steve Quayle, and some of this guys stories might be true, but overall too far out there.

  13. Pamela J S

    Tom and Wes, thank you for making it possible to hear more of the tribal history and stories passed down from generation to generation. It was an honor to be able to share in the experience. I hope you will be able to return for a part 3 and I will definitely be looking forward to that. PJ

  14. Jacqueline K

    Dear Tom, thank you for sharing your stories and culture with us! Fascinating! Would love to hear more from you. With all that’s happening with covid19, we may be traveling through the bad lands this summer . What does your medicine man have to say about world pandemics. Is there anything in particular that we need to learn from this? Best wishes, Jackie

  15. MONTE M

    Interesting stuff.
    I asked a Native American what his beliefs were on Bigfoot in The Chippewa Tribe in Northern Minnesota and he said he was told they were shapeshifters.

    Someone’s comment on social media today.
    America is having alot of bad luck lately almost like it was built on an ancient burial ground.

    • Jay Carlsen

      Are you referring to Peter Levendas Talk about Inheriting a Haunted House ? Where He connects Serial Killers with Mounds , and Megalithic Settlements !
      Like the Indian Mounds in Ashland Kentucky , which is The birthplace of Charles Manson ?
      Or the Giant Remains found in West Virginia where Henry Lee Lucas is from ?
      Or why they chose to build Prisons on top of these Megalithic Sites ?
      He did a Awesome Presentation of said Material.

  16. Danny G

    Always nice to see people arguing religion on a Bigfoot website.
    Makes me miss the old days here.
    Be nice to eachother.
    The real world is stressful enough as it is.
    We come here to escape.

  17. Glen M

    I listened to both of these episodes adleast what I could follow. I dont really believe much about what this guy is saying couldn’t follow his stories eithier it was boring.

  18. Shawn S

    How do men dig a trench, outrun, and then also pile a bunch of boulders on a giant? Say this story wasn’t just simply folklore. It sounds like he told the story of Bigfoot’s experience with the giant. If Bigfoot is another type of Native, perhaps some of these legends are passed down to “Human” Natives?

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