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SC EP:628 The Little People

I have a couple of shows planned this weekend. Ed from Indiana writes, “Listened to one of your shows tonight. He said he saw a little green man. I had an experience similar to his. I was arrowhead hunting here in Indiana, in the banks of the Ohio River.

I had crossed over with a friend’s neighbor to the Indiana side. Just caught a ride over with him, and his wife on their boat. My plan was to walk from West Point Ky, back to New Albany Indiana. Well, I mean I started out across from West Point. This was the summer of 93. It was a great day, and I found lots of points. Some places were overgrown with poison ivy, and sumac. I had anticipated this problem, and had food, and essentials in plastic bags, so I could swim, or wade if I needed to. I stopped for about two hours to rest, and eat. I found a small runoff area, that had cut a channel down from the cornfields, to the river bank. So, I’m sitting there, just resting after I had eaten. I was facing south towards the Ky bank just enjoying the quiet of the river. I heard something off to my left,coming through the small willows that grow in a band, along the middle part of the bank. I’m sitting back up in the runoff so I couldn’t see what it was immediately.

I was thinking it was a beaver at first, they love the young willows to eat. Then around the edge of the runoff, two small “men”, for lack of a better word, come walking around the edge of the runoff. It was just like you, and your guest, stated. They weren’t green though, they were more like small Native Americans. Not proportioned like a dwarf, or midget, but like a grown person. Say about the size of a four year old child. The one in front saw me, and he made this buzzing type sound, the other stopped when he did this. I say he, because they appeared to be male. In breechclout, with leggings. It was like looking at woodland era Native Americans. He looked at me, made the sound, the other stopped, and the one in the lead just stood there, staring at me, and me at him. Then they just turned and walked away. Not in a hurry, or alarmed, they just turned and left.”





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73 Responses to “SC EP:628 The Little People”

      • Denise F

        Ty, Dina, I look forward to being here with y’all to share a piece of hillbilly wisdom every chance I get 😉. Technically, I’m not sure if I’d be a redneck or hillbilly…..I’ll have to find out what the difference is, lol. Take care

      • m99

        I love it too. Reminded me of the first time I watched the Sopranos on HBO. It was exciting, appropriate, and built the suspense as the episode was coming up. I was a big fan of the show from the get go, albeit, it was hard to watch at times because of the violence and lack of concern for the welfare of others. Like when Adriana was murdered in the Pine Barons. I cried.

  1. Nicholas S

    I find it really interesting that somebody saw little people… that were 2-1/2- 3 ft tall… that looked like Indians. who believes in the possibility Sasquatch discount the possibility of dogmen because of one proven hoax. I think people are way too narrow-minded in this world. we don’t know everything and I think that’s one of our biggest downfalls… is that we think we know almost everything far as a society and we don’t.

  2. Mike P

    If you go way back with the show i was curly n.s. among other iterations, i’ve come and gone for various reasons.
    I absolutely love this show always have, been listening since episode 1. At this time myself, i would appreciate an
    y good vibes and well wishes for my sister. She had her double mastectomy last week and intially, was cancer free
    we were told. She saw both of the specialists for her next 2
    surgeries, being told about 2 areas of concern. One spot at
    the liver and another at an area of bone, she has 2 kids. W
    e are staying hopeful and positive as we have the whole ti
    me. Thanks for hearing me out friends, sincerely Michael Paradise~

  3. Tammi C

    Will pray, Mike P, for your sis. I have been diagnosed also (bone marrow cancer) after getting thru other ‘c’ and I can tell you that staying hopeful and prayerful is the best thing toward peaceful transition and hopeful recovery. God bless.🙏🏻

  4. Denise F

    The little people were fascinating. Have you ever heard the buzz/ hum from a huge power line? We would hear it occasionally while walking it behind our home. I’m picturing that sound but much louder.
    Good show, ty Wes and Ed.

  5. Paul M


  6. Bigdude

    Good episode. I heard an account of a guy in Canada who had some kind of little people on his property. They would appear every Spring and they had small iguana like lizards as pets, no joke. He would round them up every year and shoot them.

  7. Pamela J S

    I’ve heard many stories about the Little People from my Native American friends. It’s my understanding that it’s very rare to see them. Luckily his experience wasn’t a bad one. It reminds me of the Minihuni (not sure of the spelling) over on the islands in Hawaii. Supposedly if you see them coming you are supposed to lie face down until they pass. What a strange and interesting world we live in. Thanks Wes, and to the guest who shared his story. PJ

  8. MONTE M

    The Pryor Mountains in south central MT are known to be home to Little People. Chief Plenty Coup of The Crow Native American Tribe was friend of them. He openly talks to them while being interviewed by a writer who published a book about his life told by himself. Very good book. Lewis and Clark also were told of The Little People and their locations. The Pryor Mountains are very remote and there is an ice cave and a herd of wild horses located there.
    Last weeks CO episode reminded me of an encounter in The Sangre de Cristo Range in Northern NM that also extends into CO where people had gone into remote places and had trees unexplainable placed over the road behind them that they encountered on the way out. Pretty good way to send a message, something capable of lifting trees and having the intelligence to put them strategically across a remote road? Hmmmm what creature or animal is capable of this Marmots ? Mountain elephants? Escaped Circus Bears smarter than the average escaped Circus Bear?

