Feb 14

SC EP:625 Dragged Off By A Monkey

Happy Valentines Day! Tyler from Indiana writes “I have a few encounters myself with something I can’t explain but my ex-girlfriend had a monkey thing try and drag her to the woods when she was about two years old.

Her uncle came outside when she started screaming and it let go of her then it grabbed their dog and drug it up a tree her uncle grabbed her ran inside got a gun and shot it and killed it. They called the sheriff’s department and they came out and told them to dig a hole and burn it then cover it up and as far as to my knowledge its still there in the ground because they said nothing came and took it out.. They said there was more then one of them but they only shot one little one.

I thought she was pulling my leg but when I went to her grandmother’s house she pulled out the newspaper clipping of the event happening its a small town in Indiana..”







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67 Responses to “SC EP:625 Dragged Off By A Monkey”

  1. Denise F

    How did you know that this is exactly what I wanted for Valentine’s? Lol. Good surprise. You ‘snuck’ it up on us again. 🥰 Looking forward to hearing this one……
    TGIF, TGFW & TGfSC!! Happy Vday folks 💝💘💟

  2. Eric S

    If the “Riders On The Storm” story took place in the late 70’s it may have been Peter Mayhew, the guy who played Chewbacca taking a new Chewbacca suit out for a test drive in preparation for filming “The Empire Strikes Back”.
    As I understand it, Bela Lugosi used to do this with his Dracula costumes.

  3. Joseph R

    If this story is current and up to date, than These are the types of story that need to remain under wraps and kept out of the public eye until a full investigation is done on the story and that there is zero possibility of this thing being buried there, because if there is a hint of legitimacy to the story and there’s any chance at all of it being true, than you can bet the bank, whatever was buried there is not any longer.

  4. Dean C

    It’s my birthday today 14/02 well yesterday now as it’s 0350hrs here in Wales, UK, and this is the present I’ve been looking forwards to most.
    Happy weekend all!!!

  5. Denise F

    Very good show.
    I have seen a few strange beams of light (white, Lazer looking light) in pics before. Couldn’t see it otherwise. Looked like it was coming from the sky to the top of the pine trees. I would think it was a ‘trick of the light’ but I’ve caught it more than once, always in strange areas. There’s more with it but I’ll stop while I’m ahead, lol.
    I will say that I’m betting Tyler and his mom saw this light because of the angle they were at (in that valley looking up). He said it wasn’t there when they got up higher. I caught it taking pics from same angle. Just a thought.

    • LaVonne J

      I’ve been getting weird beams in the places I’ve experienced “a creature”. Not sure what one creature is, so I call them “creatures.” It doesn’t occur always and I have pics at different times, different seasons, different weather and 35+ miles apart. Before I capture them…..and orbs as well, I have that feeling that I can’t wait to get back inside. That feeling that something is right there at my back. I take pics and videos at night in the woods and have captured eyeshine at both of these places as well as pics of “the creatures”. For some reason the beams and orbs freaks me out way more than a creature. Except a few weeks ago out in the country at my family’s place, something stayed on the roof and all around the outside of the room where I was ‘attempting to sleep’ for hours. Not ashamed to say I slept with a lamp on and my firearm next to me. That was a weird night out of the many, where it gets pretty active.

      • Denise F

        You are right about all that you said!
        I stopped before getting to the orbs and beams being related.

        My advice is be careful on getting too ‘into’ the nighttime pics….I was almost obsessed trying to figure out what was moving around at night and you really aren’t going to see a definite shape (or get an answer)….as soon as you think you know….it will seem to have different characteristics.

  6. Elaine L

    I really enjoyed this guest’s recollections. When he mentioned being paralyzed while in bed and a “sparkly figure” appeared to him made me think of a visitation of a succubus. Very interesting!

  7. Ulrike H

    I appreciate that Tyler went around to his neighbours to inquire and warn them of the weird activity around his property. I wish that more people would do the same.
    Great show!

  8. Lisa H

    Great guest Great show Thank u Wes. I like hearing from guests that give the expended experience to get the bigger picture of what has happened to them whether it seems related or not. thank u

  9. Lethia B

    Great show!! What is it about 3 am? I have experienced several things in the night: waking up and not being able to move, taking everything in me just to scream, something standing by the bed. It always seems to be between 3 and 3:30 am. It’s terrifying to feel you’re being held down by something you can’t see or touch. It’s like if you strike out, you go right through it. Question. Is anyone else worried about Wes with the early show? I am almost afraid there’s not gonna be a show on Sunday. What if he actually got drug off by a Monkey on Valentine’s day?? Just a thought. Lol. 😁💓👩‍🦰

      • Lethia B

        Thanks Denise. I would like it if I never felt this again. It is terrifying to feel you have no power over your own body. I have had things like this myv entire life. I have recently noticed, believe or not, if I can manage to say Jesus I can at least gain enough control to pray. It will stop for a bit. My poor husband always says “I don’t want to know what you see” I just wish I could understand why it’s always around 3 AM.

