Feb 14

Encounter While Fishing

A listener writes “I’ve been listening to your show the last few months after I had a sighting while fishing with my 7yr son, I live in Longview wa, I like to fish all over the area, but mostly near the coast I’ve grew up knowing about Sasquatch.

My family is from warm springs Indian reservation of Oregon and I grew up hearing all kind of stories, I even seen pictures and castings from my uncle that is a retired tribal game warden, my older brother has a tribal fishing guide service on the deschutes river and my dad showed me pics of huge crap piles, he took while out hunting.

I have so many family members that had encountered these things that it was just normal for us, but after I seen what I seen it all became relevant and sparked something in me, I’ve only herd them Roar/scream while hunting in the mutton mountains on the rez, and that still didn’t make me give it much mind.

I’ll keep it short as possible, my son and I were hiking down this trail next to the river and it was still kinda dark, we were trying to get to our spot in time because no fishing tell daylight. While we were still walking on the trail we heard what sounded like someone was clinking 2 huge river rocks together, it stopped me in my tracks and my son asked me what that was?

I told him probably someone messing around, but I knew no one was below us, we kept going tell the trail ended and from there I took to the river. I had chest waders but my son didn’t so I always carried him through the water, so we traveled about 60′ through the water tell we could get to shore again.

I set my boy down and we sat and rested in the tall grass, we were at my favorite spot, and I have a habit of looking down river to see if any salmon are rolling and moving with the tide, and that’s when I saw this creature.

It was crossing the river in a deep hole that is at least 8-10 deep, I’ve caught fish in that hole so I know when the tide is out they like to stack up in there, so I was wondering if it was after fish. My first thought was black bear but this thing was 4x a black bear in the water and it had a hump in the middle.

So then I was thinking big bull cow because of the hump, but then the hump turned and It appeared to look down river. I almost lost it, the only thing I thought to do was cross the river so I grabbed my son and told him the fishing was better on the other side.

I had 2 knifes and I had them in had but it never was seen again, and as the morning got brighter I felt better and got out.”

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  1. Sharon K

    that had to be terrifying with your young son, cuz who the heck knows what thing would have done if it saw them and decided to have a bad attitude. I agree he would make a great guest.
    I lived in Longview, WA for a few years and had a brief encounter up by Mt. St. Helen’s … they are definitely not our friends.

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