  9. MONTE M

    I dont listen to any other Bigfoot Podcasts but it is not surprising that they are Wes Wannabes and had to copy the 411 call. Imitation is the purest form of flatulence or ignorance ? No flattery yeah that’s it flattery…… I knew it was something like that. Wes is a hard act to follow and we have Bingo and Ray the starship trooper. That’s a class act that’s hard to go up against.

  10. David D

    When he was talking about them being 2 foot tall Indians all I could think of was The Indian in the Cupboard. You do an amazing job interviewing, Wes. I’m sorry but you’ll never get to quit doing what you’re doing LOL

  11. Virginia Q

    Will my mom said when she was playing out among the apple trees her and her other friends she was maybe 11 or 12 years old back in the 1940’s she said little green men were throwing apples at them from the among the apple trees, but while she was telling me this she started crying some she thought they were maybe Martions I asked her to Described what they looked like but she would just told me just little green men this happened in Sperry Okla. My mom has now passed away 2012 so I am not able to ask her for any more information.
    Thanks Wess

  12. Mike B

    This is in my home town! I used to run and hang out in those woods by the tannery. It was back in 1980-1984. We ride bikes through there even now. It has been made a part of the Ohio River Greenway from New Albany to Jeffersonville. I don’t think I know Ed, but his descriptions of the area were 100% accurate. Silver Creek drains into the Ohio at the spot he talked about. We used to call the biggest retention pond “Blood Pond” as it had a reddish color and odd odor, presumably due to the decades of dumping tannery byproducts. It burned down this past year. That area was always CREEPY. I never went there alone. It makes me think that my “encounter” all those years ago was not a figment of my imagination. Thanks for the story, Ed.


  13. L. Oriana S

    Kudos to Ed….it takes more balls to admit seeing little people than seeing a Sasquatch, and I’m sure the ridicule from close-minded dopes must be hard to bear. I believe his account 100% – there is no reason to make up something like that.

  14. Karen V

    Something is fishy with this guy, I have definitely heard him before. His breathing and voice cadence is very familiar. He sounds like the guy on one of the episodes whose rv or cabin was being attacked by Bigfoot in PA and maybe others. I stopped listening to Dogman encounters because on one of their back to back story pod cast it was supposed to be one guy telling about this incredible Dogman chase after they shot it, well there were two distinctly different voices on each podcast telling the story, so that does it for me and there were other things I noticed too. I agree with Jacqueline K they have been on before.

  15. Donna F

    I always believe that if I read, listen, watch enough, sooner or later what we have seen and/or experienced will be talked about by another. In this case, we heard loud electronic transformer type buzzing in the woods where we know there are Bigfoot. Then Jackie, my friend, walked into a very tall teepee structure with a circle clearing in the middle and we heard that same noise but much more quiet in her backpack. She set it on the ground and opened it and the noise came out & circled around her and around her and then it was over her head and disappeared. We never saw what was making the noise. A farmer friend of mine was also telling me one day of hearing a similar noise in the woods on his 200 acres which is about 5 miles from where we heard it. ALSO, I took a pic one day in the woods because I felt like I should. I didn’t see anything at the time but when I uploaded the pic, I saw what looked like a being about 2-3 ft tall with a headdress on. He doesn’t look human but he also doesn’t look like anything I have ever seen before. I can post the pic.

  16. Donna F

    Also, for this eyewitness to believe in Bigfoot AND little people but to say that the Dogman and the Beast of Bray Road in particular just can’t be real makes me laugh. You know how ridiculous that sounds? I have lived within 30 miles of Bray Road for over 25 years and I can tell you that the Dogman is here in southern Wisconsin. My best friend and I saw a shapeshifter that looked part wolf and part human walking down HY 59 near Whitewater, WI one sunny afternoon and nearby in the same year a friend’s neighbor’s son came running into her house upset, out of breath and in tears saying he had just seen a wolfman run thru her yard and out into the cornfield. This all happened about 20 mins from Bray Rd. And. . .a flying humanoid was seen in the same area in 2017 as well as numerous sightings of Bigfoot. Oh and don’t let me forget about the UFO that kept coming back to this area around Easter 2012. So believe it my friend. If I can believe you saw little Native Americans, you can believe me when I say there are Dogmen here in the Bray Road area! Geez!

    • Matthew T

      “…for this eyewitness to believe in Bigfoot AND little people but to say that the Dogman and the Beast of Bray Road in particular just can’t be real makes me laugh.” Totally agree! Was just going to post a similar comment!!!

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