  10. Tom W

    My grandfather worked for the C&EI railroad from 1915 to 1959. He often told a story about one of his men (he was a foreman) who lived somewhere around the Goreville, Illinois area (I don’t recall the exact town but it would have been near the railroad). The man said a monkey ran up on his porch, grabbed his little girl, and dragged her off. There was snow on the ground. The men tracked it to an old barn, shot, and killed it. The girl was unharmed. They buried it near where they killed it. I heard this story many times when I was growing up. I never made the connection with a juvenile Sasquatch till recently. My grandfather thought it must have escaped from a circus.

  11. Tom W

    I’ve never seen an orb, or a pillar of light, but my dad did. One night my dad went out to the barn a little after dark. He came back in the house telling about a light that illuminated him out by the barn and that he was not able to determine were the light was coming from. He said it seemed to come from above but he couldn’t see anything in the air. It was just shining on him. This occurred in Marion county Illinois back in the 1980’s.

  12. Bandit E

    Hay Wes. I’ve been through Hell and back a few times just recently. I have had so much life and time around the wild people and I come to determine that it would be easier to tell everyone what to to in case they have an encounter that to even try to gather evidence and risk the government harassment.

  13. jeff m

    It would be interesting to get a hold of this newspaper article and perhaps these witnesses to that event. As crazy as this story sounds pick an episode that doesn’t have some odd behavior with associated events. This was a very interesting show. I think we’ll be hearing from Tyler again in the future due to the amount of strange ongoing activity that’s going on around his area.

  14. Kathy B

    What a scary thing to see a search light like thing shooting light up into the sky! What, did the ground open up!
    Then the neighbor drives up and the light goes out, Wow.
    They took a look where the light went out but nothing. ???
    When we see something that surprises us we try to make sense of it. Not being able to move and then seeing this sparkly blob looking your body over…maybe his wife was in a deeper sleep state at the same time? Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

  15. Wolf

    Puckwidgies reportedly steal babies.
    And they could be described as ‘monkeys’ 🤔
    If people don’t know what they are check out some of Duke’s shows on them

  16. Leslie H

    WOW Wes, you just keep getting better and better!!!! ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE SHOW!!! Tyler was a fascinating guest and I could just sense his excitement & fear in his voice! We seek answers, the TRUTH, but as they say, be careful what you ask for. Bigfoot, Dogman, the lights, orbs, I believe they are all connected. How can they not be? Too many times when you hear about one you hear about another! Its crazy yet FACINATING!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK WES, YOU TRULY ARE A SHINING LIGHT IN THIS WORLD!! PEACE & LOVE TO YOU ❤🖤❤🖤❤

  17. Sidney R

    Tyler, you’ve had some interesting encounters, Bigfoot, lights, and Dogman possibly. I’ve experienced paranormal light phenomena when I lived in remote mountains in N. California. I was outside with my husband one night lying on an outdoor bed looking up at the stars. I half jokingly said that I hoped we’d see a UFO. Soon after that we noticed the front of our cabin starting to be lit up as if a flickering fire was coming from the stone barbecue that was between us and the cabin. We watched in wonder as it lit up the cabin brighter and brighter then faded as slowly. We were in utter bafflement. We’d had no fire in the barbecue that night. We thought maybe it was headlights from a car on the road across the river. Just then a car did come along that road and it did briefly light up the trees and hillside above our cabin, but it was nothing like the light we’d seen, so it wasn’t head lights that had initially lit up our cabin. The weird thing is we never got up to see what the light source was even though the whole thing happened within 50’ of us. The flat we lived on had a history of ‘spirit lights’ according to the local Indians.

  18. Alyx

    Fascinating stories… This is Patrick (on my wife Alex’s account) I am absolutely not criticising your story, I found it very interesting. I just wanted to let you know I suffer from sleep paralysis, and it is exactly how you described, just without the blob. But when I’m awake, I am 100% awake I just cannot move, talk, scream, anything. But I can move my eyes and I am aware of my surroundings. It has happened to me since I was kid. Some nights if I can get my self out of it, I find myself falling in and out of it. When I first got there was nothing I could do, but after getting all these years if I can mentally calm myself down, realize what’s happening, and fight like hell I can escape. But if I don’t wake up fully I will fall back into it. I just wanted you to know that although I don’t do it, it is VERY common for people to see things while in sleep paralysis. Your body still thinks your asleep but your mind is caught between dreaming and awake. Just thought I would let you know, hopefully that’s all it is. If not, I would have my .45 under my pillow! Take care!

  19. Richard H

    Sure is good to hear someone pronounce‘Louisville’ correctly! Nobody out here on the west coast has a clue. I wonder if the big thing in the 90 acre woods coughed as a reflex to the sudden blinding light of that white headlamp. That’s my guess. A creature with night acclimated vision must experience pain when bright light is shined right in their eyes.

  20. D Bigs

    When he is talking about some of the stuff going on around his property, it reminds me of the book Skin Walker Ranch. In the book they talk about a very large wolf on their property and all the weird paranormal activity. Sounds like your home might be close to a portal.

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